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This is a SM/DBZ cross. It is going to be very dark, so you are warned. I needed to go back to some SM/DBZ for a while so I could get some motivation to continue with my other stuff. But, DON'T WORRY! The sequel to Reminiscence is coming! I have just been busy with school and wedding planning!

Summary: When Frieza takes over the Moon Kingdom, all hope seems lost for our heroines. However, when they arrive on Planet Vegeta, the Scouts soon realize that the Saiyan's are not too keen on the takeover of their planet either, and they are all soon drawn in to a rebellion. In order to bring peace and justice, everyone realizes they must sacrifice for the greater good, whatever that sacrifice may be.

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She did not even flinch as crimson blood splattered against her porcelain skin.

Serena noticed this of her friend as she continued to be pulled through the palace, watching as the soldiers of the Moon Kingdom littered the ground. So far, the she had successfully evaded the powerful invaders, but it would only be a matter of time. They were currently in the deep recesses of the palace, making their way back into the royal chambers. The blonde currently adorned the most emotionless look one could muster, watching as her best friend closed the door to her bedroom.

In her trembling hands was a bouquet, the once pure white flowers now tainted with tinges of blood. Her dress, the one she was to be married in, was also stained like that of the flowers, the liquid spreading into the ornate lace and embroidered designs. The dress had been her mothers. She touched the bloody flowers as tears pricked her eyes.

The bride's friend looked at her with a sad expression, watching as Serena fell to the ground and clutched her flowers tight in her fists. She had looked like an angel walking down that isle, smiling behind a transparent veil. The people in attendance all watched eagerly as the man awaiting her took the young girl by the hand, pulling Serena up the three-steps to the altar.

"Raye…" Serena watched as her tears fell from her eyes and onto the flowers, rolling down their petals like the rain. "Raye…"

The Queen of Mars got down beside her Princess and took the bouquet, sitting it on the ground beside her before enveloping Serena in a hug. She felt the girls' sobs as Serena cried, her arms wrapped around her as tight as she could manage. This was horrible. What should have been the brightest day in the universe had been ruined.

"They killed him before I could say my vows. I didn't even get to tell him I loved him before he died." She spoke into Raye's shoulder, her makeup staining her guardians' skin. "No, that alien shot him down at the altar! His blood is on my face!"

Nothing she could say would help to calm her Princess, and Raye knew that. It was very obvious to her that this was the end, the inevitable Armageddon. The Moon would be destroyed, ending the beginning of a powerful era. These strange and powerful creatures were after one thing, and it was power. Raye looked at the blood on her arms, legs, hands… it was everywhere. Never had she seen such carnage. Never had she witnessed such raw power.

The Princess of Venus, Mina, had commanded her to take Serena away and to run as fast as they could. Protecting Serena was all that mattered. Her stomach sank as she realized the likely status of her comrades, but Serena relished in the fact that soon she would be dead too. Then they could all be reborn together and everyone would be alive. Even Darien.

"Do you have the crystal?" Raye asked, pulling Serena's face away from her shoulder. The girl nodded and felt her lip quivering.


Raye could hear footsteps and screams, signaling to her that they would soon be disposed of like everyone else had been. What were these people looking for? What were they hoping to accomplish by bringing the most glorious event in the galaxy to a halt? Happiness was so close Raye could have tasted it, but now it was gone. In the blink of an eye it was gone.

The blonde shook nervously in her friend's arms, tears running into the dried blood on her cheeks. Was this all she was meant for? Were all of her friends' dead? Where was her mother?

"Will it hurt to die?" She whispered, knowing all to well that these things were usually painful. But would it be everlasting? Does it hurt to take your last breath?

Raye began to cry, too, feeling as her body and her heart began to give up. "No, Serena, it won't."

They could hear the men in the hallway now, coming ever closer to their shivering bodies. It was only a matter of time. When the doors were blasted open, Serena shrieked and clutched Raye's arms tighter, tears coming full force. She was numb, not feeling as her last defense quickly maneuvered her body in front of hers. The pink alien kept snarling and making snide remarks, but was hushed by a taller man beside him. He was a teal man with green hair, and appeared to be in charge of this operation. The man wore armor much like his comrades, but his was more decorated.

As he raised his hand, time stood still.

"Your highness," A voice spoke behind the two, drawing their attention from their attackers. "Please listen to me."

Serena gasped as she saw Sailor Pluto, the Queen of the cold planet and the guardian of the time gates, standing before a black portal. The portal began to waiver a bit before ultimately fading away, leaving the woman hunched on her staff. She looked like she was in pain. Prior to this moment, Serena had only seen the Time Guardian once, and to see her in this condition was unnerving.

"You stopped time?" Raye asked in disbelief. "You know the consequences-"

Sailor Pluto smiled grimly. "I know, but now is not the moment to worry over it. Your highness, you must listen to me."

The blonde looked around and discovered that time had indeed been stopped. She brought a shaky hand to her quivering lips and looked to Sailor Pluto, who carried her staff with a heavy heart.

"These people…" She took a deep breath. "Are going to destroy the Moon."

Serena felt herself stop breathing and she held her Silver Crystal tightly. Was this possible? Were there beings strong enough to destroy whole planets? She had heard of the Princess of Saturn being able to do so, but it was at the expense of her life.

"But, I have the Crystal right here! I can-"

Sailor Pluto frowned. "No, your highness, you cannot stop this. These warriors are far stronger than anything we could hope to combat. Our powers are useless against them."

Raye looked back towards the aliens, watching as they looked upon them with great mirth. What were they worth to them? What was their galaxyworth to them? Did they relish in the death of innocents? She wiped her face free of the tears and looked back to the Time Guardian, who was being to slump farther on to the tile floor.

"These people are the leaders of the World Trade Organization. They specialize in taking over planets to sell them to the highest bidder." She frowned. "Or in the case of the Moon, destroy it because it is unsuitable for the market."

Serena gasped. "But-"

"Serena, you need to listen. I don't have much time." Raye noticed the woman fall closer to the ground, her fingers loosely gripping her staff. Serena noticed that the woman actually used her name instead of a title, which struck further fear into her heart. No one aside from her inner court used her name. "They are going to take you with them. The other girls are already on the ship. When you reach your destination, there are two ways this scenario can end."

Sailor Pluto raised a finger. "Scenario one results in Frieza taking control of the entire universe, one planet at a time."

Raye and Serena shook in terror. This was how they would end? A horrid dictator would enslave every human being. Would they forever be doomed to serve a ruthless tyrant?

But, the woman raised another finger. "Scenario two results in Frieza being overthrown and life being restored to countless life forms across the universe."

Sailor Pluto dropped her staff and held herself up by her arms.

"Each of you will face trials in this new future, and depending how you act on them, you ultimately choose the fate of the universe." She smiled at them kindly before releasing a single tear. "Good luck, your highness, and my fellow comrades. My your hearts guide you to make the right decisions and break the reign of Lord Frieza."

As she fell to the floor, her body making a sickening thud on the cold tile, time commenced. Raye felt strong arms grip her around the waist, threatening to pull her off of Serena. She kicked and screamed, but the man was much stronger than she could ever hope to be. By merely flicking her in the back of the neck, he rendered her unconscious, leaving the Princess of the once prosperous Moon Kingdom at the mercy of the invaders.

End of Prologue

Alright, this is the new stuff! The sequel to Reminiscence is also being typed as we speak! Also, I the reason Lita and Raye's title is 'Queen of...' instead 'Princess of...' like the others will be explained, I promise. It's a subplot in the fic.