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1) Title - Introduction

Fandom – Naruto

Characters – Gaara, Teki (OC)

Pairings – GaaTeki (Bakemonoshipping, my own term)

Prompt - #1: "Introduction"

Word Count – 615

I like meeting new people. I really do. But, introductions are not always the most pleasant of affairs. They can be awkward; stiff, uncomfortable, full of forced politeness. Often, one of your friends (or, perhaps, they just assume they're your friend) will introduce you to someone you could really care less about being acquainted with. Then, it really feels fake. I hate that feeling.

Today was no exception. Even as a little kid, I hated introductions. It was even worse, since I'd just moved to Sunagakure. It had been a week since I'd wandered here from Aitegakure, after I'd killed my grandmother. I really didn't care about meeting people, especially kids my age. I already knew everyone I needed to know—Kazekage, and Yashamaru.

So, you can imagine my discomfort, when someone sat down on the swing next to me. The boy lightly cleared his throat, and I groaned in my mind. That was the kind of thing that prompted an introduction, which I hated. So, I just ignored him.

Eventually, he started. "Hi, there."

Again, I ignored him.

"What's your name? I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours."

"I don't care about your name," I snapped. I'd accidentally been more rude than I'd meant to. "And I'm sure you really don't care

about mine."

"But I do. Do you want to play with me?"

"No. I'm watching the ball game."

"Oh, okay. I'll just sit here and watch with you, I guess."

When the brown-haired girl asked me to join the game, I couldn't agree fast enough. I didn't feel like talking to him, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings by saying so.

It was a week later that I first saw his face. The brunette girl (Tsubasa, my new best friend) and I were watching TV. Kawaii Shounen, our favorite show of all time. A knock on the door alerter me to a presence, so I answered it. I was surprised by the little boy's good looks. He had amazing red hair, softly spiked, bangs falling over his face. His eyes were beautiful: a light blue, like someone had taken two handfuls of the sky and put them in his eyes, staring at me sweetly from under thick, black outlines. His smile was innocent, guileless—he hadn't yet been exposed to the true evils of this world. And what surprised me most was his voice. When he spoke, asking me if Tsubasa was there, his voice was the voice of the boy who'd sat beside me on the swings. I felt terrible; how could I have been so cruel? He was so blameless, so beautiful…

When I got Tsubasa, and he explained what he was there for, I thought he was the most wonderful creature in the world. We still didn't exchange our names, but we were introduced. Tsubasa refused his help—she called him a monster, and slammed the door in his face.

That was the last night I was friends with her.

I called the boy Red, because I didn't know his real name, and I liked his hair. It was years later—six years, to be exact—that I would learn his real name. This formal introduction marked the first time he tried to kill me. Later that same night, I went up to the roof with him—against the orders of my sensei—and I discovered his name.

Gaara of the Desert. Sabaku no Gaara. The youngest son of the Fourth Kazekage—my own adoptive father.

Then, he decided that I was annoying, and pushed me off the roof.

But I smiled to myself before I slept, for our numerous introductions had all been meaningful.

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