The Next Night : Aleena's House (Aleena Has A House Now)

Sonia and Manic were in the living room playing a game of cards with Manic losing when there came a knock at their door. Aleena announced that she had it and rushed to open the door.

"Hi, Sonic, Amy don't you two look wonderful come on in."Aleena invited as Sonic and Amy came in holding Chase and Amelia in their car seats.

Sonic was wearing a blue dress shirt with a pair of black slacks and some decent shoes good enough for dancing while Amy had on a figure fitting shimmering blue dress similar to Sonic's shirt with matching shoes and accessories. Sonia and Manic greeted them rushing over and taking them from Sonic and Amy placing them on the floor and taking them out of their seats starting to play with them.

"Okay, we've packed their night clothes as well as some clothes for tomorrow we've even packed them some bath products cause we would have given them a bath before we came but we knew they'd want to play a little more before bed. They've even got plenty of bottles and if you happen to run out of formula I've included a few can you can make them we've included some of their favorite toys and of course you know plenty of diapers and wipes so they should be set." Amy explained as Sonic was over by the kids saying his goodbyes.

"Alright you two promise me you'll be on your best behavior okay we'll see you guys tomorrow okay." Sonic finished hugging his children goodbye just as Amy was coming over.

"Bye my babies mommy loves you be good okay." Amy finished kissing them goodbye.

"Bye mommy and daddy we love you." Chase and Amelia said in unison

"We love you too okay bye bye." Sonic and Amy said in unison.

"You guys know our number call us if there is anything you need or if there's an emergency and." Sonic was cut off by Aleena pushing him toward the door.

"It's alright Sonic you two go and have a great time we have everything under control and we'll call if we need you guys trust us we've got it under control now go and have fun we've got the kids." Aleena replied as Sonic and Amy left saying their goodbyes.

Aleena then returned to Manic and Sonia playing with the kids. Manic was playing roll the ball with Chase and Sonia was playing a crawling game with Amelia when Aleena mentioned feeding them their dinner. She went inside their bag and pulled out their dinner to go and warm it up while Sonia and Manic continued playing with them. It wasn't long till their food was ready she then picked up Chase and started feeding him while Sonia fed Amelia.

With Sonic and Amy

Sonic and Amy arrived at their favorite restaurant. The valet took their truck and parked it while Sonic and Amy strolled in with Sonic's arm around her waist and they strolled in as a couple. Sonic then gave the hostess their name she looked them up and led them to their table. Sonic went ahead and ordered a bottle of wine for the table for them to celebrate with them ordering the house special. Sonic and Amy before long ate their food and enjoyed their wine but nobody enjoyed the wine more then Amy did cause she was the one who drunk the most making her self complete tipsy. They continued ordering more food and staying close to closing time.

"Amy, baby you okay?" Sonic asked

"I'm fine." Amy answered with a slight slur in her voice.

"Baby are you drunk." Sonic asked

"No, just a bit tipsy is all why?" Amy answered and asked

"Just wondering is all are you ready to go we've been her all night it's closing time." Sonic finished with them getting up and leaving the restaurant

They then gave their ticket to the valet within five minute he had their truck and they were inside and heading back home.

"I can't wait to get home Sonic cause I've got a very special anniversary present for you." Amy said with Sonic giving a her a sly smile as they headed home.

Aleena's House

"Wow you kids sure are some messy eaters it's a good thing we have to give you guys a bath tonight." Sonia can you go and run them a bath please. Aleena said and asked

Sonia went to run them some bath water while Aleena and Manic continued to play with them. It wasn't long till Sonia finished and helped Aleena to get them undressed and ready for the bath.

Aleena and Sonia put the kids into the tub with them playing with their bath time toys all at the same time splashing water and getting bathed.

They loved bath time they enjoyed playing in the water and getting their bodies cleaned. It wasn't long till they were completely clean and Aleena and Sonia took them out of the tub, dried them off, put them on some clean diapers and dressed them in their night clothes. When they got back to the living room after cleaning up the bathroom manic had their warm bottles already ready for them.

Manic took Amelia while Aleena kept Amelia and fed them their warm bottles with them slowly drifting off to sleep for the night. Sonia went ahead and ahead and headed to bed and as soon as the babies were asleep Manic helped Aleena put them in the bed he soon headed off to bed himself with Aleena changing into her night clothes and getting into bed next to the children and drifting off to sleep.

With Sonic And Amy

Sonic and Amy made it home with Sonic carrying Amy as they were kissing passionately and deeply, they continued their kiss all the way up the stairs and to their bedroom where Sonic finally put her down.

"Alright big boy you make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back" Amy replied seductively while walking into the bathroom.

Sonic was fully undressed and under the covers when Amy came out and leaned against the bathroom door in a sexy pose.

"Oh, Sonic." Amy called in a seductive tone.

Sonic looked over and saw her he couldn't help but stare with his mouth open. She was wearing a see through night gown with absolutely nothing underneath it. She walked over to Sonic swinging her hips at the same time. Before she could get onto the bed Sonic pulled her down to the bed instantly getting on top her and kissing her furiously on the neck working his way down her body to her flower.

Sonic finally made it to his place of choice and started to eat Amy out all the while she was moaning and calling his name he soon moved back up to look into her eyes but before he could she flipped him over and worked her way down his body to his hard member she didn't waist anytime she quickly took the member into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down all the while Sonic running his fingers through her hair and biting his lip to keep himself from moaning out loud.

It wasn't long till Amy brought her head back up and licked the tip teasing Sonic even more before looking into his eyes which were filled with lust just as well as hers were. Sonic then flipped back over on top of her.

"Oh, Amy I love you so much it's been so long since we've made love like this baby and I tell you one thing I hope your ready cause I'm gonna do you good." Sonic finished thrusting himself into her.

"Oh, Sonic that feels so good it has indeed been to long my darling give it to me Sonic." Amy finished moving her hips in sync with Sonic's thrusting to deepen the feeling between them. They were moaning in unison with their lust rising even more. It wasn't long till Sonic flipped Amy over onto her stomach and inserted into her from behind. He started thrusting with great force into hitting her barrier causing her to moan really loud but, they weren't worried about the sounds of their love being heard cause their kids were not around.

Sonic then sped up his thrust's as he was getting close to his end he then lifted Amy up into his lap with her back to his front and him still inside her as he started to thrust upward at the same pace he had been doing she then turned her head around and kissed Sonic deeply and passionately he soon sped up even more he then laid Amy back down on her back and continued his fast thrusts into her it wasn't long till he pulled out and sprayed his load all over his and her stomach before collapsing on top of her.

He then got some tissue and cleaned her up as well as himself before crawling beside her and drifting off to sleep in each other arms.

The Next Day

Sonic and Amy woke up the next morning they showered and got dressed and headed down stairs to get breakfast started. Amy was in the kitchen cooking when their doorbell rang. Sonic instantly got up and went to answer the door. It was his Mom and his siblings bringing back their children. They were wide awake in the seat as Sonic took them both out and hugged them real tight cause he was happy to see them.

He then went back into the kitchen and had the kids tap their mom on the back she turned around and was surprised to see them she quickly grabbed them and placed kisses all over their faces cause she was happy to see them. Sonic's family didn't stay long cause they had other things to do. They dropped the kids off said their goodbyes and left.

Sonic and Amy after breakfast spent the rest of the day playing with their children letting the day progress normally as it should have. Soon night had fell and they ate their dinner and put the kids to bed for the night.

"Sonic, I've never been more happier than I am right now I mean I have everything I've always dreamed of having." "I have you as my husband, I have a beautiful home to live in and two absolutely wonderful children how could a woman ask for more when I have everything." "Oh, Sonic I love you now and forever heart and soul." Amy finished hugging Sonic tightly.

"Oh, Amy I love you too with all my heart and soul and your right there is nothing more that we need we have everything we could possibly want." "Amy, I'm gonna love you and our kids to the very end of time itself my darling." Sonic finished hugging Amy tightly and kissing her before they headed off to bed for another night's sleep.