Yes, I am writing another story without finishing the others I have started, but what can I say? I'm a bit of a scatter-brain, always being distracted by something else. I also had my friend on my back saying that I really need to put a chapter on already, the wait was driving her mad. I hope this lives up to your expectations, Sam!

Enjoy my new story!

; )


Water, Earth, fire, Air. The Four elements that shape the world we live in, they can live in harmony in nature around us. Unfortunately human nature is quite different. The world is divided. The Water Tribes in the north and south poles. The Earth kingdom in the east, the Fire nation in the west. And the Air nomads in the four corners of the world. We are all humans, aren't we? All the same? Apparently not. For in each nation there are a small group of people that have power, the power of their element. Bending. The gift that a small fraction are born with. Some fire nation Babies grow up to be great fire benders and some water nation babies grow up to be great water benders. No person from one nation can bend the element of another. It is the way it will always be.

There is one person who can though. The one person who has broken all these rules and scattered them to the wind. No one knows how they started, only that they are here now. One person being reborn over and over.

I am talking about the Avatar.

The Avatar, Master of all four elements, Often the only thing standing in the way of war, destruction and confusion. Without the Avatar, we would destroy each other. The Avatar cycle: Water, earth, Fire, Air, is the cycle which tells us the nation in which the next avatar is born, seems to guide us. Each nation displays excitement as the old avatar dies from the nation before them. Which child would grow up to be one of the most powerful benders on the planet?

Which one is the Avatar?