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Harry whimpered as his enraged Aunt stood above him, she wielded the kitchen knife with fearsome accuracy as she slashed the tip of the blade against his shirt. Luckily for Harry he was wearing one of his cousin's overlarge sweaters and it blocked most of the blow. Though despite the wool buffer a thin line of red managed to appear on his chest, joining the rest of the scars that were already present there.

Dumbledore smiled to himself as he wandered down the quiet street in Surrey. He hummed and munched on lemon drops, it had been a while since he had seen Harry. Actually he had only seen the boy that night when he had dropped him off into the care of his family. Dumbledore had realized that time had passed since then and decided that he should go and check in with the boy. He wasn't sure if he would tell Harry everything about the Wizarding world, but he was sure that being familiar with some of the basics would be in Harry's best interests. He stopped in front of number four and checked his watch. The hour was a bit late, but it couldn't be helped, he smiled as he knocked firmly on the door, surprised that it was opened immediately.

Harry whimpered as the door opened, he had just come in from working on the garden when his Aunt attacked him and he supposed he had forgotten to shut the door all the way. His large green eyes looked up at his Aunt and watched as she turned sharply towards the door. The movement made her careless with the knife, resulting in the full length of the blade cutting across his face and he felt the butt of the handle slam against his temple.

Dumbledore was smiling cheerfully as he stepped in, that cheerful smile was frozen from shock on his face as his aged blue eyes took in the sight before him. In the back of the room stood Harry's Uncle and Cousin watching the scene happening before them, stunned horror on their faces. In the middle of the room Harry's Aunt stood above the young boy brandishing a large kitchen knife.

Beneath her lay a wounded and bleeding Harry. His clothing was torn and Dumbledore could easily see that this was not the first time something this horrific had occurred inside of the home meant to protect the savior. His eyes hardened as he drew his wand. He had been lax as Harry's magical guardian, but he intended to start his atonement now.

Harry only saw a bright white light encompass the room before the rest of his energy left him. He vaguely felt that he was being picked up by surprisingly strong arms. He could hear more people coming into the room, someone took him, voices filled with shock and disgust, he couldn't understand what they were saying, and soon he didn't understand anything anymore as his world went dark.

Severus stood silently over the still form of his rival's son. He shook his head, he and James had been far from friends, but he would never have wished this on an innocent child. Madame Pomfrey had been able to heal some of the newer scars on the young boy's body. The one across his eyes was by far the hardest to heal; and even after a full nights work there still was a thin dark line where the blade had crossed. Severus's hands turned into taunt fists. Of course the knife had not only given Harry a painful scar, it had taken something as well. Despite their collection of potions and access to spells; Harry's eyes were damaged beyond repair. The five year old would never see again.

Dumbledore shook his head as he paced in his office. He the paragon of the light had allowed the foulest crimes to take place against his own charge. He could almost feel the heavy burden of Lilly's despair and James's anger. He turned to their memorial portraits, these were muggle style and did not move, and whispered as he fell to his knees before them. "I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…" Because even as he acknowledged his mistake, he knew there was no way he could ever atone himself to either the boy or his dead family.

Dumbledore looked up at the quiet knock on his door "Enter" he said softly to weary to refuse anyone at this point. He wasn't surprised to see McGonagall before him. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears but were hardened by determination. Albus stood, she had something that she wanted to say to him, and he knew that he had best be prepared for it.

McGonagall cleared her throat; she could see clearly that she was not the only one affected by what had befallen the savior to the Wizarding world. She wrung her hands as she reviewed what she was going to say before taking a fortifying breath and asking the question she had been dreading ever since Harry had been brought to Hogwarts. "Where will he go Albus?"

Madame Pomfrey looked over the young child who had so tragically fallen into her care. She reached forward and caressed his hair. "What are we going to do with you young man?" She asked softly. She had been unable to restore Harry's sight or even fully erase the marks of his past from his young body.

It was then that an idea came to her. She smiled softly "You need someone to keep you strong…and he needs someone like you…" She hurried to the Headmaster's tower; Albus would have to approve the idea first naturally.

Albus had nothing to say to McGonagall and so he could only offer her the truth, pathetic as it was "I don't know… he can't stay at Hogwarts, nowhere else in Briton is safe enough for him…" He shook his head and looked up when there was a polite clearing of the throat "Madame Pomfrey?" He asked, inviting her to share her thoughts.

Madame Pomfrey smiled as she came forward "Back in France, before coming here to Hogwarts, I met a young man whom I thought could never learn to love another if he remained as he was. Thinking such I transformed him into the form of a beast. I was very young when I made that enchantment, and even now that I want to lift his curse I am unable too. However, it occurred to me that perhaps young Harry could be the one to finally break the spell that I have placed on him. In return he would offer Harry the hospitality and safety of his castle.'

Dumbledore thought over the idea carefully, in France Harry would still be kept away from the dangers that the British Wizarding World threatened him with. Perhaps this idea was worth a try, a new ally could be gained, and perhaps the man would be freed from his enchantment. He nodded and looked at Madame Pomfrey solemnly "I leave it in your hands."

Harry was wrapped in a dark cloak that covered his form, protecting him from curious eyes. His own eyes were covered with white bandages. Madame Pomfrey told him that once the flesh of his wounded eyes was scarred over she would send him a padded leather cover that he could wear that would be more comfortable than the bandages. He was grateful for her offer of kindness, but as his fingers traced one of the many scars that still covered his body he wondered if it was worth the effort. He was disfigured and ugly; a leather eye cover wouldn't hide that.

Madame Pomfrey bravely marked up the long drive to the dark castle hidden in the forest. She remembered how beautiful it had been only years ago. Now it was filled with darkness, and the chill of despair was in the air. She looked back at the young boy who was obediently following her and holding firmly onto her hand. She could only pray that she could make up for her past mistake, and that perhaps these two wounded souls would be able to heal each other.

She knocked firmly on the castle door and was unsurprised when it swung open on its own. She stepped into the entrance hallway and pulled out her wand "Lumos." She whispered looking around she saw Lumiere and Cogsworth. She smiled at them knowingly "That won't be working on me gentlemen." She said as they slowly came to life and looked up at the one who had put them in their current forms in shock. "Yes I imagine that you're a bit surprised to see me, now tell me…where is your master?"

The beast was up in his tower when a familiar and haunting scent came to him. He growled in rage, it was a scent that he could never forget, even if he wanted to, even if he tried. It was the scent of the enchantress who had damned him into this monstrous form. He growled as he descended from the tower to the entrance hall. He would be getting his revenge for all she had done to him very shortly.

Harry stood back in the shadows, his face completely covered by the hood of his cloak as he listened to Madame Pomfrey talking with Lumiere and Cogsworth. He gathered that they were under some sort of spell; but thought it would be impolite to inquire more about it. His ears picked up a heaving pounding that was steadily getting closer.

He felt disoriented and reached for Madame Pomfrey. Instead of her arm or cloak his hand caught around the base of a candlestick holder. He felt it move in his grasp and realized what they had been talking about when they spoke of 'enchantment'. "I-I'm sorry…"he said softly as he felt for a table and gently set the candlestick down "I didn't mean to grab you like that."

Lumiere was surprised when he was suddenly picked up, but it was a feeling he had become used to as a candlestick. When Lumiere turned to see who was holding him he was surprised to see the shadowy face of a young boy. His eyes were covered in bandages, and the rest of his face was covered by the shadow of his cloak's hood. Lumiere reached forward and put light upon that face, finding that the boy had the features of a cherub. As he was so carefully sat down he laughed warmly and said charmingly "No need to worry Monsieur that it was what I am meant for." He smiled to reassure the boy, and then paused when he realized what those bandages meant.

The moment was broken as the beast descended the stairs, before anyone could stop him he picked up Madame Pomfrey by the throat and pinned her against the castle wall as he demanded fiercely "Why have you come back?" He was not gentle with her and he slammed her form against the wall with force when she didn't answer, despite the reason for her silence being his monstrous hand around her throat and the claws slowly digging into her skin.

Harry heard the sounds and turned around, quickly disorienting himself. He was still learning how to replace his loss of sight with his other senses. "Madame Pomfrey?" He called his voice tinged with fear as he reached out to find her, his hands instead meeting ragged fur. He gripped it tightly as he heard Madame Pomfrey's choked breaths and demanded bravely "Let her go!"

The beast instinctively reacted to his fur being pulled and anyone daring to order him. He dropped Madame Pomfrey to the floor as she gasped for breath and turned with his hand raised to smack the insolent little whelp.

Fortunately Lumiere acted quickly and jumped from the table, pulling back the boy's hood and forcing the other candles in the room to raise their light so that his master could see the boy clearly.

The beast froze with his arm still raised in the air as he looked at the sight before him. A small young boy held his tail firmly in his grip, even though his small body was trembling in obvious fear. The boy's eyes were bandaged, and the beast could smell healing flesh underneath, he also got a clear look of the boy's beautiful features and slowly lowered his hand. He turned around in surprise when he heard clapping from behind him, the noise shaking him from his stunned state.

Madame Pomfrey was horrified as she watched the Beast spin to attack Harry. However he stopped himself in time as he realized the situation and slowly lowered his arm. She had almost given up on this plan when she saw an emotion in the Beast's blue eyes that she had never dreamed of seeing. It wasn't pity, but it was sympathy, and sadness. She smiled and began to clap "Well Done" She said softly gaining the beasts attention once again.

The beast turned slowly, unwilling to let his eyes wander from the beautiful creature in front of him to turn to look at Madame Pomfrey, the enchantress who had turned him into this hideous form. "What?" He growled, he didn't want to scare the child so he let his body language and eyes tell the witch that he was not happy about her being inside of his castle. Of course he found it hard to keep that anger when she explained her little plan.

"You…want me to keep this child in my home, keep him safe from those who would wish him harm…until he is eleven, and if I do this you believe it will break the curse?" The beast had listened to the story on the boy's, now known as Harry's, past. He could not stop the gentle and sympathetic feelings inside of him from growing as he learned about the child's recent abuse; and could not see how he could refuse when his castle was one of the very few options left. He growled, he did not like being manipulated, he did not like being seen as soft, but his heart still reached out to the young boy.

"Very Well…he will stay with me."

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