Chapter One: An Unplanned Trip

Full Summery: When an accident with a time machine flings the titans 25 years into the future, they end up running into an unexpected surprise: their own children! They just don't know it yet! However, things get even more complicated when Slade shows up.

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Titans Tower, June 3, 2009

Masked eyes gazed out of the window of the tower, silently observing the city it overlooked. The owner of those eyes smiled to himself, clearly pleased with what he saw. For once, the often crime troubled city was free from any disturbance or commotion, many of it's usual criminals securely imprisoned. As a result, Jump City was experiencing an unusual period of tranquility that had lasted an entire week so far.

Robin was especially glad with the current situation. So far, the tower alarm hadn't gone off once, no crimes were taking place, and the only screams he'd heard all week were those of elated children enjoying their summer vacation and playing in the park. Everything was calm, peaceful…

"What!?!" a voice suddenly yelled out, sounding absolutely furious. "I can't believe you! You cheated, I want a rematch!" Robin sighed. Well, almost peaceful. The teen hero turned around. In front of him was his four teammates. Starfire was cooking, or attempting to anyways, and Raven was reading one of her books, but neither was the source of the problem.

Beastboy was glaring at Cyborg, who glared right back at him. "I didn't cheat, grass stain, and you know it! Admit it, I'm just a better player then you." Cyborg retorted. "Oh you wish! If you're so great, why don't you prove it tin man, this time without cheating!" Beastboy snapped back.

"Hey!" Robin called out, catching their attention. "Cut it out. It's just a game." At this, both Beastboy and Cyborg froze, spinning around to stare at Robin and looking absolutely appalled. "Dude, that is so wrong! This isn't just a game! This is Mega Monkeys Five! The master of all games!" Beastboy yelled in horror waving his arms for empathies.

"Yeah, to say it's just another game… that is an insult!" Cyborg added firmly. Beneath his mask, Robin rolled his eyes but he didn't say anything. At least that had put an end to their argument.

At that moment the alarm, which had been silent the whole week, suddenly rang. Instantly the five teenagers leapt to their feet. Robin went to the main computer and found the trouble, Warp trying to rob the museum again. Within moments, they were gone.

Warp walked thru the museum, his gaze landing on the one item he was after. He walked over, reaching his hand out towards it… only to have it hit with a boomerang. He winched, pulling his hand back and looking towards the back door. The Titans glared back at him, standing a few feet away. "If you know what's good for you, you'll give yourself up now." Raven stated in a monotone, her eyes narrowed. Warp laughed.

"Silly children. Your defeat over me the last time we meet was nothing but pure luck. This time will be different. You shall not meddle in my plans again." he declared. The titans shrugged. "Suit yourself. Personally I like this way better." Cyborg said. "Titans go!" Robin yelled, and they all surged forward.

Warp fought back but despite his futuristic gadgets, he was no match for the titans. He did however manage to dodge Starfire's starbolts, and Cyborg's sonic cannon. He also leapt out of the way in time to keep Beastboy, who had currently changed into a tiger, from ramming into him, instead letting him hit Robin, as well as evade the items Raven levitated and threw at him.

He grabbed the time machine, and immediately began putting in a date but at that moment, Cyborg's sonic cannon hit him, sending him flying back. Warp pulled himself up only to find himself surrounded by dark energy and having Raven levitate him up. He struggled in her grip but it was useless. Raven looked at him, unimpressed. "You were saying?" she said.

Soon the police arrived and took Warp into custody. As they left, Beastboy walked over to the time machine, picking it up and examining it. "Why don't we have one of these things? It's so cool." he stated.

Robin shook his head. "Put it down Beastboy. We're leaving." he called as he and the others walked towards the exit. Glancing back, his eyes narrowed. "Beastboy put that down!" he snapped, seeing the green teenager tossing the time machine carelessly in his hands. "Don't worry, I got it!" he yelled back.

Just as he finished speaking, the time machine slipped between his fingers and hit the floor, hard, the impact changing some of the numbers Warp had put in. A moment later the machine suddenly opened a portal. "Oops." Beastboy muttered, sweat-dropping.

"Beastboy! What did you do?" Robin yelled at him. Beastboy shook his head. "Nothing I swear! It did that by itself!" he insisted. Suddenly, the portal began to draw them in. As much as they resisted, they portal continued to tug at them, until they were all pulled inside. For a moment, there was a blinding flash of light. Then, darkness engulfed them.

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