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Later Quatre would mentally kick himself for being so distracted. He had had a lot on his mind with work, worry over Duo, meetings with Neville and other such things. So as a result of his distraction he had not paid as close attention to everything around him and someone had snuck up very quietly behind him and well… stunned him.

He woke several moments? hours? later, his arms bound by incarserous ropes. He woke in a puddle, wet and furious. He stayed still, regulating his breathing, still relaxed and listened. A soft whimpering was coming from somewhere behind him as whomever it was paced back and forth. He opened his eyes a crack and saw that he was lying right next to a small lake in a very dark cave like place. the lake was small, probably only fifteen feet to the far edge where Quatre's limited sight could see what looked like the bottom of a statues' face.

"Stop whining," an impatient voice said, "you asked for this, you whined and whimpered and now that Harry Potter is going to finally pay attention to you… my gift to you before I kill him and you are whining." The voice was unfamiliar to Quatre and he was startled to realize that there were two people in the chamber with him, not just the one that he could hear pacing back and forth. He strained his ears to hear where the other one was but couldn't place him. The second voice whimpered again and Quatre almost recognzied it, "do shut up," the voice said impatiently again, "stupify!" and Quatre heard the whining person fall to the floor. The other voice sighed deeply and Quatre could hear muttering as the second person paced. It was odd, he could hear the pacer's voice, but not the pacer's step. Eventually the mutterer was silent and Quatre wondered if he had left. Slowly he eased a small thin knife out of a wrist holster and began cutting the ropes that bound him.


Harry was a bit depressed… okay more than a bit but Madam Pomfrey said that the Mandrake will be mature in… he looked over at the self made calendar on the wall beside Neville's bed and counted… nine more weeks. There had not been any more attacks since they had killed the Basilisk, but the heavy feeling of… wrongness… was growing heavier and had been for the past week. Nevile had been growing a lot closer to Quatre, it had really helped the shy boy's confidence.

Harry wasn't jealous, well not really Neville needed Quatre. He had heard there had been a huge blow up between Neville's Gran and Quatre, rumors flew that Neville's Uncle Algie was in hot water with Law Enforcement. There were a lot more rumors, but Harry had learned a long time ago to discount most of them. Neville seemed happier than he had before Christmas break… more at ease with himself.

Harry sighed as he put the books back in his trunk, he was going to play a round of chess with Ron, than a game of Exploding Snap, but Ron was in the loo. Harry was getting better at Chess and Ron was getting better at not gloating when he won. Neville came in the room, white as a sheet. "Neville?"

Neville looked like he wanted to weep, howl, but his voice came out in a harsh whisper, "he has Quatre."

Harry froze, "who has Quatre?"

"I don't… I don't know…" Neville held his head like it pained him and looked up at Harry with helpless eyes, "He says that if you don't come with me now, he will kill him."

"Who Neville!" Harry got off the bed quickly and went to his friend.

"Please Harry," Neville had tears streaming down his face, "it was a book, a bad book, but I didn't know and now we are connected and he says he has Quatre and Quatre is my friend too and…" Neville stopped rambling when Harry put his hand on the troubled boy's shoulder.

"Come on Neville," he said and led the boy from the room. Neither noticed Ron open the loo door wider and after waiting for a few moments dash out of the room. He had to find one of those Stopper men that Harry talked about.


Neville and Harry moved to the second floor girl's bathroom, Neville explaining about the diary along the way, neither noticed Hermione following them when she had noticed the pale looks of both boys. Neville shook as they went in the room, Murtle was sniffling in her stall as Harry with a grim (and angry) look on his face, he moved to the sink and hissed at it. He heard two gasps and looked up to see a surprised Neville and a shocked Hermione. "Um… Hermione! What are you doing here?"

"This is the girl's bathroom and… you're a Parselmouth?" Hermione demanded.

"That's not important right now," Harry waved that off, "the…" he looked at Neville who flinched, "the one who set the Basilisk on Duo has Quatre and I need to go and help him."

"Harry you need to go and find a teacher," Hermione said stubburnly, "Professor McGonagal will…"

"Will just pat us on our heads like she did last year when…" his eyes cut over to Neville and back, "when Voldemort tried for the stone, "and say not to worry and send us on our way like good little children."

"But Harry, that's what we are children!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Whose brother is being held prisoner by someone who said that if I don't come he will kill him," Harry said hotly, "go find a Professor, I am going to help my family. Neville, if you want you can stay with Hermione."

Neville stood up straighter and shook his head, "Quatre's my friend too."

Harry nodded and didn't look back at Hermione but stepped forward and jumped into the gaping hole. Neville waited several seconds more, gulped than followed him down. Hermione bit her lip and looked down the dark hole than at the door and back again, "oh help," she murmurred and jumped down the hole to follow her best friend.

AN: I know this is short but the next two will be short as well and than we will get into some pre-written ones before I start year 3! For those wondering Canon events will be followed pretty closely until end of HBP. Neville will not be replacing Ron completely in the books, but he will be there a lot more than in the books.