Rudder Problems

I threw the document onto the nightstand and switched off the light when I heard Aaron's footsteps along the corridor outside. I figured that if he found out that I was still awake there would be too many questions to answer. Aaron entered the room, and jumped into bed without bothering to change out of his work clothes. We both lay in silence for a while, when suddenly, a shudder filled through the ship. Aaron was already asleep, so I crept out of the cabin and into the corridor to investigate the noise. Another shudder sent me running to the stern of the ship, where the noise was coming from.

Nobody else seemed to have heard the noise, for the corridors leading to the auxiliary control room were deserted. I climbed up a ladder and into the crow's-nest. I lifted the hatch and peered out.

Wind wiped at my face as I looked in shock at the rudder. A large cable hung from the rudder. It had no doubt been snapped, leaving the controls to the rudder useless. What more, a large cloud of nimbus lay ahead and a strong gust of wind buffeted the ship. With no controls, the Aurora was like a child's balloon in the wind. The ship turned sharply and completely out of control. I grabbed the speaking tube, but before I could say a word, a loud siren filled the ship, as the crew was finally aware of the danger. Our only chance was to manually repair the rudder, and before we came crashing down into the ocean.

I bolted down the ladder and tore across the catwalk, towards the crew already setting out onto the ship's elevators. I followed, clipped on a safety harness and opened up a hatch. I clambered onto the elevator to see how much damage had been down. It looked bad.

Another gust of wind sent the ship spiraling around like a horizontal Ferris-wheel. Screams were heard from inside the ship. I felt like screaming myself, for down below the ocean was getting closer and closer…