I know people are waiting for updates on my other fanfics, but I had that idea and unless I write it down it would be stuck in my head and not even let me think about my other stories…

I will update the other fanfics at some point, too. ;-)

I really wanted to write a crossover involving Buffy & Supernatural again. Since I lost my writing partner I haven't been able to write some of my fave characters anymore. So here they are now, in my new multi-crossover story.

The story will be written from different points of view again. This way thoughts can be included for several characters and a better inside into the character is possible.

I'm german and my English isn't and probably never will be perfect. I hope I don't make too many mistakes. Feel free to point out errors so I can learn and improve.

I don't have a beta reader. I wish I did, but until I find one you'll have to deal with my mistakes. Sorry! That said, would anyone like to become my beta reader? I'd really appreciate it!

About the story:

As mentioned it is a multi-crossover. The following fandoms will definitely be included: Buffy (/Angel), Doctor Who, Supernatural, Torchwood and True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels. There probably will be some other fandoms added later and several might guest star.

The doctor finds a way to travel between universes (realities). Different fandoms are different realities. The only exceptions are Buffy/Angel and Supernatural. For the purpose of my story I'm assuming they are set in the same world. I know there are differences in these shows, like the vampires for example. Since all this is AU I'm just going to dismiss the differences. In my Buffy/Angel/Supernatural world there are different kinds of vamps/demons, etc. Buffy & co simply met different ones than Sam & Dean. ;-)

The doctor is going to travel and pick up people from different realities. I think the TARDIS is big enough for a lot of companions. *g*

fandoms & characters:

If you want to know more about the characters check out Wikipedia for information about them. won't let me post links to the information here. :-(

Buffy / Supernatural:

Buffy Summers: Buffy is 26 years old now.

Dawn Summers: Dawn is 20 years old now.

Dean Winchester: Dean is 30 years old.

Faith Lehane: Faith is 24 years old now.

Ruby: I made up my own backstory for Ruby. If you want to know more about it contact me and I'll give you a link to an old rpg journal of mine with some info in it. Or you can figure out more about her in my fanfic.

Sam Winchester: Sam is 26 years old.

All Buffy characters come from about 3 years after the Angel finale/ 4 years after the Buffy finale. I haven't yet read any Buffy or Angel comics, so they will not be included.

There is a slayer school in Cleveland now, where another hellmouth is located.

Faith has been training Dawn for a while and they became friends.

While checking out some demonic activity Faith & Dawn met Sam & Dean Winchester. Faith & Dean immediately hit it off. That gave Sam & Dawn time to get to know eachother and fall in love. They however didn't admit that and split up. Sam & Dean went on travelling through the US while Faith & Dawn went back to Cleveland.

The Supernatural characters come from after the season 3 finale. Nothing that happened in season 4 will happen in my fanfic (besides Dean coming back from hell). Ruby will stay blond. ;-)

Doctor Who/Torchwood:

Captain Jack Harkness

Dr. Martha Jones

Rose Tyler

The 10th doctor

The characters come from after Planet of the Dead / Children of Earth.

Rose will probably come into the story a bit later.

True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels:

Eric Northman: Eric comes from a slight AU version of the books. In this AU world Sookie died in Dead and Gone. About a year has passed since then.

These are the main characters for now. More will be added later. ;-)


the following pairings will definitely end up together:

-Faith Lehane & Dean Winchester

-Dawn Summers & Sam Winchester

There will be some flirting and more between Faith & Jack as well.

Eric & Buffy will probably end up together, seeing as she seems to have a thing for vamps. *g*

Jack will flirt here and there, like he usually does. In the end he might get together with Martha Jones.

The doctor will probably end up with Rose. I just can't seem to find anyone else he'd fit with. I'm open to suggestions though. The only other idea I have right now would be Veronica Mars. I think they'd be fun together. But I honestly don't think I can do her justice. Well, I got the 1st season on DVD now and will rewatch it soon. Maybe I get a better feeling for her then...

Please let me know what you'd think about that pairing.

Hm, I might think about the doctor/AU Astrid Peth or the doctor/Lady Christina as well.

These ideas might change as new characters are added. So, we'll see…

Okay, here we go....


A planet somewhere in the universe:

Another shot was placed infront of Captain Jack Harkness. He glanced at it with a frown, then grabbed and drowned it. He wasn't sure anymore how many he drank already. He didn't care either. All he wanted to do was forget. He knew it wouldn't last. It never did. On most days he had learned to live with it. But today… it were exactly 10 years now, 10 years since he basically killed his grandson.

He gestured to the bartender, who looked rather hot, even though his skin was purple and he had horns. Well, maybe it was the alcohol, or the fact that Jack had never cared about gender or species. Maybe he should change his strategy. A little flirt and hopefully more should take his mind off his past, shouldn't it? He placed a fake smile onto his lips and winked the bartender over. Then someone sat down next to him.

"Oh no, he's got enough", a voice said. The bartender just nodded and turned away. But Jack didn't have time to feel disappointed. Instead he turned to his left. The first true smile in years appeared on Jack's face at the sight of the man next to him. But it disappeared just as quickly. There was no reason to feel happy, none at all.

"What, no hug? Not even a hello?", the doctor asked raising an eyebrow. When he heard what happened he had decided to give Jack some time. Just going after him wouldn't have done any good. Jack had to get some distance. Now about 10 years had passed, but Jack still didn't look cheerful at all. There had been the hint of a smile when he first saw him, but that was it. There was no happy reunion with one of Jack's warm embraces. Instead he turned away again.

"Still, brooding, I see", the doctor said and then ordered something to drink.

Jack glanced at the doctor briefly and sighed. So he knew. Well, he hadn't really expected him not to. The universe was big. The chances of the doctor accidentally showing up here, on this godforsaken excuse of a planet, were rather slim. Jack had picked the planet for exactly that reason. Noone in their right mind would come to this planet on purpose, so the risk of meeting someone he knew would be small.

"Haven't had any reason to be cheerful in a while."

The doctor nodded. He knew the feeling well. There wasn't really much to be happy about in his life either. It probably was why he tried to enjoy every single good thing. But lately it got harder and harder. Losing Donna and letting Rose go really had taken its toll on him.

"Me neither. How about we brood together?", he suggested with a slight smirk.

Jack glanced at the doctor surprised. The last time he saw him the doctor had every reason to be happy. He had gotten Rose back and they were off to new adventures.

"What happened? Where are Rose and Donna?" Maybe Donna decided to go back home, but Jack was sure that Rose never would. She had managed to come back from another universe so she could be with the doctor. If she wasn't here, and if the doctor didn't have much reason to be cheerful, like he said, something bad must have happened. Jack sighed, wishing he had ordered another shot. He was pretty sure that he wouldn't get any good news. But why should he? It wasn't like he deserved it.

The doctor stared ahead, his eyes fixed on a far away point. He knew these questions would come. But he still wasn't really prepared to answer. Well, he had come to look for Jack, so it was his own fault.

"Donna is back with her family. The timelord consciousness was too much for her brain. She couldn't take it, so I had to erase her memories. She doesn't remember anything." He sighed. He missed Donna a lot. She had been so cheerful and funny. She had a good heart, too. She made the perfect companion.

Jack turned to the doctor. That was horrible, not being able to remember everything you saw out there while travelling with the doctor. He really wouldn't wish that on anyone. He however wasn't sure if he wouldn't prefer to forget his own past.

"I'm sorry", he said silently.

The doctor just nodded, not willing to say anything else about it.

"Rose is back in the other reality, with her family and the other me… you know, the one who grew out of my hand." He glanced at his hand absent-mindedly.

"She's what?", Jack asked surprised and stared at the doctor now. "She went back to that other reality willingly?" Somehow Jack had a hard time believing that. And what were the odds at accidentally getting stranded there again?

"Well… I took her there. She stayed." Rose didn't seem happy about the idea at first. But she realized what he was giving her. She could have her family and him. Well, sort of… She could even have a better version of him, one that would age with her and could spend his whole life with her. It was what she deserved. Of course she wanted that. It was only natural. She had to choose him.

The doctor sighed. It was what he kept telling himself over and over again. It wasn't her fault either. He had been the one to suggest it in the first place. What else was he supposed to do? He wanted only the best for her. And besides, sooner or later she would have chosen him anyway. It was the logical thing, to take himself out of the picture right away.

"That's it? She just decided to stay there after she tried so hard to come back?" It still didn't make sense to Jack.

"She came back for me. She has me now… sort of."

Jack frowned. "But…"

The doctor didn't let him finish. He turned to Jack and for a moment Jack could see all the pain and sorrow in the timelords eyes.

"She's gone. And it's better that way. You of all people should understand that."

Jack blinked and looked away. Yes, he did. The other doctor was half human. He'd be able to age just like Rose. They had a future together. It was what was best for Rose. He had a feeling that the doctor had helped Rose a little in making that decision. But he didn't say anything. The doctor surely didn't want to talk about it. And Jack understood pretty well. He was immortal after all. Relationships between mortals and immortals never worked out. The doctor might not be immortal, but he was a timelord and could regenerate. He definitely would outlive Rose.

Jack was suddenly reminded of Gwen. He had sort of done the same thing with her. He knew there was more between them than friendship. But he kept pushing her away. She was better off with Rhys. He was a normal and nice guy. They had a future together.

"I understand", he finally said.

They sat there in silence for a while. Then the doctor got up.

"Come on, let's go. I really don't like this planet."

Jack turned to the doctor and smirked slightly. "What's not to like?"

"It… well, it smells; real bad. And you know, timelord noses are a lot more sensitive than human ones." He pointed at Jacks nose.

Jack actually had to laugh at that. It really was good to see the doctor again. Besides, he was tired of being alone all the time. And who'd better understand him than the doctor. He had been through enough terrible things in his life as well.

"Oh come on. I'm getting tired of talking to myself all the time. And the TARDIS is way too big for just myself", the doctor said and glanced at Jack sheepishly.

"What, no new companion?", Jack asked teasingly. He had never seen the doctor travel alone.

"Nope. But we could change that…"

A small smile appeared on Jacks face. Maybe things would finally get better again? He wasn't sure if he deserved that. But what good would it do if he continued to hide and brood? He couldn't undo the past, no matter how much he wanted to.

"Well, I kind of miss the TARDIS."

The doctor chuckled slightly and then grinned. There he was, the Jack he knew and loved. Underneath all the pain and sadness his friend was still lurking, waiting to come back out.

"Come on then, before I change my mind."

Jack got up, stepped towards the doctor and then hugged him, a smile appearing on his face.

"It's good to see you again, old friend."

The doctor grinned and hugged Jack back happily. He did feel a lot better already and hopefully Jack felt the same way.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Cleveland - earth / another reality:

Faith's eyes widened as something appeared in the air and started to grow. The demons, they were doing something. She kicked the one infront of her and punched it in the face, breaking its nose, or what should be a nose. It definitely didn't look like a nose!

Damn, it was still growing and wind was appearing out of nowhere, circling the growing… hole. Was it a hole? A portal maybe? Oh crap, please not a portal! Then Faith saw a demon push Dawn towards it.

"Dawn", she screamed and rushed forward, pushing a demon out of the way.

As Faith sprinted forward she noticed that stuff, that was lying around, like leaves and trash, was being sucked into the portal. It would suck Dawn in, too. She was stumbling backwards and was almost infront of the now human-sized black hole.

In the last second Faith reached Dawn and pushed her away with all her slayer strength. Then she felt a tugging feeling and got sucked towards the portal. She tried to hold on to something, but there was nothing there.

"Faith! Nooo!"

Dawn's scream was the last thing Faith heard. Then everything went silent. The portal was infront of her now and then disappeared. With it went all the air.

Faith couldn't breathe anymore. There was no air, no gravity and nothing but darkness. As her eyes adjusted Faith noticed that there were small lights after all. It looked a bit like a night sky. Turning around her eyes then widened. There was a planet. A planet! She was in space.

Well, she hadn't expected that. A hell dimension maybe, but not this! And she definitely hadn't expected to die in space.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Jack slammed the TARDIS door shut just as something hit it from the other side.

"We're so out of here", he called to the doctor.

"Don't like the locals?", the doctor asked with a smirk.

"How am I supposed to know that flirting is a crime here?", Jack objected as he walked towards the doctor who was working on the console.

"I think they didn't like the idea of group-sex."

"I wasn't even suggesting that!", Jack exclaimed and then shrugged.

The doctor chuckled. Jack was almost back to his old self. They were travelling together for a week now and the constant adventure and running was lifting his spirit considerably. It did the same to him. It was definitely a good idea to pick up his old companion.

"Alright, let's get out of here", the doctor stated. Then an alarm went off.

"Oh no, don't tell me something is wrong. I'm not staying here", Jack whined and pointed at the door.

"The TARDIS is fine", the doctor said looking a little puzzled. "It picked something up. Something… odd."

"Odd?", Jack asked.

"Weird, unusual,…."

"I get it. But what is it?"

"I have no idea", the doctor stated. "Let's check it out. It's in orbit of this lovely planet."

Jack snorted and grabbed onto the console as the TARDIS shook slightly.

A few moments later they were hovering in space just above the planet. The doctor pressed a few buttons and the screen came to life.

"It's a person!", Jack exclaimed while looking over the doctors shoulder.

The doctor stared at the screen. How did a person get here? There were no spaceships anywhere near this part of the galaxy.

"Go get her", he then exclaimed.

Jack didn't have to be told twice. He rushed towards the door and opened it. There she was, floating in space just a few inches away.

"Don't hit her", he called to the doctor.

"My flying skills are way beyond that", the doctor answered while manoeuvring the TARDIS closer to the girl and expanding the TARDIS shield a little at the same time.

Jack held onto the TARDIS with one hand while leaning out of the ship and grabbing for the woman's arm with his other hand.

"Got her", he then muttered as he pulled her into the ship.

The doctor let go of the console and rushed over to them as Jack kneeled over the woman.

"She's got a pulse, but it's faint", Jack stated.

He quickly started reanimation. It took a few moments, but then the woman sucked in air and started to breathe on her own again.

Faith tried to catch her breath while looking around. There were two men there and she was no longer in space, which was a good thing.

Her eyes then fixed on the guy leaning over her. He was definitely hot.

"Hey, I prefer to have a say in who I'm kissing", she stated with a smirk once her breathing had slowed down.

Jack chuckled and grinned at the young woman. She was definitely good looking and had something about her. He liked her already.

"Alright, I'm gonna ask next time", he answered while getting up and holding a hand out to her.

Faith took the hand and got up gracefully. "Is there gonna be a next time?", she asked in a flirty manner.

Jack grinned. Oh yes, he did like her! "If you're lucky", he answered with a promising smile.

The doctor rolled his eyes. "Don't mind me, if you two want to get a room", he stated.

Jack glanced at the doctor and shrugged.

"So, want to tell me where we are?", Faith then asked glancing around. The room looked a little weird.

"Sure. We're still in space and this is my ship, the TARDIS", the doctor said with a gesture.

"A spaceship? You're kidding", Faith answered. Well, it wasn't that far off, as she had been in space. How else would anyone be able to rescue her?

"I've never been on a space ship", she muttered. Then her gaze fell on the still open door behind her.

"Woah", she exclaimed walking closer and looking out into space.

The doctor watched her curiously. She was never on a space ship? Well, that confirmed the TARDIS readings that there were no ships in the area. But how did she get here if not on a ship? He narrowed his brows and then went back to the console. It must have something to do with the occurrence that triggered the alarm.

"Cool, isn't it?", Jack asked as he peered out into space as well.

Faith tore her eyes away from the planet in the distance and turned to look at the man who was standing rather close. She didn't mind in the least.

"Shouldn't the air go right out there?", she then asked gesturing out the door.

"Nope", Jack stated. "That would be really bad, wouldn't it?"

Faith just nodded. It definitely would be very bad. Not being able to breathe sucked.

"The TARDIS shields are up."

"Good. But let's close that door, just incase. I've had enough of suffocating for a lifetime."

Jack smirked as she shut the door.

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness by the way."

"Faith, nice to meet you Captain", she said in a flirtatious voice.

"Yes, that's really nice", Jack stated stepping even closer.

"That's odd", a voice suddenly exclaimed. Faith and Jack turned around and looked at the doctor.

"Oh, and that's the doctor", Jack stated as he walked towards the console.

Faith glanced at him. "Just the doctor?", she asked.

Jack nodded.

Faith shrugged. The guy didn't want to tell his name? Fine by her. She didn't like to tell people her last name either.

"What is it, doctor?"

The doctor peered at the screen intensely and went closer, until his nose almost touched the screen.


The doctor straightened up and rubbed the back of his head absent-mindedly.

"There are no ships anywhere near this part of the universe."

"I can understand that", Jack stated. He wouldn't want to come to this planet either.

"Yes, but where did she come from?", the doctor asked and looked at Faith.

"The name's Faith. And I came through some sort of portal."

The doctor frowned. "A portal?"

"Yep, or at least that's what I think it was. Pulled me in on one end and pushed me out here, right into space. So not a nice place to bring someone without a space suit."

The doctor narrowed his eyes. A portal? He would have guessed that someone teleported her there by accident. But that was rather unlikely as teleportation devices usually had safety measures.

"You mean like in the movies? Magical portals?", Jack asked.

Faith nodded while looking at the console curiously. It did look kind of alien.

The doctor snorted slightly. There was no such thing as magic. Well, there were things that people could think were magic. The Carrionites for example were like witches.

„You're not aliens, are you?", Faith then asked. "I mean, you are from earth, right?"

Jack smirked slightly. "Kind of… me at least. Haven't been on earth in a while, but I'm human." Or at least sort of human, he added in thoughts.

Faith smiled. Then she glanced at the doctor, who was looking at the screen again.

"He's not… human, I mean", Jack added noticing Faiths glance.

"He's an alien", Faith stated. "Cool." He did look human, but Faith had long ago learned that not everything that looked human actually was human.

"Oh", the doctor said suddenly. Then he rummaged through his pockets and finally pulled something out. Putting the 3-D glasses on his nose he looked at Faith.

"Right", he muttered with a frown and looked at his screen again.

"What is it?", Jack wanted to know.

The doctor handed him the glasses. "Void particles", he said gesturing at Faith.

Jack put the glasses on and looked at Faith.


"What does that mean?", Faith asked with a frown.

"It means that you're from an alternate reality", the doctor stated. "What I don't get is that there is no rip in the universes."

Faith stared at him. An alternate reality? Well, she guessed it wasn't worse than another dimension.

"But it's good that there is no rip in the universe, right?", Jack said.

"Yes, that's definitely good. I just have no idea how Faith got here from another universe if there is no rip in the universe. It's just impossible!"

"Maybe it closed itself already."

"Rips in the universe don't just close themselves. Someone must have done it."

"I told you I came through a portal", Faith said. "It didn't look anything like a rip, more like a hole – a big sucking hole."

The doctor frowned. None of this made any sense. But what he really didn't get was why the TARDIS alarm went off. Was the TARDIS simply trying to tell them that someone was in space, so they could save her?

Something then came up on the screen.

"What?", the doctor exclaimed.

Jack stepped next to him and looked at the screen as well. "What is fully charged?", Jack asked when he saw the announcement.

"I have no idea", the doctor said and looked at Jack, a confused expression on his face. Then he turned back to the screen and tried to find out.

"Hm, it looks like whatever was charging itself was the reason the alarm went off. It was supposed to let us know that what is needed to charge this specific system can be found right here. I think it's some kind of energy."

"So Faith came here together with an unusual kind of energy and the TARDIS used that energy to charge itself?"

"Yes, but it's not exactly the TARDIS that was charged. It's just one system, a system that I didn't even know existed."

Jack stared at him. "You… what?"

"It's a big ship…", the doctor said defensively. "Let's check it out properly."

"When you checked that system out, do you think there is a way to get me back home?", Faith asked. Dawn was in trouble after all.

The doctor turned to her. "No. Travelling to other realities is extremely dangerous. It could destroy both universes. And besides, we have no idea what reality you came from. You'd probably end up in the wrong one. Sorry."

----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Dawn was on the ground staring at thin air, where moments ago Faith had disappeared in some sort of portal. The portal had closed and Faith was gone… just gone!

Dawn however didn't have time to dwell on the thought as a demon came towards her. She pushed herself up, ignoring the pain in her leg. She had no idea how she was supposed to kill both demons that were still alive. She was on her own now and she was no slayer. Faith had taught her how to fight, but she was still only human.

The demon had almost reached her and the second was close behind it, when Dawn suddenly heard a gunshot. The demon infront of her fell to the ground. The other one hissed and turned around. Another gunshot and it fell down, too. Dawn stared at the demons, who luckily seemed to be dead. Then she looked up again and her mouth almost dropped open.


"Are you okay?", Sam asked as he hurried towards Dawn. "I was afraid I wouldn't make it in time."

Dawn just stared at him. It had been months since she last saw Sam. She hadn't even dared to hope that she would ever see him again, and now he was here, standing right infront of her.

"Dawn?", Sam asked looking concerned.

"I'm okay", she finally said.

Sam smiled, feeling relieved. Then he stepped forward and hugged her. When he had the vision about Dawn being killed by demons his heart had almost stopped. He couldn't lose her, too. Losing Dean had been hard enough. He didn't think he could handle another death. He hardly knew Dawn, but she still meant a lot to him. He always hoped that one day they could be together; maybe after they found a way out of Dean's contract. But they never did. His brother died and Sam had been a mess since then.

When Sam pulled her into his arms Dawn melted against his body. Putting her arms around him she held on and inhaled his familiar scent. He was really here. She had hoped to see him again every day. She tried to forget him and move on, but she just couldn't. No other guy was interesting anymore since she met Sam.

Sam's smile widened when Dawn snuggled closer to him. He had feared that things would be awkward between them or that she didn't really want to see him again. But it definitely didn't feel like that. Holding her just felt right. He hadn't felt that way in a while, especially since Dean died. Nothing had felt right anymore.

He then let go of her. Dawn felt a little disappointed. Being held by Sam felt just right. Now she however started to wonder if he just hugged her because he was glad that she was alive. She had no idea if he felt the same way she did. Was he still interested in her?

"What are you doing here?", she then asked.

"Making sure those demons wouldn't kill you", he answered.

Dawn smiled. It did sound like he came for her. But how would he know that she was in danger?

"Yeah, thanks for that. You came just in time", Dawn said. Then she however froze. No, he was not in time.

"Faith", she muttered and glanced at the spot where Faith disappeared.

"Faith? What about her? Where is she anyway? You shouldn't go demon hunting alone."

Dawn turned back to Sam. "She's gone. I think the demons opened some sort of portal. One of them pushed me towards it. Faith knocked me away. And then… she got sucked in just before it closed", Dawn told him, her voice quivering slightly.

Sam stared at her. He hadn't seen Faith in his vision.

"A portal? What kind of portal?"

"I have no idea. We have to go talk to Giles… and Willow. They'll know what to do."

She then pulled out her mobile and took pictures of the dead demons. Giles and Willow would want to know what they look like. Then she quickly called the slayer school. Someone had to come and get rid of the demons. She didn't have time to do that now and besides, slayers were a lot stronger.

Sam watched Dawn as she took pictures and asked someone to take care of the mess. She wasn't freaking out, she took control of the situation. It was what he loved about her. She looked so fragile and innocent, but she was stronger than most women he knew.

Once Dawn was done she took Sam's hand.

"Come on, let's go." She hadn't even thought when she just took his hand. It was instinctive.

Sam nodded and then led her to the car. Once there he went over to the driver's side.

Dawn stopped and glanced at him sceptically.

"Dean let's you drive the Impala? Where is he anyway?", she asked.

Sam stopped dead and stared at her. Didn't she know? He had talked to Faith after all. Didn't she tell Dawn?

"Faith didn't tell you", he stated.

"Tell me what?", Dawn asked. Looking at Sam she could tell that something was wrong. Oh god, something terrible must have happened.

"He's… Dean is dead", Sam said and then looked down. He tried to breathe in regularly, but was having difficulties. He so didn't want to talk about it, didn't even want to think about it.

Dawn stared at Sam, trying to comprehend what he just said. She must have heard wrong. She had to have heard wrong. Dean couldn't be dead. Seeing Sam's face she had known something bad happened, but it couldn't be that… Tears started to well up in Dawn's eyes. Then she rushed over to Sam and pulled him into her arms.

Sam wrapped his arms around Dawn once more, holding her close. Somehow that seemed to help. So far nothing had been able to ease his pain at losing his brother and not being able to save him. But being with Dawn helped a little.

"I'm so sorry", Dawn said as tears started to fall. She didn't know Dean long, but he already had a special place in her heart. He had been so funny and strong. And he was Sam's brother! This was so terrible. She knew how close Sam and Dean had been. Sam had to be devastated. It would be as if Buffy died. And she knew exactly what that felt like. Buffy had died after all. She came back, but Dawn didn't know that then.

Dawn then stirred and let go of Sam suddenly.

"We'll get him back. There has to be a way."

"I've tried everything", Sam said.

"No. There has to be a way. We just have to find it. Willow… she'll know. She brought Buffy back."

Sam stared at her, not sure what Dawn was saying.

"My sister, Buffy… she died a few years ago. Willow found a way to bring her back. She's a witch, a really powerful one."

Sam still stared at Dawn. "Your sister came back from the dead?"

"Yes. She died and now she's alive again. So, there is a way. We just have to find it. We'll get Dean back."

Sam could hardly believe what he was hearing. It was possible to come back from the dead after all. But Dean hadn't just died. He had sold his soul and went to hell. Would it be possible to get him back from there? He had no idea, but he'd definitely talk to that witch. A small smile appeared on his face. There was hope now at least.

"Come on, let's go."

Dawn managed to give him a small smile. Then she went over to the other side of the car. They had to go and find Willow quickly. They needed her to find a way to bring back Dean and find Faith. Oh god, Faith… No wonder she had been so down and moody lately. Dean meant a lot to her. Of course she would never have admitted that, but Dawn could tell. Dean wasn't like all the other guys Faith had been with. The way she looked at him had been different. Hopefully they'd be able to get Dean back before they found Faith. It would be a nice surprise.