Five Ways Cloud and Tifa Said Nothing and Everything

FF7 (c) Square-Enix.

5: Let Love In


When she was much younger, in the days when she thought life was simple (even though it wasn't) and things were going to be normal (which they wouldn't), she daydreamed. She'd dreamed of growing up and seeing the world beyond this one, before coming back to the warmth of her family. She dreamed of owning brightly-coloured Chocobos, running free across a huge farm, like stories she'd heard.

Sometimes, as little girls did, she dreamed about her wedding. There would be flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Her mother would give her something from her mother – an heirloom, as she'd learned the other week – and she would wear a beautiful dress. Her husband would be tall and handsome. He would have kind eyes and a sweet smile. They'd finish their wedding with a kiss and everyone would cheer before they sat down to a big dinner.

Tifa no longer had such big dreams.

For as life would have it, growing up and seeing the world hadn't turned out the way she'd dreamed. She owned no Chocobos although she'd seen her fair share of them. And of course, heirlooms and flowers and beautiful dresses would never happen. She had grown up, grown too old and perhaps, grown too wise for that.

Instead, she waited. Sometimes she wondered what she was waiting for, sometimes wondered why. But inevitably, she kept falling back onto waiting. She'd gotten the hang of it.

Then, one hushed night, Cloud, haltingly and very quietly, said that he seemed to have finally caught up.

To his horror, when the words sank into her consciousness, its meaning deciphered from the way he said it and the way he looked at her, tears started to fall from her eyes. He started apologizing – trying his best to fix whatever offense he had inadvertently caused – but she shook her head, no, no, it wasn't his fault, no.

Later, as she rested her forehead against his chest, feeling the weight of his arms around her shoulders, she looked back at the girl she once had been and smiled.

All your dreams will fit in this moment.