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Summary: When Sakura confesses her feelings for Naruto, he doesn't know what to think. He is torn between his forever crush on Sakura and his new feelings for Hinata. So which will he chose... the lies or the truth?

All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto

This chapter writer: xxKitsune

Chapter one – Emerald eyes and crystal blue.

"I hate people who lie to themselves!"

Sakura looked bewildered at the boy. Did he really figure it out that quickly that she was lying through her teeth? She put on her best smile hoping he wouldn't see through it.

"What are you talking about? I'm not lying!"

Naruto looked at her, as if she thought he was stupid. "What are you implying, Sakura-chan? That somehow, all of a sudden, you have these strong feelings for me...? After four years, you keep chasing after Sasuke, chanting about how you love him?!"

Sakura's reaction surprised Naruto and slightly irritated him. She actually had tears in her eyes, which dared to fall. He gritted his teeth and balled up his hands into fists.

The gray-haired looked at the blonde and pinkette, wondering what would happen now.

"Why don't you believe me, Naruto?"

The scarred boy scoffed. "I know when you're telling the truth or not, Sakura. I've known all along. The slits in your eyes gets smaller every time you lie" At that, she gasped looking down in shame.

Naruto turned around, turning his back on Sakura and his friends. He looked straight at his mentors. "Can I go back to the hotel room now?"

Kakashi nodded, slightly surprised and looked at the brown-haired jounin. He looked equally surprised, maybe even more.

Just as Naruto was about to leave, Sai spoke with a disapproving tone. "Didn't I tell you that you cause Naruto pain already, Sakura?"

The blonde looked down for a moment, then looked up and walked away. "I will see you guys later..."

Sakura looked after Naruto, with a hand over her heart. 'How did he know?' She turned around on her heels, looking at Sai, the Inuzuka and the green-clad chunin. They were looking at her disapproving, Lee shaking his head slightly and Kiba growling low.

Sai just shook his head and walked past the pink headed girl, not looking once at her. "You really disappoint me" As Sakura looked after Sai, she noticed that Kiba and Lee went with him, in the direction Naruto went.

"Sakura, say the truth. Why did you say that bullshit to Naruto?" Yamato demanded with a low murmur.

Sakura looked down, embarrassed. "Shikamaru told me… that we need to think of Sasuke like a criminal now, like the other shinobi nations does"

"Who made you 'realise' this?" Kakashi asked, suspicious about what made Sakura suddenly think that way.

"Sai… He sorta took all Narutos frustration out on me, which he never did himself. I'm just so confused right now, I don't know how to tell Naruto about Sasuke-kun…" After saying that, Sakura quietly broke down crying.

Kakashi calmly let his hand fall down on her shoulder, looking down at her with his right eye. She quietly sniffled and looked up at him, shocked at the way he was looking at her. Utter disappointment.

"I can not believe that you would make such a trick on him. If you really care for Naruto, tell him right away instead of playing mind games with him!" He let his hand fall to his side and sticked both of his hands into his pockets, turning around on his heels walking away. "Tell Naruto the truth, it's more effective than a lie, Sakura" Yamato just shook his head and walked with Kakashi.

The pinkette looked down in shame and let herself cry quietly.

Back at the hotel room, Naruto lay flat on his back, looking up at the ceiling with a blank stare. He listened to his two friends discussing about whatever they disagreed on. He smiled slightly.

Sai looked down at the blonde with a questioning look. Naruto took note of that. "Yes, Sai, what is your question?"

"What did happen in the fight with Pein? When Hinata apparently stepped in?" Sai noticed how Narutos eyes went wide with the question.

The blonde sat up and looked down, whispering quietly. "She confessed her feelings to me. Then charged at Pein, but in turn got knocked to the side. I then got pissed and went 8-tails on him"

At that, Kiba and Sai looked at Naruto with a surprised look.

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