Running out of Lies

Summary: When Sakura confesses her feelings for Naruto, he doesn't know what to think. He is torn between his forever crush on Sakura and his new feelings for Hinata. So which will he chose... the lies or the truth?


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Chapter 17 – Meet the father, Uzumaki Naruto!

"Hinata, you're meeting up with that boy later today, yes? Do you mind inviting him over for dinner? I'd like to meet him properly", the elder said with a stoic face, though his eyes held a glint that unnerved his daughter.

Hinata stared with a blank stare at her father, wondering if the man was just joking with her. The unnerving glint in the man's eye told her the exact opposite of her thoughts, and she gave off a loud gulp. "S-Sure, Father. I-I'll inform him about that.. Um.. T-Tonight or tomorrow?"

"Tonight, if you may", the man said as he looked at his daughter with a questioning glance.

"Oh, a-alright, Father. Today is Naruto-", Hinata quickly bit her tongue so she wouldn't say the suffix, "… Naruto's birthday, so be nice, Father." She looked at the man with slight pleading eyes, hoping he wouldn't go Super Saiyan on the boy again just like last time.

The man gave a tiny smile and gave his daughter a nod, before turning around to leave the room. "I expect of him to wear proper clothes tonight and not that God forsaken orange thing of this!"

The girl gave off a giggle, "Of course, Father".

And as soon as the door was closed, Hinata jumped right up from her bed to fling the door to her wardrobe open. She took out a blue summer-dress with white flower-prints on the bottom, a white jumper and then threw them onto the bed and quickly changed.

Quickly rolling up the sleeves of her jumper and grabbing a hair comb and a rubber band, Hinata quickly combed her hair into a ponytail and tied it with the band, throwing away the comb as she raced out of the door of her bedroom-door and out of the house.


"Here you go, Naruto! This is on the house!", the owner of the Ramen-shop happily said as he handed a bowl to the blond-haired young man, who lit up like a little child. Said ladder quickly grabbed onto a pair of chopsticks, ripping them off as he yelled out 'ITADAKIMASU!', digging into his food with a content facial expression.

"Thanks, old man, it's delicious!"

"Well, enjoy! I'll be out in the back, if you need a second bowl!"

Naruto grinned as he slurped on his noodles. He had just finished doing an errand for Tsunade, which resulted in him picking up his own birthday-present. He had received a brand new set of kunais and shurikens with a neat gold-writing on the handle of the kunais and around the hold of the shurikens. The young man had gone back to the Hokage-office and barged in the middle of a talk between some Jounins and Tsunade, and strode over to her chair, giving her a bear-hug. After he was kicked out of the office and received a 'happy birthday' from the Jounins, though with a happy smile on the elders face, Naruto headed forwards Ichiraku Ramen for his daily doses of ramen.

The young blond gasped as his vision suddenly darkened by pale, slender feminine hands covering his eyes. The boy recognized the chakra and smiled, reaching up to remove the hands from his eyes and was greeted with the gentle smile and milky eyes of Hyuuga Hinata.

"Happy birthday, Naruto-kun", the girl said in a soft whisper as she leant down to kiss the boy's forehead with a heavy blush on her face, taking a seat next to the now blushing, yet grinning, young man.

"Heheh, thanks", the boy grinned as he scratched the back of his head with an embarrassed grin, "so where are you taking me? You never told me what we were going to do today"

"You finished with your food?"

"Yes, why?"

"Good, 'cause we're going speed-shopping", the girl firmly said as she stood from her place and looked at the blond with a desperate look.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Hinata, giving her a questioning look.

"My father wants you over for dinner tonight and he does not want to see anything related to orange, so lets go and get you something else" As Hinata said this, Naruto's facial-expressions changed from shocked, to confused, to horrified.

"Oh, boy, he'll slaughter me! I don't own anything else than orange trousers and black shirts! I haven't even gottten my paycheck yet, how can I buy new clothes?"

"Don't you worry, Naruto-kun, it's on me", Hinata's cheeks flushed a bright red as she gave him a small smile and grabbed hold of his hand, tugging on it making him stand up. "This will be your present from me, then"

"I can't let you do that, Hinata-chan," the boy quickly said as he looked down at her, "I didn't want anything from you and I told you that clearly"

"Well, you don't have much of a choice, Naruto-kun", the girl shrugged and looked at the boy with a slight smirk, "so lets go already. And to make up for today, I'll make sure that we have our planned picnic tomorrow."

"Home-made ramen?"

"Only for you, Naruto-kun"

And just like that, Hinata was quickly dragged by the hand through the streets with a very happy blond in front of her. She gave a small smile and quickened the pace, so they were walking side-by-side, still hand in hand. Naruto gave Hinata's hand a tiny squeeze, and Hinata blushed worse than earlier but her smile widened and she intertwined her fingers with the blond's.

"S-So where do you want to go and look for a new outfit? Anything that's not orange will do", Hinata looked at the boy, who looked back at her with a confused gaze.

"I don't do much shopping, so you just pick the place", Naruto assured her with a smile, as they walked through the business-streets where a lot of shops were placed right next to each other.

Hinata's response was to grab hold of Naruto's arm and drag him into the nearest clothes-shop, ignoring his surprised yelp.


Naruto glanced nervously after the branch-members, who cleaned the table of dishes, and then at the head of the Hyuuga-clan, who observed the boy with obvious amusement to his fidgeting and nervous gulps of air, he took.

Hinata sighed deeply as she shook her head, ignoring the two's staring-showdown as she leant back in her seat, giving her younger sister, Hanabi at the age of 14, who stared right back at her with a grin.

"Naruto, you can relax. I'm not going to cut you open", Hiashi quietly stated as he reached for his mug of tea, bringing it to his lips and took a grateful sip.

Naruto visibly relaxed at that and gave a nervous grin. "I thought for a second that you would hunt me down like our last encounter, sir"

"Certainly not" Before Naruto could answer, he quickly added: "but if you do hurt my daughter, I willcut you", the elder shot the young man a stern look as he pointed at the wall behind him, where his katana Naruto had greeted before, was hanging proudly on the wall, almost glaring at the blond.

Naruto gulped and nodded furiously, "o-of course, sir, I wouldn't dream of hurting Hinata-chan!"

"Father, may I leave the table?" the younger Hyuuga politely asked, as she backed away from the table. After getting an affirmative, Hanabi sent her older sister a look of sympathy with a teasing smile, as if to say 'have fun'.

"Good", the man smiled pleasantly at the blond, which didn't unnerve the boy at all, and he sipped on his tea. "Exactly how serious are you two?"

Both Hinata and Naruto spluttered at that, blushing heavily at the question.

"H-How is that to be understood, father?" the young woman asked, cheeks burning in a bright, cherry-red colour. As for Naruto, he was too dumbfounded by the fact that he gave him that question when they had no idea themselves.

"Well is this something temporary or is it something you want to hold onto?", the man lazily gestured with his hand at the two, as he raised an eyebrow in amusement at the flushed expressions of the two.

"I… I think we're fine just being like this," Naruto said as the first one of the two to recover. His composure was much more certain than before. Hinata stared at Naruto shocked as he said this and blushed deeply, "your daughter is a very fantastic person. And I'll have you know that I haven't planted my lips on her before I got your permission to court her, sir"

Hiashi was visibly surprised at the sudden formality and seriousness of the blond, but he was very pleased with the boy. He looked to his daughter, who was equally surprised but she held a small smile, seeming very satisfied with the boy. 'I guess as long as she's happy, then I'll let them be together…'

"I must honestly admit that I am starting to like you, Naruto, so by all means you may be together with my daughter"

"Thank you, sir", the young man grinned widely and grabbed hold of the younger Hyuuga's hand, receiving a squeeze.

"But do remember that I will cut you if you do anything to my daughter, young man", Hiashi firmly stated, as he stood from his seat and folded his arms. "Now shoo off, you two. I have some business I need to take care off", the man batted them away with his hand and gave a small smile at his daughter whom mouthed a 'thank you' to him, as they rose from their seat and left the room, hand-in-hand.

"So, do I get to see your room or do you have any dangerous girly stuff in there, that you don't want me seeing?" Naruto teasingly asked, as he was lead away by the Indigo-haired young woman in front of him, who had hold of his hand.

"You may enter my bedroom, Naruto-kun", she smiled at the blond as she reached for the door-handle of said room and opened the door, letting the blond in after her. She let go of his hand and closed the door.

Finally realising a chuckle from the blond, she looked his way and noticed that the clothes she had worn earlier that day was thrown all over her queen-sized bed. Blusing a deep red, she quickly grabbed onto the clothes and threw it in the washing-bin, which she had in a corner next to her wardrobe.

Naruto laughed at her embarrassment and the bright blush on her cheeks, 'which I adore', he thought to himself, as he sat down on the bed with his legs crossed underneath him. Noticing the longhaired girl making her way towards the bed and climbing hesitantly on it, she sat with her legs folded underneath her and her eyes connected with his sky-blue eyes.

"So… You wouldn't plant your lips on mine before getting my fathers permission, no?" She grinned at the red colour spreading across the blonds face, as he nodded. The Hyuuga blushed bright-red and reached up and tapped her lips twice, giving the boy a knowing look.

And Uzumaki Naruto responded by planting his lips onto Hyuuga Hinata's soft ones.


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