The first thing he felt was pain.

A deep throbbing pain throughout his skull, no area hurt more or less than the rest, it was just a lump of pain wrapped in skin sitting where his head was supposed to be. It was dark, even with his eyes open, and he'd lost feeling in his left arm.


"Rise and shine pumpkin." Came a voice from above him, ripping the blanket covering his eyes off and tossing it to the floor. The light and noise penetrated and made the pain worsen.

"Oww… shut up Rocky." Justin moaned reaching over the edge of the couch, searching for aforementioned blanket. His arm burst out in to that pins and needles feeling. "Pain…"

"So how was your 21st birthday? Do you now admit I gave you the best gift of the night?" Rocky asked, clearly taking amusement in Justin's pain.

Justin squinted as he attempted to remember the day before… gift… gift, what was his gift? Adam had given him one of Hartford's computers that Adam had used to keep information on the Overdrive rangers, Tommy gave him a photo album that Kat had put together, and numerous friends, both former rangers and college buddies had bought him drinks… What did Rocky give him?

Rocky dangled a blue ice bag with the words "Hangover Recovery Apparatus" printed on in big, black, block letters.

"Gimme!" Justin said sitting up enough to attempt to swipe the bag away from the former zeo ranger. He immediately regretted the action and flopped back down on the couch when Rocky pulled it away again. "Ow… I thought you were my friend."

"Just say it's the most awesome gift ever."

"Just give me the damn bag!"

"Watch your language, small children should not speak like that."


"You're irritable when hung over…"

All of this arguing was making his head throb even more, with a roll of his eyes Justin sighed. "Okay, best gift ever."

"And now say you're going to go clubbing with me every night because Adams' gotten all 'responsible' all on me."

Justin stuck his tongue out… not if it was going to end this way every time. "Go away."

With a shrug of his shoulders Rocky left and Justin groaned again. Finally. He grabbed onto the blanket and wrapped himself up in a cocoon of blanket. He was about to fall asleep again when a fresh amount of pain shot through his skull. He sleepily ventured outside his blanket once again.

"Rocky! Bring the ice bag back"

There was no answer.

"… please?"