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Hell High
Chapter 1: Girl meets Boy


No freaking way.

There was no way this pathetic excuse of a school would be her new Institute.

Like hell!

"Hm. Nice atmosphere."

She fought the urge to glare at her father, who oh-so-kindly personally dropped her off with his expensive Porsche.

"You'll fit in."

"Daddy..!" She whined, trying her best to give the most irresistible puppy dog eyes she could to her father, who just kept his stern gaze. "I want to go back to Konoha!"

"Sorry Princess, but after the stunt you pulled, transferring you to a public school may do you some good." He adjusted his glasses and eyed the place where his only daughter will be studying. "Just be thankful that you're already a senior, but you'll have to ask help from your new classmates to catch up with a month and a half's worth of lectures."

"Joy." Sakura remarked sarcastically, gritting her teeth. "I already hate this place." She muttered, eyeing some students who walked around the campus in groups, the men dressed in gakuran uniforms – or more known by some as military-like clothing. She saw how improper they wore their clothes, since they had the coat opened with either a button-up shirt underneath or just a plain shirt. Some even went as far as using colored wife beaters to show off their bulky form.

Her glare turned to one of sadness as she looked at the women who wore the same sailor uniform she had on, the colors of black and red making her feel as if she betrayed her previous school, which was blue and white. She missed the blue tie, skirt, and blazer of her old school – it made her feel more classy and sophisticated.

Call her spoiled, but it's her father's fault for pampering her too much, and then suddenly throwing her into the pits.

"You'll love it here." Ikichi had said, patting his daughter's head, who cried out in frustration, for her daddy dearest just ruined her hairstyle.

If you could call letting your hair down with just a few clips on your bangs a hairstyle…

"I'll stand out too much!" she grunted, combing her long pink locks with her fingers while re-attaching the clips on her bangs. She smiled slightly at the cat and rabbit heads that acted as the clips' designs.

"Not to worry." Ikichi commented, head turning from left to right. "Now, if only we can find someone nice enough to take you to the Principal's office…"

Sakura gave an unladylike snort. "Doesn't the Principal, like, greet new students?"

"No dear, this is not a private school."

She grimaced.

"Hmm…" Ikichi stared at a particular group of girls but decided not to ask them for help, seeing how they did not wear their uniforms properly. "I wonder if-"

"Wow, nice wheels."

Both father and daughter turned around to spot a boy, who looked fairly decent, eyeing the car Ikichi owns.

"2009 Porsche 911 Turbo." The teen whistled. "So," he turned to the older man and pink-haired girl. "New here?"

Ikichi inspected him from head to toe; unruly raven hair which spiked at the back, bangs not parted in the middle or from the side. Skin was paler than Sakura's, eyes as dark as the night sky, coat unbuttoned with a white dress shirt underneath, the first button undone so as to not make the wearer look stiff. What caught Ikichi's eyes though were the silver clip on the boy's left helix and the hoop earring of the same color on the same ear. He was nearly as tall as him, and that meant a head taller than Sakura.

Speaking of his daughter…

"I knew it." He thought upon spotting Sakura staring – rather, gawking – at the teenager before them, who was still waiting for an answer. "I apologize for my daughter's… reaction, but yes, she is new here." He extended out a hand to the boy. "Haruno Ikichi, and you are..?"

"Uchiha Sasuke." He shook Ikichi's hand, both letting go soon after. He turned to Sakura. "Hn," and gave an amused smirk. "No offense taken from her reaction, my friends would actually consider it a compliment."

"Oh?" Ikichi raised a brow, and then turned to a couple of girls who walked pass them and giggled after sparing the boy a glance. "Never mind." Ikichi cleared his throat.

"Is there anyway I can help?" Sasuke asked, eyes turning from Sakura to Ikichi. "You both seem to be waiting for something."

"Indeed," Ikichi nudged Sakura slightly. "My daughter just transferred, and since I can't stay long, I need to make sure she won't get lost."

"Say no more." Sasuke shrugged. "I can take her to the Principal's office."

"You have my thanks." He nodded once to Sasuke and turned to his daughter. "Sakura, I have to go now, okay? I'll have a driver pick you up after school."

When her father kissed her head, it was only then did she snap back to reality.

"No, wait! Daddy! No! I still don't-" she cut herself off when her father smiled and waved from the driver's seat and rode off, leaving her with some guy she found attractive. "…I…now… hate… my… life." She sighed heavily, turning to glare at the boy who snorted, trying to hold back a laugh. "What's so funny chicken hair?"

"Heh." He smirked. "Come on brat." He walked in and grabbed her arm, dragging her with him despite the protests that escaped from her mouth. He knew she wouldn't enter the school's campus if he didn't pull her along, and he did tell the girl's father that he'd take her to the Principal.

Her eyes widened upon setting foot inside the building, seeing nothing but students throwing trash around and cussing out words she won't even dare to say.

He saw how she didn't budge or move from her spot in front of him that he smirked and leaned down to her left ear, making her jump slightly at his breathing.

"Welcome to hell, Princess."

Sakura did not like her new school one bit.

It's been a week and a half, and she still hated it.

The students minded their own business and could care less about her being a new student.

The teachers weren't of much help, and the Principal was a pedophile!

…Or so she thinks. He looks like one after all.

She thought about approaching Sasuke, but kept pulling back since he was always with his own group of friends – not to mention that they were all guys.

Oto wasn't the best school for her. And up until now, she doesn't understand what her father was thinking! She was popular back in Konoha, but here, she was a total loner and outcast! Some students immediately dismissed her as a snobby spoiled brat just because she's rich and came from Konoha High. Others only thought she'd be an annoying preppy girl, or goody-goody. Some guys, much to her chagrin, would walk pass her too closely and slap her ass. One guy even managed to grab a firm hold onto her rear when she was by her locker.

Sadly, she wasn't able to give the said guy a slap due to the thick books she had in her arms at that time.

Normally, she'd tell her father about this, but that would only prove that she was a spoiled brat.

Life was definitely unfair.

"This sucks…" she murmured, standing before her locker again as she punched in the combination, afterwards, removed the lock and opened the door with one hand, since the other struggled to carry her books.

Damn school gave them very heavy books.

Shifting a bit, she picked one up and placed it inside, cheering herself on at how there were only four more thick and heavy books to go.

Her ears picked up a wolf whistle nearby, and the next thing she knew, her ass was grabbed yet again, and this time, the suspect decided to linger and slam her locker door shut.

"Hey, Konoha Princess," He sneered, yet the tone somewhat held something perverted. "What say I make you blend in easier, eh?" she stiffened when she felt his knee in between her legs, forcing them apart which caused her to drop her books. He pushed his body onto hers, trapping her against the lockers while her hands instantly pressed against the metal objects, eyes shutting as she shook when the guy breathed onto her ear. "I'll take your whimper as a yes then?"

When he moved his hand from her butt to her thigh, she tried to call for help, but in the back of her mind, she knew it would be futile. Only soft whimpers left her lips when she felt his fingers getting near her private part, and she tried to squirm to get the guy off.

"Let go…" she managed to say, tears leaking from her eyes when she felt his other hand grope her breast. "Let go you son of a bitch!" She yelled, pushing herself off of the locker as hard as she could.

Sakura spun around to lash out at the man again, but her face was met with someone's back, and she peeked over the guy's shoulder to see the one who harassed her on the floor, grumbling about the pain on his rear for landing too hard at the ground.

"Leave her alone Zaku."

Guy named Zaku glared and stood up. "Why? Is she yours?"

Sakura couldn't see what her savior's reaction was, so she tried to come up with a conclusion as to how Zaku had ended up on the floor.

When she pushed, she thought she was strong enough to get him off, but it was probably because Zaku was pulled away from her at the same time she tried to push him away, thus leading him on the floor.

"I'll say this again," Sakura blinked, finally recognizing the voice of her knight. "Leave her alone."

"Or what?"

"Or I kick you off the team."

Sakura blinked in confusion. "What team..?"

"Tsk." Zaku walked off eventually, but only after giving one last dirty look to Sakura, who flinched and turned away.

After a few seconds passed, she knelt down on the floor and picked up her fallen books, stopping when two of them were handed to her.

"Are you really that much of a damsel to not be able to defend yourself?"

She lowered her head and took the books from him before getting up.

"I've been watching you since you arrived, and there hasn't been a day wherein you fought back when someone would insult you, or harass you."

She bit her lower lip, deciding to remain silent as she placed her books back inside her locker.

"Hn." He sighed. "Though you did have guts to yell at Zaku…"

"Really?" she looked up with sparkly eyes, and that earned her a sweat drop.

"You're weird." He smirked and shook his head. "Come on." He walked off with his hands pocketed, her following wordlessly as he led the way to the rooftop.

"Are we even allowed here?"

"Yeah." He told her. "So, when do you plan on having the courage to walk up to me and ask if you could join?"

She blushed. "W-what?!"

"I see you always staring at me and my friends with a look of longing yet hesitation." He told her. "Oto may not be the best school, but not all students here are the same."

"I… see…" she looked at him with wide eyes when he pulled out a cigar and lighted it. "W-what're you doing?!"

He blinked, the cancer stick stuck between his lips. "Sorry, you want one?"

He was taken aback when she pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and threw it on the ground, stomping at it as if it would kill her.

"…The hell?" Normally, he'd lash out, but seeing her reaction made him speechless.

"Do you have any idea what that could do to your lungs?! To your health?!" she yelled, glaring but with tears leaking from her eyes. "Cancer kills Uchiha-san! Did you know that?!"

Sasuke just stared at her, blinking a few times, before sighing and scratching the back of his head. "It's a habit." He shrugged. "And yes to all questions."

"Then why?!" she cried out, shaking. "I… hate people who smoke… who don't care about themselves…"

He felt awkward having a girl crying before him, and he tried to figure out a way to comfort her, but had no idea what to do. So he opted to what his mother usually does when he was still a kid, pull her into an embrace.


"Just…" he trailed off, blushing hard as he looked away while keeping her in his arms. "Shut up."

It took a while for them to pull away and lean on the railings, an arm's length apart to not bring back the uncomfortable atmosphere.

"Why did you hug me..?" she asked, face flushing as she buried the lower part of her face into her folded arms that were on the railings around the building's rooftop.

"Ngh…" he turned his head away, hands still pocketed as he tried to relax a bit. "I don't know what else to do to make you stop crying."

"I see…"

Curiosity got the better of him when he asked her about the smoking issue.

"Well…" she paused for a moment before deciding that she could trust him. "My father used to be a smoker…" she began. "Everyday, whenever I'd arrive home from school and run up to him, his study room is always filled with so much smoke." Her lips formed a small smile at the memory. "I tried everything to get him stop, from making empty threats to finding his cigarette packs and throwing them out, or even throwing a tantrum until he stops."

He noted her eyes beginning to water once more.

"After about a year and a month, he was sent to the hospital due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease." She raised her head and closed her eyes. "It took nearly a month before he was released, and I cried my hardest during those days he was confined, and…" she gave him a triumphant smile. "I was able to make him swear to me to never smoke again."

He couldn't help but let out a small smirk after her story. "You're such a persistent girl." He pulled out the cigar packet he kept in his pocket, aware of how her eyes widened when he threw it away with all his might, their eyes following the object until it disappeared from their site.

"Uchiha-san..?" she blinked and blushed when his face was barely an inch away from her, the smirk still on his lips.

"This is only day one." He told her. "I may need some motivation for the next few days."

She took a few steps back and looked away. "What do you have in mind?"

"Heh." He eyed the horizon. "If I could go through a day without smoking a single stick," he glanced at her. "I'll have to earn a kiss from you," He tapped his lips lightly. "…Right here."


"And just so you could keep a eye on me to make sure I'm not cheating," his smirk was still in place. "You'll have to eat lunch with me everyday."


"Including weekends and holidays." He held back a snicker. "Except if you're going somewhere with your father."

She twitched, managing a smirk of her own. "Is it just me, or did you just say that because you can't ask a girl out properly?"

"Heh. So she can retort back after all." He thought. "Why? You want to consider it a date? I'd be glad to."

She blushed. "Why you arrogant little…" she trailed off and turned away, arms crossing almost instantly. "Fine! But if you so much as smoke a stick, you're gonna have to treat me to somewhere nice." She gave a challenging grin. "You up for it?"

"Hn. I don't back out from a challenge." He pulled out his right hand to offer a handshake. "Deal."

She shook his hand and then smiled. "Good luck then Uchiha-san."

"You may need it more than I do."

School ended for the day, and students who had club activities or practices for varsity teams stayed.

"No way! Are you serious?!"

"I don't waste words, dobe." He said, slipping on his black wrist bands with two red lines; one from the top, the other at the bottom, with enough space for the black coloring to make the red one appear layered over it. "And I did tell you I've been planning to quit, but I just can't."

"So you think this Haruno princess can be your way out?" Naruto asked, having the same accessories as his best friend, since the coach thought it would look better if the team wore the same bands to match the uniform. "I mean, after what you told me," he grinned and nudged his best friend. "It seems as if you fancy her."

That earned him a punch on the head.

"Ow! Geez teme! What was that for?!"

"Hn." He just walked ahead and headed to the soccer field. "Get moving."

Everyone was busy doing warm-ups and stretching that Naruto had to whistle in awe and then went over to his and Sasuke's friends, completing the members of Shinobi Seven – save for Sasuke who walked over to the coach to discuss a few things.

"So is it true?" Neji, the vice captain, asked. "Is Sasuke really going to quit smoking?"

"Troublesome." Shikamaru murmured. "That won't be easy."

Naruto grinned. "I bet he can accomplish it."

"Oh?" Kiba smirked. "You're on then." He offered a hand to the rest. "I bet he'll give in after three days."

"A week." Shikamaru said, placing his palm over Kiba's.

"Two weeks." Neji did the same.

"A month!!" Lee joined in.

"Three weeks." Shino muttered.

Naruto smirked. "The whole school year."

"His whole life."

The guys blinked and turned to see the labeled Konoha Princess standing there with a firm gaze.

"Sorry, could you repeat that?" Kiba grinned.

Sakura narrowed her eyes further. "I'll make sure he won't smoke ever again for the rest of his life." She crossed her arms. "You're his friends; you're supposed to be supporting him!"

"Great…" Neji drawled. "So you're really a nagger?"

She twitched.

"Pretty sure of herself too." Kiba added. "Alright then Princess, it's a bet."

They didn't let her join in after that as they went over to the coach, but Naruto and Lee bid her a goodbye before leaving her alone at the sidelines.

"What are you doing here?"

She gave him a look as if he grew another head. "Duh! To make sure you won't smoke!"

"That bet starts tomorrow."

"Still, it's better to get an early start."

"Why?" He smirked. "So you can give me that kiss?"

She blushed and stammered, about to snap back.

"Heh. Just say so," he pulled her closer and lowered his head to hers. "I'd gladly make the first move."

She didn't get a chance to react when he just pressed his lips to hers.

To be continued…

Next Chapter: Learning the Ropes

"Calm down Haruno and just climb back down."

"Easy for you to say!" she yelled, eyes still shut as she kept holding onto the safety rails. "You're not afraid of heights like I am!!"

"Geez." Anko sighed. "Haruno, if you don't face your fears now then when do you plan to?!"


The whole class could only stare and gasp when they realized that Sasuke was already nearing Sakura.

"Uchiha..! What do you think you're doing?!" Anko demanded.

He looked over his shoulder, ignoring the squeals from his fan girls. "Being a stupid knight and saving the damsel, what do you think?"

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