Chapter One: My Fair Gilligan

For the first time in a long time, Major Sam Carter stared at the spinning Stargate with a nearly debilitating sense of dread. She bit her lip and glanced sideways at the man standing just to her right. From the tension in his muscles, she knew he felt the same.

"This is a bad idea, sir. A really, really bad idea." Her voice was low, just loud enough for him to hear without alerting the other sixty-some people in the embarkation room.

"I know, Carter," Colonel O'Neill answered, just as softly. "I told him. Hammond told him. The Joint Chiefs told him. If I thought he'd listen to you, I'd send you over there in a heartbeat."

She let out an audible breath. "Yes, sir." But she looked over her other shoulder anyway, past Teal'c, to where a group of men in dark suits and one woman in a bright red sweater stood. In the center of the group stood one very newly inaugurated president.

After weeks of fighting with Vice President Kinsey, Henry Hayes had decided that the only surefire way to decide on the efficacy of General Hammond and SG-1 was to see it for himself – in action. And no matter how many people had told him that 'uninhabited' and 'secure' didn't mean 'safe,' the president wanted to see the technology and opportunities for himself. Worse, as Commander in Chief, there wasn't a person on the planet who could tell the man no. And so the embarkation room was packed to the gills with five SG teams, thirty Secret Service agents, an ambassador and three presidential aides.

"Carter," the colonel said reassuringly, though she wasn't sure exactly who he was trying to comfort, "it's just three hours."

"Yes, sir," she murmured back. "A three-hour tour."

His head spun so fast he thought he'd hurt himself. "Well, when you put it like that," he muttered, well aware of the fate of that crew.

The wormhole exploded into life, and Sam took a tense breath, clutching her P-90 a little closer to her chest.

"After you, Professor," Jack said softly, and the total lack of levity in his voice removed any of the humor from his words.

She set her jaw. "Yes, sir, Skipper, sir."

"Oh, come on. I don't even get to be Gilligan?" He motioned her past, and this time she obeyed.

Bad idea, indeed.

Author's Note: Yes, the chapter names are episode titles from "Gilligan's Island." I couldn't resist. :-) Thanks for reading!