Man, I really suck at writing endings. Anyways, my Odin Sphere kick is back, and I needed a break from school projects, so here's the beginning of a series of drabbles.

Disclaimer- Odin Sphere belongs to Vanillaware

She had never looked so beautiful before.

When poets and bards speak of a woman's beauty, they rave on about her glowing eyes, her soft, flowing hair, or her curvaceous figure. Oswald didn't refute anything they said, for Gwendolyn possessed all these traits and she was indeed stunning.

But who knew that a woman's wrists would be so enticing?

It was the first time he'd seen her forearms bare. In battle she always wore bracers and in their castle she always wore gloves. He had never noticed that her arms were so white, tiny, and delicate. Even if she was wearing her normal dress that covered most of her body, he thought that she'd never looked so bare before.

He must've been staring because Gwendolyn brought her hands up to his face to make him look at her eyes and asked him what was wrong. Instead of answering, he brought both his hands to hers, tilted his head to one side, and kissed the inside of one of her wrists. She blushed furiously as he kissed her other wrist, his lips lingering over her skin as he looked at her.

She's still not used to intimate touches, and neither is he, but he couldn't help himself because she looked too beautiful in the moment, and he tells her so. She brings their hands to her face to hide her growing blush, and he can't help but smile, because he has the rest of their lives to be next to her, to touch her, and to love her.