Warning!!! If you don't like Herms and shemales then don't read this, and if you also don't like Furries then get the hell outta here.

It has been a few days since Sam and James had sex. The thing is, she was horny again. Sam shakes her head, as she watches her boy friend talk to someone. Sam looks around and then gasps as she looks at her groin, and then smiles, as she watches her really thick dick grow into a boner. James looks at her and smiles, noticing that she is growing and then nods towards the rabbit furry that he was talking about. The rabbit furry he was talking to was a girl, not as big breasts as Sam, but they are about size A's. A small frame, but very tall. James motions for the other girl to walk with him and Sam, and they head off towards the unused girl's shower room. Sam smiles as she gets even harder. This is going to be a good time for her and her boyfriend. Their first rape. The rabbit girl does not know what is going to happen, and that is great.

James smiles as the three of them get to the shower room, and the rabbit girl gasps, looking around in awe. "so…I fogrgot to ask you. What is your name?" He then points to sam, and then himself. "My name is James, this is my girlfriend, Sam." The girl then turns around and smiles, and then stares warrily at Sam's crotch with a confused look on her face.

"My name, Is Becca. Um…why does she?" Becca shakes her head and then half smiles, turning around again looking at the big shower space. James then motions for Sam to make her move. Sam nods, and pulls down her pants, showing her big, thick, throbbing dick, and her already wet pussy. Sam quickly grabs Becca from behind, covering her mouth so she would not scream. She could not even be heard here any way, no one even comes to this part of the school. She forces Becca down, and takes of her pants, showing a sexy pussy, a virgin vagina. James as quickly as Sam, takes off his pants, and slides his hand down to his own dick, and starts to jerk off, his girlfriend raping some one turning him on.

"Wha…What the hell are you?" Becca gasps, as she sees Sam on top of her, with a dick and a vagina, her big breasts in her face. Sam giggles and then forcefully enters her, moaning as she tries shoving her thick penis all the way in her. Becca screams out in pain as Sam thrusts her dick into her hard and fast, picking up speed as she goes. James groans as he masturbates faster and faster, his dick getting harder and harder. Sam then takes off her own shirt, and Becca's shirt, showing Becca's small breasts and Sam's big ones. Sam keeps on thrusting faster and faster, as she forces one of her huge nipples down Becca's throat. Becca's muffled scream goes out, as her eyelids flutter and then close, as she starts finally sucking on Sam's big nipple.

A couple minutes pass, as Sam keeps on thrusting faster and faster. James groans as he shoots his sperm all over the two fucking on the ground. Then he looks down at Sam, still thrusting and panting, his eyes wide. Becca is already drooling a bit, her sences overloaded from Sam raping her. "Sa…Sam." James says worried, shaking her shoulder. "I think she had enough…" Sam shakes her head, and groans, shooting out another wave of her sperm into the rabbit underneath her. When the wave stops, Sam thrusts again, arching her back as she sperms into the rabbit again. Then sam quickly turns her over, on her back, and positions her onto her hands and knees, and starts entering her tight virgin ass. Becca then shakes her head and moans, kind of forgetting where she was. Then she looks up at the Fox furry that is mounted on her and screams again.

"What…What the hell are you…" She screams and then just lets out a shreik of pain as she feels Sam shoot sperm into her ass. "Please…MAKE it STOP" she begs, each other word forced out with each thrust to her ass. James then smiles and then moves in front of Becca, and looks down at her. Becca looks up at him and whimpers, seeing that her mouth is right where his dick is, and she shakes her head. "Please, her taking advantage of me is bad enough, please do not make me do this also…" She begs, and James shakes his head, forcing his dick into her closed mouth. He groans and starts fucking her mouth, thrusting in and out, moaning once in a while. Tears start to stream down Becca's face, as she takes it in her ass, and her mouth. Sam groans, letting another blast of her sperm into Becca's ass, as she moves one of her hands down to her own pussy.

Sam pants even more, as she picks up more and more speed. Sam starts fingering her own pussy, and also Becca's and Becca starts instantly cumming all over Sam's hand. Sam smiles as she cums over her own paw also, and moans, as she sticks two fingers up into the one's she is rapings hole, and Becca lets out another scream of pain. James then lets his penis out of her mouth, and goes under her, removing Sam's fingers and shoves his muzzle into her pussy and starts to lick her from the inside out. Becca moans and shudders as her vagina keeps on cumming James smiles and keeps on licking. Becca screams, out in pleasure this time and arches her back, reaching the pitch of her orgasm, and shoots a big, huge load of cum from her vagina.

Sam gasps one last time and sperms in her ass, then quickly turns her around, kicking James out of Becca's pussy and sperms in that. After the sperm is fully in Becca, all of Sam's balls are empty of her sweet tasting sperm, Becca, James and Sam lay there panting.

"Why…Did you choose me, to rape…" She whines. Sam then smiles and and then moves to her, where her face is, and sits on her face, making her smile. Becca starts licking the inside of Sam's pussy, and Sam moans, arching her back, and cums all over the rabbits face. Sam's dick gets hard and then she forces it into Becca's mouth, and she sperms all inside of her mouth, and Becca starts biting and sucking her dick, moaning.

After a few minutes of Becca sucking her dck, Sam retreats from her mouth and starts eating her out, fingering her pussy and jerking off with the other hand. Right when Sam starts licking Becca, James pulls her out, and shakes his head.

"I know you can go on for as long as you live hun, she has had enough." James says looking at her, then Becca. Sam sighs and then nods, getting dressed, keeping one eye on Becca. James gets dressed and throws Becca's clothes at her and half smiles, laughing, seeing the pleasure on the rabbit's face. First she tried to resist the beautiful thing, having sex, but after, she embraced it, wanted it just like Sam and him did. Becca goes on her side, and starts fingering herself, moaning, groaning, and cumming. "Let us leave her to her masturbating." He chuckles as Sam and him leave, with the moaning of the Rabbit who they fucked, echoing in the empty shower room, masturbating, moving around her vagina cum, Sam's pussy cum and dick sperm, and Jame's seed. Sam stops right before the door, and puts her hand down her pants, and starts fingering herself, pushing her fingers in and out of her . James sighs, and starts putting his paw into his pants, pauses, and keeps on going, his paw heading straight for his dick. When ever his girl friend masturbated, either fingering herself or jerking off with her dick, he got turned on, no matter what. He moans, as he jerks off, and arches his back, sperming all over the inside of his pants. Sam does the same thing, sperming in her pants and her breasts shooting out milk, making her shirt really wet. James moans, and pulls off her shirt qnd bra and start sucking on her tits, drinking up her delisious milk. Sam sighs and keeps on sperming in heer pants, her watermelon sized balls never running out of the sweet seed that she has.

"Your milk…it is addicting…" He says, jerking off with one hand still and feeling her breast with the other, drinking her milk. Sam moans and then nods, smiling.

"you taste great, and feel so fine…" She mutters, pulling him away from him and pulls his pants down, and suckles his dick. James pulls her off and pulls up his pants, and smiles at her, as she puts on her clothes. Sam nods. "Not now, I know we already had sex." She smiles and kisses him.

"When we get home." They both say, leaving the locker room, with the rabbit, Becca still moaning as she still masturbated and fingered herself, pushing her fingers into her pussy hole, making herself cum all over her fingers, enjoying herself.