You Are [Your Father's Child]

You stand tall and confident, and I'm happy to see I do, too. That smirk is something that must be passed down in genes, because I feel it on my face. The referee announces the rules, but I barely listen. All I can think of is how I will show you how strong I've become, how different I am from you.

You told me to collect these badges, and I know you didn't actually expect me to succeed. Pride swelled within me when I saw your face as I showed you the shining metals in my case. Your proposition drove me further, helped me defeat my obstacles.

But I don't collect trophies just for you.

I refuse to let my life revolve around you. For years, I tried to separate from the Pokemon genius that is my father. I never tell anyone about you when I introduce myself. I can make it on my own without having to use your influence.

So I barely acknowledge you to be of any relation to me. That's not who I am. I'm a trainer, albeit just starting out with little experience, but I will grow beyond your shadow.

And this is the first step.

I take out my Pokeball and my smirk widens into a cocky grin that's all my own. Anticipation winds through my veins, and I become giddy. I'm sure my excitement shows, even as you concentrate on my face with a fierce expression.

No, I'm not like you at all.

(I am myself.)

I will be your



(a/n) My first story on this account. I'm replaying Emerald and Ruby, and I'm trying to get inside the little sprite's mind. And when I faced Norman, I came up with this. All in all, I really wanted to put something up on this account. :D Enjoy.