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Paris France, the place of dreams, a fashion lovers paradise, the home of the modeling agency my mother worked for and my favorite place in the world. There was such life to this city, I had lived here since I was 7. We moved from La Push Washington in the US. My favorite thing about this place was the night life, I was a party girl, I lived for the clubs and the bars. I was always there, nothing stopped me. My parents had no idea where I went when I told them I was with my friends.

The bad thing about my love of the night life was my age, 17. The only reason got in was because of my looks and the fact that my mother is the Jamie Marshall. Since I was her daughter people automatically let me into the most exclusive clubs no matter my age. The only thing I practically didn't do besides drugs was have sex and sleep around. I prided myself in being a virgin, though I'm sure everyone thought I was a slut I surly was not. But that didn't mean I wasn't a major flirt.

The thing that got me in trouble most wasn't my drinking, smoking, or parting but my temper. I had a nasty little temper or a nasty big temper. In school I was the girl that would drop you flat for looking at me the wring way. I had a big mouth and if I didn't like someone boy did they know it. Most people were afraid of me, they knew my reputation and my lack of caring about what the school system did to me. However every now and then some stupid kid got a little stupid and stepped to me.

My mother said I got my temper from my great grandfathers, on both my mothers and fathers sides. My mom told me that they were both a part of the Quileute legends that our tribe passed down. The stories were of the wolf men, or spirit travelers. It had been a long time since I was told the stories, I had lost interest in them when I turned 13. My parents thought that I needed to be reminded of my heritage constantly, "Your one of the pure blood Indians in all of France!" they always said. Like I really cared about that.

Tonight I wasn't out yet, it was nine and my parents weren't home yet and I couldn't sneak out if they weren't home. I look out the window and smiled as I saw my mothers Mercedes pull up. Okay, maybe I was going to get to go out tonight, I quickly texted my best friend Gabrielle and told her I might meet her later. I heard the slam of the car door and stopped in my tracks. My mother or father never slammed the door unless they were mad. They just went to the store to get a new collar for our dog Ginger. With a sigh I sat down, they must be fighting again.

Here recently they had begun to fight all the time, I never knew why, I couldn't tell they didn't yell they just didn't talk at all. Three weeks ago they went five days with out talking. I had a small feeling that it was about me but nothing was ever said to me so I dismissed the idea. Every time they fought I thought that, something in the back of my mind told me that it was my fault. No one told me that it was my fault but my heart made me think that.

"Alani Jessica Marshall!" I flinched as I heard my fathers booming voice screaming my name. My eyes were wide, my parents never screamed at me, not once. I couldn't bring myself to move, I wasn't able to go down stares. "Get your ass down here now!"

Slowly I forced myself to move, I moved down stares taking deep breaths as I looked around the corner. "Alani come here." My mothers beautiful features were now sharp. Her coffee colored skin look tightly pulled over her high cheek bones. Her deep brown eyes were sharp and her tall frame looked even taller. I could see that she was holding a paper in her hand but my eyes flashed to my enraged father.

He looked positively livid as he stood with his arms crossed over his large chest. My father stood at 6'2 and his russet skin was stretched over quite a bit of muscle. "I've been telling your mother that it wasn't just a rumor, but she didn't believe me." His voice was deep and gruff.

I looked at him confused, I wasn't sure what he meant by that whole thing. My mother took the papers and threw them on the table looking at me with pure anger on her face. I looked down at the magazines and was mortified. There was my picture on the cover with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in my other. There was no describing the way I felt, I had been caught in the worst situation I could have been in. My face was bright red and I felt sick, I knew I was going to throw up if I didn't sit down.

"I have been telling her that the rumors we heard about you sneaking out were true." My father was beyond angry I could tell by the veins in his neck. "So many people told us you were doing this but your mother always thought you were the good girl!"

I thought it hurt to have my dad yelling at me but what next hit me so much worse. "I trusted you Alani, and you let me down. I never let myself believe that you were actually doing this. You hurt me more than anything, this is unbelievable." The words stung me, each word felt like a knife was being shoved into my heart.

"Mom, I'm sorry I didn't mean to disappoint you." I whispered. That was the truth, I never meant to hurt her, or my father for that matter.

"Well you did more than disappoint me Alani." She looked at me with a face I had never seen before. With a look at the stares she called my sister, "Natalya come down here now please."

Now I was confused, why was she calling Natalya? Natalya was the perfect straight A student, never got in trouble, never snuck out nothing. She was about the nicest person you could ever meet and one hell of a person to open up to, she was the person I told everything to. There were things I told her that I would never tell my friends, she was the most trustworthy person I had ever met. She did get a little crazy and made fun of me at times but I was closer to her than anyone in the world.

"What do you need." I looked over at her as she came down the stares. Her straight black hair bounced as she jumped slightly on the bottom step. She was an extremely petite girl standing at only 5'0, she was also very thin, she looked almost anorexic but she surly was not. Everything about her was small, her nose was small her eyes, her mouth, everything. Her skin was a bit lighter than mine but not by much, you could still see the Indian decent, even with out the high cheekbones we all had.

"Well since some actions by you sister we have made a decision." My mother said taking a deep breath looking at my father. I saw Natalya look at me quickly then to my father.

He looked at Natalya with an apologetic expression then looked at me angry once again. "Since it seems you cant do what you're suppose to do here and handle being in a city." he smirked and I bit my lip. "Were going to see how much you can sneak out and party back home in La Push."

"What!" Both Natalya and I yelled standing up straight looking at my mother. We couldn't move back to the Rez, ,my mom had her job here and there was no modeling agency in La Push. "Where are you going to work!" I asked looking at my mom.

"I have enough money that I don't need to work for a while and Seattle is close enough that if I get a job offer they will send my things there and I will do it. Plus I can come back any time I want to, you however are not allowed back until you are 18." The way she said it sounded like she was happy to be going to La Push.

"Why am I being punished for something she did! I'm not the one for who is parading around like a slut!" I looked at Natalya with pure anger on my face. Now I'm not saying that I blamed her for being mad at me, but I was doing nothing like a slut would.

"What the hell do you mean slut." I yelled looking at her. I could feel the blood pulsing through my body as my anger boiled.

She scoffed, and opened her mouth to say something but my mom stepped in between us. "Natalya she is doing nothing around being a slut so don't say that." Natalya nodded and looked down. "Now you, she has every right to be mad at you so don't even start losing your temper." I gritted my teeth and looked away from them both. "Go pack, were leaving in two days." My heart dropped at those words.

I sat on the couch as my mother and father went into there room and my sister ran up the stares with tears in her eyes. The words were heavy on my heart, leaving all because of me. My mom was leaving her job to get me out of here, my dad was leaving his job as well, the worst part was what was happening to my sister. She had so much planed, she was in just about every after school activity you could think of. This was her Junior year and all because of me she was losing it all. I had no plans for school, I was only in theater and that could be done just about every where. It was my Senior year, I didn't have friends in school, the friends I had were out of school by now. I wasn't going to miss many of them, they were only fake friends, I was cool because my mom was.

I stood up shaking and walked up stares to my sisters room, I knocked lightly and opened the door. Natalya was taking down things from her shelf putting them in a box already. With a sigh I leaned against the wall, "I'm sorry Natalya." I didn't think it would do much good, I knew how I would feel if I was her. She laughed and just kept taking things down. "I mean it ok, I didn't think any of this would happen."

She threw down a trophy and looked at me, "You never think that's the thing!" she stepped over to me, "All you care about is you and I am tired of it. Now all because of your stupid partying I have to leave all this, and no I don't care about the city. it's the school, you know how much I had going for this coming up year and here you come a screw it over."

I pushed her away from me slightly, "You think I don't know that!" I yelled as she looked at me rubbing her arm slightly. I knew I had pushed her harder than I had meant to but I couldn't control myself. "Don't stand there and tell me something I already know ok?" She sat on her bed and I walked out of her room and ran into mine.

I threw myself on the bed and cried my eyes out, I had ruined everyone's life, me I had been the cause of all there fighting. Everything that was going wrong was my fault.

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