"Why are they fighting ?" The angel asked, staring at the strange scene.

Dean huffed. "It's just what they do." He shrugged, hoping the angel would drop it."

He didn't. "Why is this one wearing a mask?"

"Because he likes to."


"Because!" Dean erupted. "Can I watch this show, please?"

"But I don't understand." The angel went on. "The other one is almost twice as big as him. How can he stand a chance?"

"Because he's fast, flexible, and most importantly, it's not real!" Dean yelled, trying to ignore his brother's increasing laughter. "It's just a show, Cas!"

"But if they pretend to be fighting, what's the point?"

"It's entertainment, Cas! I doesn't have to have a point!"

"You find that entertaining?" Castiel asked disbelievingly. It was clear he had another perception of this show.

"Well, I did before you started to ask questions." Dean grumbled. Did Cas have to ruin everything?

It got quiet for a moment, and Dean started to believe the angel had decided to shut up. Or better yet, he'd left.

"That just isn't possible."

Nope, no such luck.

Dean glared daggers at his barely breathing brother before answering. "No one's making you watch, you know."

"But he had plenty of time to react. Why didn't he get up while the other one was making these weird gestures?"

"Because. It's. Not. Real!" Dean shouted.

"Besides," the angel was clearly paying no attention to the human, "Why did he wave his hand in front of his face like that? Is that supposed to mean something?"

Sam had tears running down his face now. "You… can't… see… me!" he choked out.

Castiel blinked. "I can see you just fine, Sam, why are you saying this?"

That was too much for Sam, who fell to the floor with a loud thump.

"Alright, that's it." Dean grumbled as he turned off the TV. "I'm never watching Smackdown with you two again. Ever."

The End.

No idea where that came from. For those who haven't guess, the match is Rey Mysterio Vs John Cena. Because I said so!

Let me know if you liked that... bunch of insanity, I guess.