So I've decided to start this story again. I've missed it a lot and I finally have motivation to finish it. I've edited this chapter because I wrote it in '09 and I plan on rewriting the whole story if anyone would be interested in that. If someone tells me that they would just rather I finish the story and not rewrite it then let me know but I'm enjoying this. This first chapter is so far the only one I've edited but if you're interested in me rewriting all of it let me know!

But I hope everyone enjoys this story. For those who have been following this story for a while thank you so much and if you find this story I hope you enjoy it and I'm working on rewriting it!

Paris France was the place of dreams, a fashion lover's paradise, a food lover's paradise, it was simply paradise. It was the home to my mother's modeling agency and had been my home since I was seven years old. I loved it, the nightlife, the city life, it was all a fantasy world that never stopped being amazing. It was a stark difference from the place I'd grown up in. La Push Washington a reservation town that wasn't' even really on any map. Sure I loved the people sure but if I still lived there, there was no doubt in my mind I'd have gone crazy.

To me Paris was the biggest playground, there were constant parties and energy. All things I craved and couldn't do without and things I shouldn't do. Parties were more my scene than anything else in this own. I was a party girl that was for sure, my parents trusted me too much for their own good but it was how I liked things. If they'd ever gotten too curious all I'd do is tell them I was with a friend and they believed me. Not even my age slowed me down, being seventeen was the only problem I had with getting away with things. But being the daughter of Jamie Marshall people wanted me to be in their clubs as long as I had my fake ID.

What I did get into trouble for wasn't my drinking or partying it was more my temper. I had a nasty little temper and I wasn't afraid to fight people. In fact I liked it, nothing was more fun than knocking someone who'd pissed me off down. It was apparently something I'd gotten from my grandfathers on both of my parents sides. They were the 'spirit travelers' or 'wolf men' of the Quileute legends that I'd heard growing up and lost interest in at about age thirteen.

Tonight was one of the nights I'd stayed home in our penthouse. I was supposed to meet Gabrielle at her house tonight for a party but I was waiting for my sister Natalya to leave the living room so I didn't have to hear her questions. Before I could leave I heard my mother buzz herself up. She was supposed to be out with my father, a good date night to try to stop their fighting. The two of them had been fighting for almost a month and for some reason it felt like it was my fault. Every time I came into the room they'd stop talking.

The second I went to get my phone out to text Gabrielle I heard my father's voice yell out, "Alani Jessica Marshall get down here now!" My eyes went wide as I stared at the door to my room. My parents never yelled at me and I felt like I couldn't move. "Now Alani I'm not playing with you!"

Letting out a slow breath I made my way out of my room and looked out at my parents. My mother was usually beautiful as she could be but now her face was pulled into a sour expression. Her deep brown eyes were narrowed at me as she held a paper to her chest. My eyes flashed to my enraged father when he moved to take the paper from her.

He looked livid as he stood there staring at me. My father was a large man at all times, 6'2 of muscle but he never looked as big as he did right now. Both of them images of a beauty this country rarely saw but they were beyond angry right now.

"I've been telling her for a month, a whole month I've been telling her that the rumors were true and she never believed me." his jaw clenched as he stared at my mother. "She always told me that no, you were a good girl, you wouldn't do this."

I wanted to ask what I'd done but I didn't have any words. There wasn't anything I could really say that wouldn't make him angrier than he already was. Before I could say anything my mother threw the paper she'd been holding onto the table in front of me. Looking down at the paper I felt the blood drain from my face. On the front page of some trashy tabloid was my face. There was a glass in one of my hands and a cigarette in the other, there was no denying how drunk I was when this was taken. Instantly I felt my face heat up and I felt queasy.

"I'm so sorry." I whispered to them. "I didn't mean to disappoint you." Get caught was more what I really didn't want but the looks on their faces brought me more guilt than anything.

Watching my mother shake her head she held up her hand, "You've done more than disappoint me Alani. There are no words…" she stopped herself looking towards my sisters room. "Natalya come here please."

Pulling my eyebrows together I watching my sister come out of her room. There was no reason for her to be involved in this. Natalya got straight marks everything she did was near perfect. There was never a time when she ever got in trouble as far as I knew. It didn't make sense to be calling her into this. My sister was one of my best friends, she was trustworthy and she did everything by the book to a T. This wasn't something she even really knew anything about.

Natalya stood in her doorway watching my parents. She was smaller than I was, a short girl with a full face and bouncy hair. Big brown eyes looked around the room with confusion written all over her face. "What's up?" her eyes automatically went to me and I could feel her accusing stare.

My parents shared a look before my father spoke. "We've decided that since this lifestyle is unfit for you Alani, the best thing for this family is to move back to La Push."

They seemed to expect both the outbursts from my sister and I. "What do you mean we're going back? We haven't been there in years we can't move back to the rez!" I spat, the idea of leaving Paris for La Push wasn't something I even wanted to think about.

"Why am I being punished for what she did! I didn't do anything she's the one parading around! And your job, what are you going to do about that?" I turned to glare at Natalya buts he wasn't paying any attention to me.

"I've made enough money that I don't need to work for a while and if I need to take a job then I can just take on in Seattle, or come back here. I can go where I like, it's you Alani that can't go anywhere until you're 18." Both Natalya and I opened our mouths to say something but she stepped forward. "No. Go start packing your things. We're leaving in two days so you two need to get ready."

Watching my parents leave the room Natalya gave me one last look before running to her room. I couldn't stand anymore, collapsing into the couch I closed my eyes. Everything was a mess because of me. My mother's job, my father's job. They were both gone. And Natalya had so much planned in school. She was the top of her class at a private school here. All of that would be gone because of me. Pulling my legs up to my chest the tears finally fell from my eyes.