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"Normal Talk"


"Demon/summoning talking/Louder talking than normal/Inner Sakura"

'Demong/Summoning thinkin'


Time skip


(Authors Notes)

It was October tenth... the day of the Kyuubi festival. The academy was in
session and everyone was talking about how they were going to spend time with
their parents... all except for one blond Jinchuriki.

Naruto sat with his head down as his fellow classmates conversed about
family... while a few others began looking at him with a scheming eye, "So,
before we start the tournament?" The other two nodded at the ring leader as
they gave the blond a maliscious smirk.

As they went outside... no one noticed a figure standing on top of the academy
wall as he stared at Naruto... a single tear falling from his eye, 'What have I
done?' He disappeared in a Shunshin as they were about to begin the

Naruto was walking towards the arena when he was stopped by three young
girls. Sakura Haruno, Ino yamanaka, and Ami Tsurugi. Naruto backed away from
his most insistent tormentors as Sakura pulled out a whip, "Why so afraid... we
just want to play..." Naruto turned to run, but he was decked right over by
Ami. He coughed up some blood as Ino dragged him to a nearby bush...

The figure suddenly appeared a minute later... and was mortified by what the
three girls were doing to the blond...

Naruto had been stripped of his upper clothing and Sakura was whipping him as
deep cuts appeared on his back... the three girls were laughing like maniacs as
they left the blond to bleed in the bushes. The figure watched as Naruto
struddled to get up and grab his clothes. He then watched as naruto dragged
himself to the arena... trying to hold back the coming tears.

Once Naruto made it to the arena he was scolded by Iruka for being
late... suddenly his name was called out to fight his worst tormentor... Sasuke

The two fought for a minute with Sasuke controlling the fight for awhile
until Naruto pulled a few fast moves and managed to beat the Uchiha... he
turned to head towards his teacher when Sasuke got up in anger and yelled
Katon Gokakyu no jutsu Iruka tried to run and save the blond...but he was
held back by Mizuki who mad a murderous grin on his face.

Naruto turned as he suddenly felt the heat of the fireball...but he was
shocked when a figure jumped in front of the fireball and then slapped it
away... the figure turned to Naruto...

The man wore an orange swirling mask, he had a long black cloak with red
clouds on it... and his single eye hole... had the sharingan. Naruto quickly
began to back up as he saw that eye... too many of his tormentors had that
eye...the figure spoke as he began to remove his mask, "Naruto...I am so
sorry." His face was completely revealed... forcing Naruto to quiver more in
terror and for the academy students to gasp in shock...

"M-Madara Uchi-ha..." Naruto began to scuttle backwards, never taking his eyes
off the Uchiha.

"Naruto...I am so sorry...it is my fault that you suffer on a daily basis"
each step sounded like a clap of thunder to Naruto, "It is my fault that you
grew up never knowing love." Naruto had backed into the wall and was beginning
to cry he was so afraid, "It is my fault... that the Kyuubi attacked the
village." Everyones eyes widened as he said that, "It is my fault you were
chosen as its jailer." Everyone was shocked and terrified at that, "Why your
mother fled the village after she forsook you as her son." Naruto's eyes began
to water even more at that as he heard whimpers come from not only him, but
also his fellow classmates, "It is my fault... your own father... was forced to
make you the jailer of the most powerful demon in existance."




Everyone was beyond shocked... if what Madara said was true... then Naruto was
the son of the Yondaime.

Madar kneeled in front of the whimpering blond, "And so... as penance for my
sins." Madara's middle and index finger lit up as he brought it to Naruto's
forehead, "I grant you... MY POWER!" Naruto felt an enormous amount of pain go
through his body as he suddenly started to scream in agony. He began to claw
at his eyes that were now bleeding red and were shifting between blue and
red... suddenly he reared his head back and revealed his new eyes... the Eternal
Mangekyou Sharingan.

He screamed on last time as a dark flame erupted from his eye as it twisted
into a tornado, burning straight through the roof...

Madara watched as Naruto took to his newfound power, 'As penance for my
sins... you will have my power... but fear not... I will train you Naruto... until
you are strong enough... to kill me...'

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