Make Love to something Innocent

--- summary ---

KARR has a new driver and a stunningly beautiful and dangerous driver at that. Not much is known about her and even KARR himself finds her a mystery. She goes by the name of Sulphur. Sulphur and KARR are currently at the head of one of the drug rings. Not in any place of authority, but they are high up in the game and earning a lot of money. But then money starts being taken out of their bank account and Sulphur is determined to find out what on earth is going on.

In this story, KARR's "transformer" form has been deactivated since Sulphur decided it wasn't needed. His build is a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 KR.

As well as all this happening, KARR is determined to take down KITT and Mike but not to replace Sulphur. But when they cross each other's paths, what is it that they have in common and will KARR be able to control his urges for much longer?

{ Chapter 1 -- L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce}

It was just one of those days again, a misty evening with everything to offer. Up on some seaside cliffs, there was the sound of laughter and the other sound of an engine, and a powerful one at that as well. From above, it was an odd sight. A young woman of around 20 with long, silky black hair and of a medium to light build but heavily muscled was dodging around and jumping over a black Ford Mustang Shelby which seemed to be chasing her. From time to time, she would turn in a tight circle and charge at the car which would slide out the way and then go back to chase her. The laughter was coming from the woman.

Sulphur laughed out loud again as she leapt over KARR's bonnet once more. She had said she would upgrade his weaponry if he could catch her and so far, she had made it very hard for him. KARR did want the weaponry upgrade but he was willing to play his drivers game just to be able to see her smile again. They had been driving for three days straight, having just finished off a job that involved the cops. Of course, KARR had out run the cops and out smarted the helicopter and they were now free of the law, Sulphur having changed her appearance and name again and KARR having transformed back into his normal mode.

KARR dodged around Sulphur as she jumped at him again and skidded in a circle before revving his engine and racing at her. Sulphur was stood at the edge of the cliff's and turned around just as KARR came to a halt in front of her and touched her gently with his front bumper.

"Gotcha." he growled smoothly. Sulphur smiled at the hulking AI in front of her and put her hand on the bridge of his sensors and walked around his front, hand still on his bonnet and nodded. Laying down, with her shoulder resting against his alloys, Sulphur gazed out at the sea, how the mist clung to the surface and the light danced from it. How it seemed to have a life of its own and crash against the bottom of the cliff they were on. Sulphur let out a contented sigh and leant a littleharder on KARR.

"Seems you get your upgrades then, my dear." she replied to him and his engines lowered to a growl of satisfaction. Sulphur smirked and lay down fully, her head where no-one else dared to place it, just in front of his front wheel. And turned around to look at it. The grip seemed to be new and she realised that this must be the last thing that many people saw when they got on the wrong side of her car. Sulphur laughed quietly to herself and rolled back over, wedging her shoulder blades firmly against KARR's alloys' before relaxing, sliding down somewhat and gazing back out to sea. The rest of her body was in-between being strung out behind her and partially curved back under KARR's bodywork. The huge Mustang didn't seem to mind, and from Sulphurs view at the moment, he was indeed hulking over her.

She sighed and shifted against KARR. All was good and the contented growl of his engine was lulling her into a sense of security along with the natural heat of the day and the heat coming from her body guard.

Sulphur was still breathing slightly heavily from the chase earlier on. They had 'played' together for around an hour and a half and even if she knew KARR wasn't going to hurt her, there was something scary about having a black Mustang driving at you at quite a bit of speed, even though he had never gone over 50mph for both their safety, Sulphur still got a thrill every time she turned and he met her with a snarl.

KARR's Bio matrix scanner, had picked up on this and he noticed that her breathing was going down quicker than her heart rate. He guessed he had given her some adrenalin rush. He nudged her with a wheel, but gently since he knew how close her head was to a typically lethal part of him.

"Adrenalin rush, much?" he asked her. His voice was deeper more dangerous and far more feral than KITT's and held a hint of pure masculinity that, in Sulphurs' eyes, KITT failed to carry.

The female partially underneath him rolled over onto her back and batting at his wheel-arch. KARR revved dangerously in response. This would have shocked anyone else into silence or fear but Sulphur only laughed and KARR's playful laugh rang out to her. She backed up used his alloys as a scratching post for her shoulder and stretched.

"Hmm, maybe. But you'll never know." she murmured.

"Oh, but I already do, my dear Sulphur." he purred in reply.

Shit. His bio scanner. Sulphur always forgot about the hidden pieces of technology inside KARR, despite her doing all his maintenance. She chuckled and moved to lie on his hood, stretching herself across it horizontally. The engine underneath her hummed and then faded until the sound died completely. But KARR wasn't done yet, he was about to speak when Sulphur interrupted him, surprisingly, her brainwaves where on the same track as his.

"KARR, I hope you forgive me for what I did to you Attack Mode." she said softly. She had taken away his ability to transform into his "bipedal state" and instead given him the same program KITT had.

The AI snorted deeply and then replied after a few seconds.

"If I hadn't forgiven you, then why are you still my driver?" he asked slowly.

Sulphur, reached out and ran her fingers along the sensor bar. Her fingers blocked some information coming back to KARR briefly and that you obviously spark a reaction from the AI and indeed it did. He near shivered at the feeling.

"I know, but you could still hold it against me." she soothed him softly. KARR's reply was immediate and straight to the point.

"Sulph, you've given me quite a few chances for me to kill you today including the one where your head was by my wheel and this one now. Do you honestly think, if I didn't like you, I would bother keeping you alive?" he growled.

It was as much of a confession as would come from him. Confessions and affection didn't come easily from him.

Upside down, Sulphur nodded and proceeded to roll of her protector and partners' front. She landed with a huff on the grass on her back and looked up at KARR, she could only see part of his bonnet and the yellow light reflecting where the scanner tracked across it. She giggled and smiled at her brute and got the impression that KARR was looking down at her with a severe expression.

KARR made a small coughing sound to prompt his partner into saying something. She on the other hand grinned at him showing the majority of her teeth and sat up slowly.

"Guess you're right then. Sorry. Paranoia."


"No. Paranoia."

"Little bit of both?"

"NO!" she squealed in protest as KARR chuckled and rolled closer to her, his bonnet complete over her body, in effect, pinning her down so only her legs and head could be seen.

Sulphur let out a little growl and wriggled out from underneath him, jumped onto all fours, leapt onto his hood and then his roof, turning so she once more faced the sea and sat down like a cat would and held her head up high and chest out and snorted softly.

"Bi-polar?" KARR teased again, with gentle hint to his voice.

Sulphur sat up even straighter, looked down her nose at him and lifted her lip.

"Bi-polar and proud, bitch." She finally admitted

"We'll see about that," growled KARR.

Sulphur giggled and lay down on his roof again, one her back, enjoying the gentle slope wards the back of his roof and looking at the sea from a different perspective gave her a sense of peace as well. The silence was a long and pleasant one, for when KARR spoke again, she started and noticed the light as fading.

"Thowra and the others will be waiting for us back in Vegas." he stated blandly, not wanting to get back to the city just yet. Sulphurs growl sounded feral from upside down.

"Then we can let them wait," she huffed whilst the machine beneath her hummed in approval.

Indeed, life was good.