Summary: No one is safe from the 'almighty head-slap.'

A/N: I do not own NCIS


"So...what approach are you taking on this one, boss?" Tony asked as they stared through the window into the interrogation room.

"What do you mean?" Gibbs asked, as if having no idea what Tony was talking about.

"You know – the ol' good cop routine where you try to be his friend or are you going in with fists swinging and curses screaming on this one?"

"I am a professional, DiNozzo," Gibbs reminded him.

"Never stopped you before," Tony chuckled until a head-slap shut him silent.

"Ha!" Ziva laughed, pointing at Tony.

"Ziva…" Gibbs glared at her, "Don't make me give you a head-slap too."

Ziva quickly shut up. It wasn't until Gibbs was in the interrogation room that she whispered to Tony, "He wouldn't really…would he?"

Tony grinned, "What do you think?"

After the interrogation, Gibbs exited the room and walked over to his agents.

"Agent David, do you question me?"

"No sir, Gibbs," Ziva answered.

"Good." Gibbs smacked her in the back of the head – hard, "Remember that."

He smirked as he walked away, leaving Ziva rubbing her head and Tony laughing.

"No one is safe from the almighty head-slap. Not even you, Zee-vah and he actually has a soft-spot for you."

"Shut up."

"You'll get used to it, you know. And face it, you did kind of deserve…OW!"

"Remember that," Ziva grinned as she walked off.

"Damn head-slaps!"