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Chapter 6: Let's Go, Let's Go Masquerading!

We tried to figure out what the key went to and what tie in it had with Madame and the boy.

Arabella tried to give it to Fitzy, but Jack slapped his wrist and grabbed it himself.

" Too slow, hahahaha!" I said, giving Jack a high-five.

And then Erin tried to hit me again and I got out of the way just in time.

"Missed me! Haha!" I said.

Jack rubbed some of the dirt from the key and read the words on it.

"Ow-bergie dorlians. What's that supposed to mean?"

"Must be some kind of bazaar or voodoo shop." I said.

"Auberge d'Orleans, it is the inn they talked about building while I lived here. It must be completed now, I think it's a place for rich people. I have no idea where it is, though." Jean said.

"Right then, let's ask the friendly natives." Jack sighed.

Arabella went with Caitlin; Erin went with Fitz(figures); Jean, Tumen, and Constance went together; and I went with Jack(not sure how that ended up).

Jack and I went up to a large woman with a bright yellow dress having tea. She looked pretty normal.

"Excuse me, madam," Jack , giving her a sweeping bow. " I was wondering if you could possibly tell me the- yergh!"

The woman turned around and she had a full, black, curly beard.

"Yes?" she said in a deep, husky voice. " Read your tea leaves?"

"Ah, no thank you, not today, I'm having coffee," Jack apologized, backing away.

"Yeah, I'm on a diet!" I said, following Jack.

A gentleman walked by and Jack took a minute to study him and make sure he was ok.

"Excuse me, good sir," Jack said. "I was wondering if you could kindly…."

"Let your blood? Absolutely!" the man replied eagerly. He revealed a syringe and a jar of black squirming things. " Needles or leeches?"

We backed away slowly.

"Let's get outta here, I'm afraid of needles and little black bugs." I said quickly.

"Terribly sorry. I thought you were someone else. Entirely. Without the, ah, sucky-things."

It was ridiculous. Then we spotted a beautiful lady down the path, which Jack fell head over heels for(uck). She was tall and had porcelain white skin that fairly gleamed against the midnight black dress she wore. Her hair was blood red- it almost looked black- and she wore gemmed netting over it. She held a green and spangled masquerade mask with sparkling fangs( just the right look of eeeevvviiilll).

"Excuse me, madam," Jack began, stepping forward, I followed suit, smugly.

"I was wondering if you could point us in the direction of the Auberge d'Orleans. And the quickest possibly route there, if you could. We're in a bit of a hurry."

The woman parted her lips in a beautiful smile(show off).

"Bon Chance," she said. "That is exactly where I am going. You can follow me there." Her accent was heavily French not that different from the man at the docks.

Jack smiled cockily, and waved for the crew to come over. The girls took one look at her and frowned, the guys on the other hand…..Fitzy straightened his jacket and Erin slapped him. We walked on and the lady looked back at us and bit her lip.

"The Auberge is…..a….very formal place," she said as politely (but still rudely) as she could. We looked at each other.

"There is a Masquerade tonight," the woman suggested. "You might be able to get in if you are in costume….and cleaned up a bit….but your dreadful old cat will never be allowed."

Constance hissed at her and Jean scooped her up to hug her defensively.

"Oh, leaving that thing behind won't be a problem," Jack said. He gave a wink to us. "We have to get in…a cousin of mine, he's in the shipping business. Rum of course. What else would it be? Rum and bananas, all over the world. He's going to get us all jobs. Owes me, he does." He gave the woman his most winning smile.

She smiled back. "Well, I am a fairly well-respected member of New Orleans society," she said with a wink. "Perhaps I can assist you."

"Most grateful, beautiful lady," Jack said with another bow. Then he whispered to us, "Did you see that? She is absolutely crazy about me. Ain't no crime in being charming and handsome."

All of us girls rolled our eyes.

"I bet she's the Madame!" I said out loud. The guys ignored me, but the girls somewhat believed me. "I know I'm right!"

It was a short walk to the hotel. The place was beautiful. Gaslights, tall columns, a red carpet leading in, and a very impressive-looking doorman with a long gray cape and matching cap. He gave us a disgusting once-over. Then he saw the woman, and his attitude immediately changed.

"Bon Soir, madam," He said politely, bowing.

"Bon Soir," she swiftly said back. Then she spoke to him in French. She gestured at us. When they were done, the woman turned and nodded at Jack.

"You may follow me." The doorman stepped back and let us file in, but he stopped Jean and Constance. The lady told him it was ok and the doorman grudgingly let them go. Inside was even prettier. Miles of thick red and black velvet draped everything. The long hall we went down had mirrored walls and was hung with chandeliers. All the partygoers with their champagne glasses were wearing elegant masks of incredible designs. The woman snapped her fingers and out of nowhere an attendant in a black-and-red cape appeared with a bag filled with masks. She smiled and picked through them, carefully choosing eight.

"You must wear these," she told us. She gave Jack a golden mask with a sharp, pointed nose; Arabella was given a fiery red one adorned with feathers; Fitz got a white one with a fake tricorn hat above black diamonds around the eyes; Jean and Tumen wore matching devilish masks , complete with horns and pointed eyebrows; Erin got one with purple jewels all over and green feathers around the edge; Caitlin received a pink jeweled one with a crown on top; and I was given a dark blue one adorned with sparkly stars and moons.

"This is the stuff, mates. We'll blend in perfectly!" Jack stated. "I must go now. Good luck finding your cousin," the woman said with an elegant wave of her hand. She turned away and put on her own mask.

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