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Virgil sighed in contentment. Richard had given him a good, hard fuck. Something about it had seemed different from when he and Richie had made love. It wasn't that he hadn't liked it, but something had made it slightly awkward when Richard had been inside him. His stress was relieved but that was about it. Virgil closed his eyes and nuzzled his pillow, he could hear Richard bathing and it made his chest hurt slightly.

Richie had always cuddled with him. Even if they had only messed around, they still cuddled.

Beep… beep… beep… beep.

He grabbed his communicator. Flash looked at him with a smug smirk, "What is it?"

"Get your ass up and your stuff packed! Your coming home!" Virgil grinned and closed the communicator with a snap and let out a howl of happiness. Richard stepped from the bathroom and looked at the other male curiously.

"What's got you so chipper?"

Virgil grinned and slid from the bed, "We're going home."


A soft hand ran over Richie's shoulders. He shifted slightly, trying to pull himself from his black out. The soft hand ran through his hair and tickled his neck lightly. He shot up and shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling. A soft, smooth laugh calmed his beating heart, "You shouldn't do that to people, Babs." the red head shrugged and sat on his computer table with her legs crossed. He didn't mind that she was sitting there or that she wasn't completely covered. What annoyed him was that she was wrinkling his notes, "Your smearing two hours worth of work."

She pulled the notes out from under her and showed that they were still perfectly intact. Richie blinked, "Bats taught us to be lighter then air and how to leave no evidence."

Richie smiled at her, "So, you're in love with Bruce?" she flushed and looked away, "You know, he's never seemed like the settling down type."

Her smiled became nostalgic, "He isn't. Bruce… he won't settle for just one woman, no matter how much he loves her. He's always been that way and it never fails that he has a reason to leave you." she looked at Richie, "Virgil seems like the type to want a big family. Is that why you created Riley?" Richie looked at the child.

"No." Barbra blinked, confused, "I created Riley so that I could always have some of him with me. Riley is more apart of Virgil then he is of me. When Riley was conceived, when I first realized I was successful, I wanted so badly to use backpack to tell Virgil, but he didn't even know that I had been working on this." Barbra smiled and put her legs on either side of Richie.

"What were you going to tell him when he got older?"

"The truth. He's got my intelligence and Virgil's powers." the old Batgirl was in shock, "It's a genetic issue that I couldn't get rid of without destroying the embryo."

"How old is he?"

"Two… three roughly. He's got language skills and such, but he's not gonna be use to everything like every other three year old."

Barbra grinned, "What do you say we give Virgil a shock to his system? We'll get Riley all set up and-"

"It won't do you any good. He's on his way back." Barbra looked up and flushed. Richie turned to Batman and smiled faintly, "So this is your big project, huh? He's cute."

Richie chuckled, "He's got Virgil's ugly mug. There's nothing cute about him."

Batman smiled and touched the glass. Riley opened his eyes and smiled slightly. The bat jumped lightly, "He could feel me."

Richie nodded, "He can feel the vibrations of your fingers on the glass like a baby does when someone touches their mother's stomach. He can hear and see everything that's going on though most babies wouldn't see anything but shadows. I keep the lab as dark as possible so that he can develop appropriately, but the liquid shines on it's own."

Barbra looked at the green liquid, "What is that stuff?"

"It's like embryonic fluid, but it's got Bang Gas in it. He's growing in the same environment as all kids from Bang Babies will if their mother was a Banger. The color varies though. When Gale gave birth to Sparrow the fluid was pure white."

Batman looked at the glass again, "Would you need Bang Gas for just a regular child?"

Richie chuckled, "No. I would just need stabilizer and I have more then enough of that and I can make more."


"Helps the baby's body digest unfiltered food, process unfiltered air, and live essentially."

Barbra blinked, "That's gotta be hell to find."

"It's given to the baby from it's mother during birth. I don't know how, but I can use his umbilical cord to give it to him, but I have to birth him while I do that. Otherwise it'll kill him no matter the dosage."

Batman crossed his arms, "Seems like a big risk."

Richie smiled at the old crusader, "Aren't the best things in life worth the biggest risks?"


Hotstreak sat with Virgil during their ride home while Dick sat talking with Flash. Hotstreak could feel a slight tension in Virgil, "You slept with him… didn't you?" Virgil shifted slightly and tried to focus on the book in his lap, "V, Did you sleep with Nightwing?"

Virgil nodded and waited for the yelling to begin. Hotstreak just shook his head and reached into his bag for his MP3. Virgil blinked, "Hotstreak?"

"I'm disappointed in you, V. I thought you were stronger then jackass's little seduction attempts. He only wants to be able to say that he's banged Static Shock. He doesn't care about you as Virgil." Hotstreak turned on his music and turned it up before Virgil could respond. Virgil listened for a moment before recognizing Riot by Three Days Grace. That was definitely a song just for Hotstreak.

Virgil watched as they made it to the command tower. His heart swelled, he was home. Home meant Richie, Richie meant peace, and peace meant normality. Well, as normal as his life could get.

When they docked, Richie was waiting for him. A woman with fiery red hair stood next to him. Hotstreak looked at her before whispering, "That's Oracle. She's a real spit fire, no man gets with her unless she drags them to bed first. I heard she really sets you on fire." Virgil rolled his eyes. Married or not, Hotstreak never failed to know how any woman was in bed. They stepped off the air craft and Virgil swept Richie up into his arms.

The woman chuckled lightly, "My, my. I thought the pictures were good looking. You look better in person, Handsome." Virgil smiled at her and shook her hand, "I'm Barbra. Nice to meet you Virgil Hawkins." She looked at Hotstreak and smirked at his wandering eyes, "Francis Allen Stone, AKA Hotstreak and Phoenix. Your just as handsome as rumor says."

Hotstreak smirked and leaned closer to her, "Your not to bad yourself, Honey."

Barbra smirked, "You've got a beautiful wife, Teresa Heart Stone, and a five year old daughter, Muse Teresa Stone." Hotstreak flushed and Barbra smiled, "The Oracle knows all, Hun. Even your cock size." she turned and left with Batman at her side. Richie shook his head at Hotstreak.

"She's just fucking with you. I told her your name, who Teresa was and that you two have a daughter."

Hotstreak shuttered, "I have a feeling she knew all that anyway."

Richie laughed and patted Hotstreak on the back, "Maybe she did, but that's just a theory. Hey, Virgil?" his lover looked at him, "When your done with your report and you get cleaned up, come to the labs? I've got something I want to show you." Virgil nodded and looked down at himself.

"I guess I could skip the clean-"

"NO!" Virgil was taken back. Richie blushed and looked down, "You have to be sterile or I can't let you in." Virgil nodded and pulled Richie close and kissed his forehead. Richie sniffed lightly and felt his heart break. Virgil smelt like warm coffee, must and a thunder storm, but he also smelt like the night sky, metal shrapnel and gel. He smelt like himself and like Nightwing. Richie wasn't sure if his heart was breaking or if rain had washed away the glue Virgil had been applying.

Virgil ran off to clean up and change while Hotstreak stepped towards him, "Judging by your expression, you know." Richie smiled and looked at the other hero.

"Why don't you get cleaned up then join us?"

Hotstreak nodded, "Are you going to-"

"It's a week away, but I promised to be there." Hotstreak nodded and walked away with a bored wave of his hand.

"Just remember that he loves trucks, but Sharon doesn't want another mind-operated device running around her house."

Richie pouted, "The space ship seemed like a good idea when he was four." Hotstreak just laughed as he continued on his way.


Virgil groaned as the hot water slid over his back. He missed hot water and soap. Not that his captors didn't have hot water, but it was two hot for human skin. So they had to use cold water. Virgil hated cold water. Not to mention that Richie wouldn't give him that surprise if he wasn't sanitary.

Virgil opened his eyes and listened to the faint patter of water on tile. It was odd, usually he knew what Richie was going to give him by the look on Richie's face. If it was a CD he'd grin, a comic he'd try to keep a calm façade, a video game he'd smirk, and a new gear for Static was given his ever-so-annoying 'I know something you don't know' look. This time was different. This time Richie was smiling in that way that told Virgil 'I love you, and I'm sorry.' He was smiling at Virgil like the surprise was going to tear them apart forever.

Virgil couldn't remember washing his hair or his body, but he was stepping out of the shower and onto cold tile just as it hit Virgil that Richie was scared that he wouldn't like the surprise. Virgil wrapped a towel around his waist and shook his hair to get the water off. There was a quite knock and Virgil called for the person to come in.

The voice appeared by the door, "Come on, Sparky! Richie's getting really antsy about you see this surprise!" Virgil towel dried his hair, dried off his body and changed into the Static uniform that he'd set aside. This one was newer, but had an older design to it. The coat was all blue with blue pants a black shirt with the lightning symbol on it and his black boots. He stepped out of the bathroom to see Hotstreak in his old banger uniform.

"That brings back memories."

Francis smirked, "Want me to throw a fireball at you? That would really bring it back." Virgil shook his head and the two men left Virgil's rooms for the science labs. Virgil grew more and more nervous as they got closer to the destination, it was when they passed Richie's lab that Virgil got confused.

"Hey, where are we going?"

Francis didn't look back, "Richie's rooms." the tone had no emotion behind it. Virgil followed until they reached a hallway with four doors, each marked with a symbol. Virgil blinked at the symbols and tried to recall what they were for. Francis seemed to know what he was thinking, "They're for the Greek letters. Each scientist has one according to their rank on the Siren team. Richie is Alpha and has his own hallway."

Virgil followed Francis up a hidden staircase to a black door with a well known symbol on it. Virgil could make out a voice, a child's voice, that he didn't recognize, "… this is Artemis, she's my favorite hero because she's the only girl. And the one by your foot? No! The one in the dark green dress with the golden- Yeah! Her! That's Eris. She's a bad guy, but she can make your life into chaos if you eat her apple."

He heard a woman's voice respond, "Your toys are so cool. Where did you get them?"

The child giggled and spoke again, "Daddy makes them for me. He said that I should have toys that are as intellgacant as I am."

Then came the sweetest voice Virgil had heard yet, "Intelligent, Riley." the child giggled again and Francis opened the door. The people fell silent and the child, a small boy with strait, black, silk like hair turned around to show off eyes that were a warm honey. Those eyes lit up and the boy stood, he could have been older then three, and ran to Francis with open arms.

"Phoenix!" the boy, Riley, hugged Francis' leg and giggled happily.

Francis sighed, "I thought you were going to teach him 'Uncle Stone.'"

Richie, who sat on the couch with three dolls in one hand and one in the other shrugged, "He didn't like that name." Richie looked at Virgil and his eyes quickly shot to the floor, "Um… Why don't you take Riley to the garden… I need to talk with Virgil alone." Barbra stood from the floor and handed her four dolls to Richie. Batman handed his two over as well and escorted Barbra and the Francis carrying Riley from the room.

Virgil entered the room and the door slid shut. Virgil crossed his arms, "Cute kid."

Richie groaned and scratched the back of his neck, "He's perfect really. Doesn't scream or cry often, toughs out most bumps and bruises… I couldn't have asked for a better son." Virgil felt his jealousy flare.

"Whose the mom?"

Richie's head shot up, "Wh-?"

"Whose. The. Mom?" Virgil practically snarled at his lover.

"Virgil, I didn't-"

Virgil didn't bother to let him continue, "So, you missed me so much and you were so broken hearted that you slept with some bitch and knocked her up? Is that my punishment? Knowing that you and some slut had a kid and that your going to raise him with her instead of being with me? Is that it, Rich? Cause I think you should really just fuck me over entirely and marry the dumb cunt so that I can know that I'll really never have you!" Virgil was seeing red as Richie buried his face in his hands.

"Virgil. He's a science experiment. I spent the better part of our time apart working on a way for gays to have children that really belong to both parents. Riley was my first creation and stayed in the womb for three years while I tried to find the one thing he needed to live once he left the womb. Tech finally found it for me and I was waiting for the perfect time to tell you."

Virgil crossed his arms, "To tell me what? That you made some kid for you and some other scientist?" he was still angry and his words were breaking Richie apart.

"To tell you that Riley… he's our kid. I used a blood sample that I had from you and my own blood sample to create him. One past Bang Gas to four parts embryonic fluid and you get a kid created from the DNA of two Bang Babies." Virgil was in shock, "I really created him at first because I didn't think we'd ever talk, or see each other again and I wanted a small piece of you. Then we got back together and it became more so that I could show you that your dreams of a big family weren't impossible anymore."

Virgil stared at Richie in shock before gulping and walking towards his lover. He stopped before the blond man and though about Richie. The boy he'd grown up with was still there, his fear of rejection evident in everything Richie did. The boy that had told Virgil first about his sexuality was there, it was Richie's drive to make life easier for those with the same orientation. The boy Virgil had fallen in love with was sitting before as a man who had just given him the world.

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