Her back was always left open.

When she was on the battlefield, it was to show her enemies that she was unafraid of attacks from behind, that she was a fierce warrior who could hold her own in a fight. It showed her subordinates that she was courageous, to stare death in the face but still be able to keep her own ground. She had scars and small nicks on her hands and armor, but nothing marred her backside. She preferred to fight her battles face-to-face and let no one close enough to come up behind her.

But it made her lonely, that she was so unapproachable. Her back was a sign of confidence and strength, but it also built a wall between her and everyone else- she wouldn't let anyone get too close to her, she couldn't let her guard down for anyone. She had to be a symbol of power and authority to her people, she couldn't rely on anyone else to guard her and protect her. She was respected and loved by her people, but she felt so cold and alone.

Now, she doesn't have to worry about staying unguarded, her life as a warrior is over and she doesn't have to put up appearances. She can start to tear the wall she built up down, she can learn to lean on others for comfort and support.

She stands out on her balcony, looking at her father's castle in the distance. She hears him come up behind her and becomes tense out of habit, feet getting ready to spin her around and attack him before she stops herself. He understands and slowly, gently, he wraps his arms around her and brings her back toward him. She's still a little tense, but he gives her hands a reassuring squeeze and places a light kiss in her hair. She relaxes into his hold and leans back into him, wrapping his arms tighter around her. She knows that he won't hurt her, and he knows that he doesn't have to guard her constantly, for she is strong and can take care of herself.

She loves the warmth and comfort that he gives, and she loves the happiness of knowing she's not alone anymore.