The Strangers

Chapter 6 of the Strangers, a story set after the film. This is the last chapter… I hope you enjoy it!!!

"Why did you do it?" asked Shelley, looking right at her.

Her sister couldn't meet her gaze. Kathy let out a whimper, drawing a sour look from the brown haired girl.

"Answer me!" demanded Shelley, suddenly feeling like the one standing over her sister with two killers, and not the one tied to a chair, about to be murdered.

Her sister opened her mouth, and closed it again.

The man in the mask nudged the twin. She turned to him. It was as though they had their own private language only they could understand, because the twin shook her head.

"What? What's happening?" whispered Kathy.

Shelley didn't answer. She had a very good idea of what was about to happen to them, but she couldn't say it out loud because that would make it seem so much more real.

The man in the mask turned to the brown haired girl, who glared at the twin, then turned and left the room.

The man in the mask stared at Shelley, cocking his head on one side. She stared back resolutely, then turned to her twin, who looked about to burst into tears.

"So you ran away with these two psychopaths? Left me worrying about you when really you were murdering innocent people? And tonight, our friends?"

When her sister didn't reply straight away, Shelley said her name, spitting it out as though it was a swear word.

"I didn't kill any of them!" her sister yelled suddenly, jerking her head up to meet Shelley's burning emerald eyes. "It was all-"

The man in the mask grabbed her arm before she could give away their identity.

The twin glared at him and then shook herself free.

"I only killed Tom because he was going to kill me," said Shelley's sister, as though it were Tom's fault.

Shelley felt a sudden burst of anger.

"Because he thought you were going to kill him! He thought he was going to die! And do you know what? I wish he had killed you! You deserve to die! I hate you! I stayed up every night waiting for news of you, hoping they'd find you, even after what you said to me that day before you disappeared. I hate you, -"

She finished with her sister's name, and then their was total silence. For a moment, her sister looked as though she'd been winded, then her face hardened.

"I missed you too, Shelley, but if I came back to see you you'd tell everyone I was okay and then mum and dad would tell me to come home and it would all be ruined. I'm not a murderer! I-I…I've only killed three people, and that includes Tom!"

Shelley couldn't say any more. She was too angry, too heartbroken. Everything had changed. She was going to die. Her own sister was going to watch her die.

The brown haired woman came back- with a huge knife, as big as the one the man in the mask had used to kill Amelia with. She lay it on the floor for a moment, then pulled her mask off. Shelley didn't recognise her. She was quite pretty, but not as pretty as Shelley's sister. Her dark eyes skimmed across Shelley and landed on Kathy. Kathy glared back resolutely, if terrified.

Then the man in the mask pulled the sack off his head. He was incredibly handsome and Shelley blinked at him, but it didn't lessen her unbelievable hatred of him. She didn't recognise him, either.

The man and the brown haired woman stared at Shelley's sister.

"Do I have to?" she asked.

They nodded darkly.

Shelley's twin picked up the knife and came towards her with it.

Shelley whimpered her sister's name, all her earlier courage gone. "Please don't do this to me," she whispered.

Her sister bent down to her level.

"I have to," she replied, too quiet for the other two to hear. And then she stabbed Shelley, right in the stomach.

The pain was so intense that Shelley simply stayed still, frozen in time. The blood roared in her ears. She could vaguely hear Kathy screaming and her sister beginning to cry. Then the knife was drawn out of her, and if anything the pain intensified. Shelley tilted her head back, beginning to scream, as her sister passed the knife to the handsome man, who, with a sadistic grin, stabbed her in the stomach, in a different spot to her twin.

Spots exploded in front of her eyes, and her ears popped, as she felt warm blood pour down her stomach and her legs onto the carpet. She was practically dead, she knew it. She could only hope Kathy's death would be less painful.

As Shelley sank into unconsciousness for the last time, she glared right at her sister, showing her how much pain she'd caused, physically and mentally, and how she'd insulted her that last day, when she'd told Shelly she'd end up with no life, living on the streets in London, and her twin wouldn't lend her a penny. Then her vision blurred and all she could see was the clock, and the hands pointed at exactly 11am.