James had known his parents were older and were old fashioned, but he had never expected to be forced into an arranged marriage. Of any of their group, Sirius would have been the obvious choice for someone to be forced into one. Orion Black was a harsh controlling man, but William and Catherine Potter had spoiled their son. They informed him when he came of age; they had signed a wedding contract when he was six. He would be expected to marry when he finished school, his chosen bride was British but she attended Beauxbautons. His shock turned to horror when he learned she was actually related to Snivellus, the freak's pureblood cousin.

Two months younger than her groom, Callista Prince was a member of both the Malfoy and Prince families. Her mother was Lucius' Malfoy's Aunt and her father was Severus' Uncle. As the only child of Axel Prince, she stood to inherit the massive Prince estate, which more than matched the Potter estate. Callista was a proud witch, she knew her heritage, and would honour her family by going through with the marriage. The marriage had gone down hill fast; when she found out he was cheating.

An eight month pregnant Callista threw a vase at his head. "This is your son, I am your wife. I will not allow you to simply walk out on us.'

James tried to calm her. "We were never bonded, and the contract simply said we had to remain wed till we produced a child."

It had taken two years, for they shared a bed as rarely as possible. James had agreed to wed so he would not lose his fortune, but he would never bond with her. His mother had died before he wed and his father a few months ago. He no longer felt any need to try and pretend he was married to her.

He tried to explain. "I love her, I always have. She is carrying my son too. I will do right by her."

Callista was fuming "Then pay the little muggle born whore off. What did she expect when she opened her legs for a married man?"

She knew lovers were common; her parent had actually wed for love and had been faithful to one another. She didn't care if he had a lover, but the fact he wanted a divorce to marry her, was an out rage. She was his wife, mother of his legitimate son, and was not about to be put aside for some muggle born cow. She wondered if the child was even her husband's, the woman didn't seem to have much respect for commitment.

James shook his head "He is mine. Our son will have my name even if we divorce. But if I don't marry Lily, her son will never have it, he will be a bastard."

Callista chucked the divorce papers in the fire. "I will not allow you to divorce me. I will use all my family power to ruin you, if you even try."

She reminded him he may have a title and money, but the Potters were never a powerful family. It was the reason is parents wanted the marriage, they knew the Princes commanded a power and money that that the Potters could not even imagine. Add to that her beloved cousin Lucius, and even the Blacks, and he stood no chance.

James walked to the floo. "I will have the divorce and I will marry her. I am not scared of your empty threats."


A month later on the last day in July, three witches went into labour at the same time. Alice Longbottom had her son Neville just after midnight, and later that day, both James Potter's sons were born. James had been forced to relinquish a chunk of his fortune, but he had been granted a divorce from Callista, and married Lily only last week. Lily truly must have loved him, she had faced a lot as a muggle born, but the talk grew after she was the cause of such a public divorce.

Callista gave birth first, to a beautiful little boy who looked like James, but for the Malfoy steel blue eyes from his mother. She chose the name Harry Lucius Prince for her son, and looked to the door for her former husband. She was sure he would come to see his son, though Lucius and Severus both doubted it.

It was Sirius who came in the door, the one marauder who approved of her."Where is he?"

Sirius shared a look with the other two men and turned back to her."Lily just had her son Jamie moments ago. He will not come."

Remus and Lily were friends since they were eleven, but Sirius and Callista were family. Sirius loved James as a brother, but he never approved of how James had divorced Callista and left her for his mistress. James had lost any rights to his son, the contract stipulated his mother won full custody of Harry since he broke it. James seemed to have decided he had no obligation to even see his own son.

She kissed her son on the head. "We don't need him do we prince? You will be a man he will be ashamed he ever turned his back on."

Author note: 1. Answer in part to challenge from ann10550 2. Voldemort will be dead, 3. Harry will not be BWL