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Knock Before You Enter


Her eyes sparkle when she smiles.

But you can bet he's never noticed, not even for the fact that she only smiles for him.

Her voice is honey bathed in sunlight.

Again, you know he doesn't really hear her speak. It's smooth and sweet and deliriously feminine that you wouldn't mind listening to it for hours.

Her skin is pale and soft but cold to the touch.

How can he possibly know when he's out there touching someone else?

She is languid and pliant beneath you on your bed and you know that her mind is drifting somewhere else no matter how deep her nails are digging into your back.

" Loki," she starts, moaning your name aloud, " –you are so…so good…"

You don't speak but she thrashes wildly under your ministrations and she screams your name and the word "faster" at every breath.

Let the world know how great a lover you are.

Her heart is broken and he doesn't even know, you think to yourself as you draw the blanket over her shoulder so she won't be cold.

Her heart is a door, she has given him the key and you're just standing in front of it, reaching for the knob that is locked and wouldn't open. You look at your fist.

Maybe you have to break this one down.