Hey everybody this is my very first fan fic and I decided to make a chaptered edition instead of a short one shot so here goes I hope you review and I'm open to constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: I don not own any Sonic characters used in this fan-fic.

Pov: It has been nearly three years since Sonic left Station Square to train on his own. Shadow and Rouge were busy working for G.U.N. and Knuckles and Shade spent most of their time together guarding the Master Emerald. Tails was busy perfecting his latest ways of stopping any plans that Eggman may have up with Cream and Cheese were helping her mom run her new cake baking delivery business, and what of Amy you may ask. Well she had found a way of completely forgetting her blue hero.

Amy had matured a great deal of the years her quills her grown long so as they would flow freely down her back, she didn't wear that red dress anymore she wore other outfits that really showed off her womanly figure and she even began wearing make-up to enhance her beauty. Amy had decided to become a dance instructor as a way of forgetting her blue hero.

It was your normal, typical day. Amy had talked Rouge and Shade into joining her dance class.

"Oh you guys are gonna love dancing with me and my class." Amy said

"Well anything to quit you from begging us besides I could stand to work out just a bit have to keep up my girlish figure." Shade replied.

"Yeah we all do to keep our lovers happy." Rouge said

(Oh did I forget to mention that they were dating their partners I mentioned earlier.)

They approached Amy's studio as her normal class was awaiting her arrival with anticipation

"You sure do have a lot of students Amy babe." Rouge replied

"Yeah they can't get enough of dancing with me." Amy exclaimed

As they entered the building the class cheered and jeered as ready to get down with their bad self's.

"Alright everybody let's dance!" Amy exclaimed

As she turned on the radio to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) They began to dance and shake their bodies in choreography to the beat of the music.