Wanted Dead or Alive

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A/N – this was prewritten, I am not a fan of book 3 which is why I have been avoiding writing scenes for this. I will go back and 'fill in the blanks' but I wanted to post something to prove I am not dead. I just have to figure out how to get GW in to Hogwarts this year other than patrolling as I need it to stick close enough to the books yet.

Harry opened the door to the office that WuFei and Heero shared and swallowed hard, and closed it behind him. He stared at the frozen and moving images of Sirus Black stared at him from the still open file cork board that the Preventer agents had. "Fei?" Harry said and both Preventer swung around to look at the boy, "I need to talk to you." His eyes flicked from the picture to WuFei's black eyes.

WuFei didn't even glance at Heero or the pictures just pulled up the extra chair and motioned the boy to it. Harry slipped into the chair, his eyes frightened and hesitant and WuFei grabbed the boy's hand in his and gave it a light squeeze, "what's wrong, green-eyes?"

Harry bit his lip wondering how to say what he wanted to say, "I need you to look for a man just as hard as you are looking for Sirius, if not harder." Both agents raised their eyebrows at Harry's casual use of the murderer's first name.

"Do you have a picture of him, or a location?" Heero asked as he rolled his chair closer after he clicked on a recorder.

Harry held out two hand drawn sketches of Pettigrew, "Hermione drew this one," he said, "her's is better than mine," he handed the papers to the ex-pilots.

"What's his name?" Fei asked as he and Heero looked at the drawn pictures.

"Peter Pettigrew," the bitterness, anger and guilt in his voice had the two pilots looking at each other. Both were very familiar with the case file on Black, Peter Pettigrew had been killed during the explosion that had killed twelve others, yet Harry believed the man was still alive and had drawn a picture of him to prove it.

"Harry?" Heero said, keeping his voice low, "do you know where Sirius Black is?"

"NO!" Harry said jerking his hand out of WuFei's and pulling his legs to his chest and hiding his face on his knees, "no." The second no came out almost as a soft sob.

"If you do, we need to know, he's very dangerous," WuFei said and Harry gave a cry of fear and despair, stood up and tried to get by the pilots, WuFei grabbed his hand and halted him. "Green-eyes," WuFei said, "talk to us."

Harry looked at WuFei, fighting tears, "he didn't do it," Harry whispered, "Sirius didn't kill my parents nor did he kill those 13 people."

"How do you know," Heero asked, making sure to keep his voice mild.

Harry sniffed and allowed WuFei to pull him back to the chair. He pulled his knees back up and wrapped his arms around them and taking a deep breath began, "Sirius came to Hogwarts a couple of times this year." Both pilots stiffened, and before they could say anything Harry plowed on, "he wasn't after me to finish the job, he was looking for Peter."

"Why was he looking for Peter? and how did he know that he was at Hogwarts," WuFei asked.

"To kill him," Harry said in a small voice, "but I talked him out of it and he escaped, and I was stupid."

Heero blew out a breath then took a deep one to make sure his voice was steady and calm, "Harry, the whole story from the beginning, okay."

Harry sniffed and nodded, "'kay," and he told them of the Weasley's family's good fortune and trip to Egypt, the Dementor's and his reaction to them, of Sirius and his late night visit to Ron's bed, of Hermione's tattling about the new broomstick and his and Ron's reactions, about Buckbeak, Hagrid and the trial, about Lupin, and finally about Peter and how he talked both Sirius and Lupin out of killing him. "If I hadn't done that, Peter wouldn't have gotten away."

"And Sirius would be guilty of part of the crime he was convicted of and Lupin would have been as well," WuFei said, and Harry blinked, he hadn't thought of that, "they would have both been convicted and set to prison."

"What happened then," Heero pressed the boy.

Harry grimaced and told them about Severus gleeful reaction, Lupin' transformation and the Dementor's attack, then about Hermione's time turner and their rescuing both Buckbeak and Sirius. "I am so mad at Severus and the minister," Harry said clutching his hands, "and Lupin."

They waited patiently for Harry to begin again, "I don't understand why Severus was so intent on killing Sirius," Harry whispered, "I mean I know that he hated my dad and for some reason Sirius, but how does his almost gleeful attitude towards Sirius' almost death make him any better than a murderer," He looked up at the pilots again, his eyes filled with great pain, "and the minister of magic wouldn't even listen to us, said we had been confounded, but Hermione had read about 'Veritas Syrum,' they could have given that to us and they would have known the truth," Harry reburied his head, "and Lupin," he looked back up completely miserable, "why did he wait twelve years before seeing me if he was such a good friend of my dad's?"

Both ex-pilots sighed softly, emotions were Quatre and Duo's forte not theirs. Heero and WuFei rolled their chairs to either side of Harry and put their arms around his shoulder as Harry began to cry, "I hate not being as strong as you guys," Harry mumbled into knees.

"What do you mean?" WuFei asked, "you mean crying?" Harry nodded, "I think you will find, Harry, that we wish we could cry." Harry looked up to see if WuFei was teasing, "all of us even Quatre wishes he could cry." WuFei gently touched Harry's head and Harry gave a soft sob and reburied his head.

A silent conversation went on between the two pilots and Heero nodded before leaving the room, leaving WuFei to pull the crying boy closer to him. "He offered me a place to stay, and I told him about you guys and said that you could help him. He looked so relieved, so happy and then it all fell apart, all of it, and then Lupin just ran away again," He took a shuddering breath, "what is it about me that is so terrible that he didn't want to be near me?"

"Nothing, green-eyes," WuFei said, "you are a wonderful person, it is his stupidity that he is not here," Harry sighed and leaned his head further on WuFei who had to dig his heels in to keep from rolling away and also to keep from getting out of his chair to find this Lupin and bash his face in.

Heero slipped back in the room, Trowa behind him carrying a sketch pad, "Harry can you describe Pettigrew so that Trowa can draw him?" Harry looked up with hope and seemed to relax a little.

Trowa looked over the two sketches done by Harry and Hermione and drew a general face shape. Harry came along side of him and with low murmurs helped Trowa fill in a more accurate picture. "We could ask Hermione too," Harry said, "I am sure she saw other differences." Heero called the Granger residence and after talking to Hermione scheduled a time for her to come in and work with a sketch artist the next day.

"We got a hit on Pettigrew yesterday," Zechs said a week later at an agents meeting, "a citizen in France spotted him and contacted the local law enforcement office who in turn contacted us. They found his trail, but lost him. His picture has been put up at all over the area complete with Winner's and Potter's reward offers. Black has been spotted in the tropics, at this time however, Pettigrew is a higher priority."

A/N – this is unbeta, if you see any errors please let me know. I need to re-read Prisoner of Azkaban and see where I can slip them in, but my premise when I wrote this was they were still not as welcome in the Wizarding world as they had been the year before because they were constantly questioning about Sirius and were on assignments both for Preventers and to look for Sirius in the Muggle World keeping them from Hogwarts.