If you picked that you quit, well that would have ended the story because you get another job from labor ready and it's at the Emma Sherman Memorial hospital where Joon was at in the movie. You get beaten to death by a insane patient who escaped from the closed ward. Plenty of crazy things will happen in this story. This chapter is short this time because you know how short some chapters are or parts when you pick your own adventure?

I Really Need a Job and I Am No Quitter

Chapter 2

You feel like quitting but you are the kind of person who doesn't like to give up. You will try and find a way to reason with Joon. You spend the rest of your time in the living room reading and then you hear Joon go outside. You put your book down and go after her. You see Joon walking down the street.

"Joon get back here," you say.

She keeps walking.

You run after her and tell her to get back in the house. She still doesn't answer so you grab her and she starts screaming and throwing a fit trying to push you off. But you keep grabbing her telling her Benny wants her to stay home and you keep pulling her.

Joon gives up eventually and you pull her back in the house like she is a little kid.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" she yells.

"Benny doesn't want you to leave the house," you say.

She yells, "I am not stupid, I can go down the block."

"You say, "I didn't think you were. I am just following your brother's orders."

"You're not my father or mother," she yells.

"Okay," you say. "How about we both go together?"

"No," she yells and storms to her studio and slams the door.

You call Benny on the phone and tell her she tried to leave the house and said you weren't her mother or father.

"Well, son of a gun, I'll be over there shortly," he says. "Gosh darn it."

He hangs up and you wait. But it takes more than ten minutes for him to get home.

When he gets home, he asks where Joon is and you say she is in the sun room.

"It's art studio," he corrects you. "She hates it when you call it something else."

He knocks on the door.

"Go away," she yells.

"It's Benny," he says.

"Go away," Joon yells again.

"I'm coming in anyway," he opens the door and walks in.

You see Joon had already cleaned up the mess from the broken cup.

"We need to talk," Benny says.

Joon takes off her shoe and throws it at Benny and sits near the window. "I hate that housekeeper, she touches everything and is too loud."

Benny ignores the shoe that was thrown at her.

"How is she loud?" he asks.

Joon doesn't answer.

"Tell me Joon."

"She does the dishes but is careless. She broke a cup," Joon replies.

"Well accidents happen. I have broken something too you know. Remember the time I was having my coffee and I accidentally spilled it?"

Joon smiles.

"You see? You didn't hate me for that," he says.

"No but she seems to be deliberately noisy and she touches my things."

"Dishes are noisy Joon. You can't do them quietly. What things of yours did she touch?"

"My artwork," she says.

"Okay. That was my fault then. I forgot to tell her to not touch your things and she knows to not come in here. I told her that on the phone when she called."

Joon doesn't say a word.

"Okay, I will get back to work and I don't want to get another phone call from the housekeeper."

"I have a name," you shout from the kitchen.

Joon doesn't respond

Benny leaves the art studio and tells you she is fine now and not to touch anything in her studio and not to go in there. He also tells you to not do the dishes because Joon has a problem with you dropping the cup.

"Okay," you say.

Benny leaves.

* * *

In the neighborhood park nearby, a local band sets up and there are gates around the park and people have to pay to get in. The band starts up and it is very loud. There is lot of base, and heavy metal and it is bothering Joon. She is very sneaky so she sneaks out of the house and you don't even hear her leave because you are too preoccupied with your book. Drive in theaters is your obsession so you are too busy looking at pictures of them in the book and reading about them.

Okay, are you going to notice she has snuck out or not? Stay tuned.