Three interludes (to prove I am alive)


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Quatre sighed heavily as he read the report in his hands. He was bored, which was surprising as the report was something he was interested in and had asked one of his managers to write for him. He looked across the guest room where he and the others were staying at Hogwarts and watched as WuFei was sitting on the floor meditating. A small thought pushed its way into his brain… prank the Wufers… prank him cause he's not paying attention.

Quatre was out of his seat quietly sneaking up on his friend before he pulled up in surprise, he pranked but only very rarely and he didn't call WuFei Wufers… only… "Duo?" he asked his voice filled with surprise.

WuFei snapped out of his meditative stage at the sound of Quatre's voice coming up from behind him and so close. "Quatre?" he asked recalling the blond to his surroundings, "is something wrong?"

A slow smile spread across Quatre's face, "I believe Duo is bored."

WuFei blinked, "Duo… bored?" they all knew of Quatre's space heart, "but I thought he was petrified."

"His body might be," Quatre said moving to his bag and pulling out a few books, "but his mind isn't and he wanted me to prank the Wufers, because he was bored." He walked out of the room just in time to hear WuFei's yell.

"Tell him my name is WuFei, not Wufers!"

Quatre snickered all the way to the hospital wing, he moved to a comfortable chair next to the bed, ignoring the curious glance he was getting from Heero. "So you are bored," he opened a book, "well I guess now is a good time to read all those books that you've put off for so long." He opened the first book and began reading "Moby Dick." He smiled when he 'heard' a groan but felt Duo's interest peak as he read.

From then on someone came in and read to him or talked with him and the other petrified students.


The Spirit trapped in the diary was going to commit suicide when it got a body… or at least it was going to kill the whiny idiot who now had it. The only thing that the writer could now do was whine… Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that, and why doesn't Harry Potter look at me… doesn't he like me? It made him want to tear his pages out so the name Harry Potter never touch them again… Yes, the spirit of Tom was going to kill the writer, and the many times Harry Potter was written, was how many times the writer was going to feel the cuicio.

"Harry Potter ignored me again today…" The Spirit screamed in fury!


Arthur Weasley was nervous. It was his 'final exam.' He had been training on how to be a muggle, live like a muggle and blend in with muggles for over 6 months. Molly had moved with him but had been going back home at least once a month to check on things. Mrs. Diggory had been taking care of the chickens and such, but Molly wanted to be sure.

"Are you ready Weasley?" a voice asked behind him.

Arthur turned around and smiled at his 'teacher.' "Yes, ma'am." He liked his teacher, Noin had never talked down to him, treated him with respect.

"You'll do fine Weasley," Noin said with a small smile recognizing his nervousness.

He nodded and she they portkeyed to a room several miles away. "Okay your final test," Noin said all business. "You will be sent on a sort of scavenger hunt to collect certain things and get back to base in tomorrow." She handed him a backpack, "here are clothes to change into, your instructions, a cell phone, and money. I will be with you the entire time and will only step in if you are having a real problem. Depending on the circumstance it will not be considered a fail. Any questions?"

"No ma'am," Arthur said.

"You have twenty minutes to change and head out, I will be waiting in the hall," she said as she made for the door, she turned around and smiled at him, "you will be fine Arthur."

He swallowed nervously again, but nodded and she closed the door behind her. Arthur quickly changed out of his Magical Preventer's uniform and into the blue jeans and white button down shirt, he grabbed the jean jacket, checking to make sure the phone was fully changed, put it in his jacket pocket. After checking the wallet's contents and putting that away, he picked up the instructions sheet. He smiled it was a scavenger hunt.

He opened the door and Noin nodded to him. He led the way out of the hotel and hailed a taxi to take him to the airport. He purchased both of them round trip tickets to return the next day to Lisbon Portugal. At the Airport he rented a car and drove them to Colombo Centro Comercial. He spent the day shopping, taking pictures (with his first purchase being a camera) and generally enjoying himself (since there were enough English speaking visitors and employees so he didn't have a hard time). It didn't feel like a test. He booked two hotel rooms and took Noin out to dinner as a surprise changing it from just staying in the room and ordering room service. The next day he drove them back to the airport and back to base. Noin smiled at him, "you pass with flying colors!" she smiled and he grinned as she shook his hand.


AN: Sorry this is short and not really a full chapter, but I wanted to get something out and let people know I am alive and haven't given up on my story. It's just been a rough year. Thanks to Cear's Yahoo group for the suggestions to Arthur's scavenger hunt. So any guess as to who has the diary? If you see any really blatant errors let me know.