I went home and went straight to bed as soon as I got home from the party. Thinking about Neji, Sakura, Ayumi, and of course Kiba. Sleep came quickly too and I dreamed about a lot of things. I knew my date would be soon, Friday is what Neji said.

Four days, not that I cared of course!

It was just a date right.

Not that I cared, I sighed and looked at my cloths that the girls were still wanting me too wear. All of them the pink the frilly..it wasn't me. I looked in my closet full of my clothes that were me. Jeans and tee shirts with a few tank tops.

That was me I thought to myself. I walked downstairs carefully in the skirt Sakura picked out and a red tank top. Mom greeted me cheerfully, I didn't get too see her last night.

"How was the party?" She asked and looked me up too down. "It was okay. Still not my thing.." I told her and sat down.

"Never was sweetie. Tenten, why are you suddenly dressing like this?" I knew mom hating asking questios about my personal life. She always let me come out with it. Tell her when I was ready but I guess this time she was very worried. "Mom, Neji has changed so much. He's such a jerk!" I came out with it. She nodded firmly, "This has to do with your cloths how?" Mom asked with a slight sweet tone.

"My friends and I thought that if..we..got him too love me when could break his heart." I told her with a bit of embarrassing.

"Oh, sweetie. Life isn't a movie, you can't always expect things to happen like that." She looked at me for a second. "But, if you truly want to do this although I don't believe it's a very good idea I'm not going to stop you." Mom hugged me gently and I waved bye and went outside to were Kiba was waiting with his motercycle. "Nice skirt!" He smirked and I hit him on the shoulder.

"Shut it dog boy." I smiled and we went off to go and get too school. I still loved the way the wind felt in my hair from the motercycle. I held on tightly until we pulled up to Konaha High and we parked. "So guess what?" I tapped Kiba on the shoulder. He grinned

"What?" He asked with a slight puppy curiousity.

"I've got a date!" Kiba looked a bit angry but then his grin came back. "Aw babe I thought the guys were sopposed to plan! You shouldn't have!" Kiba said and patted me on the head.

"Not with you. With Neji." I told him as we walked into the school. Kiba stopped a minute and then quickly catched up. "R-really? Well looks like the plan is going well then." He said with something in his voice I couldn't place. "This is my class! Bye Kiba!" I gave him a quick hug and ran into homeroom. Everyone was talking and of course the teacher was late. I sat down beside Sakura and smiled at her, "Hey." She smiled too and looked back to Hinata who was beside her. Sighing to myself I turned and looked down at my desk I was still slightly tired from the party and was also worried about everything. Soon Kakashi walked in and began a lesson on practically nothing while most people in the back threw paper balls and laughed.

"Neji and you are going on a date!" Hinata almost screamed at me out of nowhere.

"Shh! Yes." I told her and Sakura laughed. Hinata looked disgusted and looked at Sakura then Sakura nodded. "Okay, Tenten. Your in. Now you two have the best time ever and make him fall in love with you." Sakura smiled a bit too wide and looked over at Hinata.

"When is the date?" Hinata asked me with a slight edge. "Friday.." I said with a calming voice. "Hey Hinata!" Naruto walked up too us with a huge smile and looked at Hinata.

"O-Oh hey-N-Naruto.." I sighed and watched there love fest. Sakura eventually turned to me and smiled.

"Friday night everyhting has too be perfect." She said and gave me a high five. "So how is you and Kiba going?" Something twinged inside of me.

"Good." I said and the bell rung.

Quickly getting up I almost tripped now I didn't exactly feel like talking. I walked down the halls only to run into Neji, who looked at me a second but walked on. I sighed as I entered my next class. Soon, lunch had arrived and I wasn't that hungry. "Hey!" Kiba yelled coming over too me.

"Hi." I replied and sat down beside him at an empty lunch table. "Why alone?" He asked. "I'm having a blah day.." I yawned and smiled a bit.

Neji slightly glared at us from his 'popular' table and I couldn't help but snicker a bit. Ayumi was looking at Kiba and well Sakura was watching it all willingly.

"So, I guess are dating scheme is over huh?" He asked.

"Yep." I looked at him.

"It was fun though." He nodded a bit. "I'm going to go put my tray up..and talk to Neji." I said and stood.

"Maybe I can take you on a real date..sometime..?" Kiba asked before I walked away. I blushed, "Um, I'll get back too you." I walked away leaving the dog boy in his thoughts.

I didn't talk to Neji, just sort of went back to class because I was a bit freaked out, I mean wow!

Now the question of 'If Tenten should say yes' poll.

I looked down at my desk with a small frown and was barley listening. I pulled out a piece of paper

'Pros and Cons of Kiba'


1. Very cute

2. Skater attitude

3. Puppy dog eyes *swoon*

4. Amazing abs

5. Very Loyal

6. Owns a dog-Always a plus

7. Best guy friend.

I sighed as I looked down at it. Then I began a cons list


1. Very rude

2. Dangerous

3. Has a big past

4. It might be like dating a dog..and I don't believe in different species dating.

5. If we ever went to a whole new level he might only go 'doggy style'

6. ...

I couldn't think of anything else. Oh wait-I put my pen down.

6. Neji

I sighed and looked up and noticed the teacher was telling us to turn in-something.

The bell run at that time and I stood up quickly stuffing it in my pocket. Then I remembered that was the last class of the day-yay!

Yes, I know it's short but it's kind of like filler chapter. :) I need to know-should she say yes?