Chapter 10: The Confrontation

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The night passed very slowly for the tower's residents, few of them actually managing to get some rest. The majority however, spent the night tossing and turning in their beds, their minds restless with the news they had received that day. As dawn arrived and the first, fragile rays of light began to peek over the horizon, several of the current titans gave up trying to gain a few hours of sleep and started gathering in the kitchen.

Moonfire groaned in protest as her alarm clock went off. Her eyes still shut, she reached out in the general direction of the noise, fumbling blindly for the off switch. Her brows furrowed in confusion when her hand met only air and she allowed her eyes to open slightly.

She saw her alarm clock on top of the drawer next to her bed, the same place it always was. She also saw her bed, the pillows perfectly aligned and the covers neat and unruffled. She sighed, lifting her head off the keyboard of her computer, winching slightly at the soreness in her back.

"Oh well. Guess that's what you get for sleeping at the computer. Again." she thought to herself, stretching her arms and yawning as she stood up and turned off the alarm clock. The events of last night replayed in her head, and she sighed as she left the room and started walking towards the kitchen area and her waiting teammates.

As she passed by Sparrow's room however Moonfire suddenly stopped, a slight noise catching her attention. She frowned, turning back and knocking on the door slightly. "Sparrow?" she called, listening for her friend's reply. A soft, incoherent muttering was all she heard in return.

Moonfire sighed, and reached over to open the door, knowing it wouldn't be locked. It never was. The mess in her room was enough to keep anyone away. Sure enough, the door opened easily, stopping short at a pile of clothes that obstructed it's path.

Moonfire grimaced as she surveyed the room. "Seriously, Sparrow," she murmured to herself. "You have got to do something about this place!"

Slowly she made her way to Sparrow's bed, tripping over piles of comics, stepping into slices of month old pizza and whatever else was in the area that the young changeling dared call a bedroom. When she finally got there, she reached over and shook Sparrow's shoulder slightly.

"Hey, Sparrow. Wake up." she whispered.

Sparrow only garbled something unintelligible and turned away from Moonfire, clutching onto her pillow and still in a deep sleep. Moonfire rolled her eyes, shaking her a little more roughly.

"Sparrow! Come on, everyone's waiting for us! We have to decide on what to do about our parents, remember?"

Sparrow continued to sleep and Moonfire sighed again, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. As irritating as trying to wake Sparrow was, Moonfire had to admit she was slightly envious of the younger girl's ability to sleep thorough anything. To be honest, Sparrow was the only person on the team who got enough sleep, and then some.

Still, right now was no time to continue napping. They had to discuss what they were going to do about their parents and come to a final decision before any of them woke up. Moonfire stood there, thinking for a moment before a smile crossed her face.

"Sparrow, did you hear the news?" she asked casually. "They just released that new video game you've been wanting. You know, that Big Monkey… whatever thing."

The change was instantaneous. The once slumbering teen suddenly sat bolt upright, her eyes bright and excited, without a hint of drowsiness on her face. "No way!" she screamed joyfully. "Mega Monkeys Eleven is out? Dude, that's not supposed to come out until this summer! Where are they selling it? I have to get it, I just…"

"Sparrow!" Moonfire cut in, staring at her suddenly wide awake friend. "I was kidding! I just made that up to wake you." she explained.

Sparrow's expression fell. "What? Why would you do something like that?" she demanded, glaring at Moonfire as though she had committed some atrocious crime. Her leader only rolled her eyes in response.

"Come on. Everyone else is probably already in the kitchen. We have to go." she insisted. Sparrow grumbled under her breath but complied, following Moonfire outside the room and into the kitchen, where indeed the rest of their team was waiting.

"There you are!" Darkstar said when he saw them walk in. "About time you two got here!"

"Yeesh, you say it like we're hours late." Moonfire retorted, an amused smile on her face as she sat down at the table. However, her expression quickly turned from humored to serious. "Well, now that we are all here, I guess it's time for the big decision." she murmured, fixing a firm gaze on each of her friends in turn.

"Do we tell them, or not?"

Meanwhile, with Beastboy:

Beastboy opened the door of his room slightly, just enough to stick his head out and look around the halls. Seeing no one, he walked out, quickly making his way to the kitchen. He stopped just short of the room, pressing his ear against the door and straining to hear what the current titans were saying.

"… you have to admit, we're not exactly in a position to pass up there help."

"Yeah, and anyways, how badly can telling them mess up the timeline?"

"You really wanna risk finding out?"

"Do we really have a choice? If Slade attacks us at the tower before the time machine's finished, the truth will end up coming out anyways."

"Exactly! If they're going to find out either way, they may as well hear it from us!"

Having heard enough, Beastboy decided it was time to make his grand entrance. He pressed the button on the wall that made the doors to the kitchen slide open automatically. Instantly, all conversation died down as he walked in, the current titans looking at him in surprise.

"Beastboy," Stinger spoke up at last, looking slightly uncomfortable. "It's barely seven. What are you doing up so early?"

Beastboy shrugged slightly. "Why? Is there something wrong with me being up right now?" he asked, the words coming out slightly harsher then he had intended.

"No, of course not, it's just…" Aquagirl hesitated slightly, then continued. "We figured you'd still be asleep."

"Yeah, well, I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep." he replied. He leaned against the wall casually.

"So, what did the vote come out too?" The sudden question was asked offhandedly, but his expression had transformed from calm to deadly serious. The current titans stared at him.

"What vote?" Moonfire asked, her voice holding a cautious edge to it.

"Oh, you know," he replied, waving his hand dismissively. "The one about whether or not you guys are going to tell us you're our kids." By now, Beastboy's tone had lost all traces of casualness and he glared at the current titans, who for their part were staring in unhidden shock at him. "That vote."

The room had become deathly silent, the current titans staring at him and exchanging stunned glances between themselves. Moonfire opened and shut her mouth twice in an attempt to say something before she finally managed to find her voice again.

"How…" she started, only to cut herself off, her expression turning from stunned to furious. She spun around to face one of her teammates. "Sparrow! What did you tell him!?" she demanded.

"What!?" Sparrow yelped, leaping to her feet. "I didn't tell him anything, I swear!" she defended herself.

"Oh really?" Moonfire retorted disbelievingly. "Spare me the innocent act. Telling them is exactly the type of thing you'd do! How could you? We told you not to and…"

"And I didn't!" Sparrow shouted, shaking her head fiercely. "Moon, I swear, I didn't say anything! I mean, yeah, I'm always doing stuff that you guys tell me not to do, but I didn't this time! Really!"

Moonfire frowned, but she could tell by Sparrow's expression that she was telling the truth. Which brought her to the second most likely suspect. "Archera! I thought we agreed not to say anything!" she yelled.

The auburn haired girl, who only a moment before had been glaring at Sparrow as well, spun around in shock. "What!? Are you crazy, I didn't tell him!"

"Oh please! Weren't you the one who came into my room last night with your 'we should tell them' speech!" Moonfire countered.

"Yeah, so did Crow and Aquagirl but I don't see you accusing them of anything!" Archera replied fiercely.

"That's because Crow and Aquagirl aren't gossipers like you are!" Moonfire returned.

Archera rolled her eyes. "Give me a break. Moonfire, you know that I wouldn't gossip about something as serious as this! I'm not that compulsive!" she snapped back.

"Then who…"

"Cut it out!" Beastboy shouted suddenly, putting a halt to the fight. "It was you Moonfire! I found out from you!" he revealed.

"Me?" Moonfire looked more bewildered now then ever. "What are talking about? I'm pretty sure I would have remembered telling you something like that." she insisted.

Beastboy shifted uncomfortably under the current titans' stares. "Well, you didn't really tell me. I kinda overheard you talking about it."

Moonfire frowned. "Overheard? How could you have…" she stopped and suddenly placed a hand on her forehead. "He didn't." she muttered, before suddenly storming out of the kitchen. The rest of the current titans, as well as Beastboy, exchanged perplexed glances before getting up and following her.

They found her in her a moment later, searching through every corner of her room. "Where did he put them?" she whispered fiercely, tossing various items out of the drawers of her desk as she searched for something.

Beastboy and the current titans could only stand back and stare as the frenzied girl tore through her room in search of something. At last, she pulled aside the curtains of her window and suddenly stopped. Her eyes narrowed as she reached over and plucked a small, semi circle object from the corner of her window.

"What is that?" Crow questioned, raising an eyebrow at the odd device.

"It's a mini microphone." Moonfire replied, seething. "Ugh, I can't believe I didn't see this coming! My dad's been bugging my room ever since I was eight, I should have known he'd pull something like this!"

Darkstar looked startled. "Wait, if Dad was the one who set this up, does that mean he knows too?" he asked, turning around to look at Beastboy for an answer.

Beastboy shook his head. "By 'Dad' I'm guessing you mean Robin and no, he doesn't know. None of them do." he told them. He glared at them. "Why didn't you guys tell us?!" he demanded.

"It's not that we didn't want to," Crow said. "We just couldn't risk it. It would mess up the time stream too much. Besides, would you have honestly believed us if we just walked up to you and said we were your kids? You guys would probably have thrown us in an asylum."

Beastboy wanted to protest, but he stopped. Maybe they were right. Maybe they wouldn't have listened. Maybe telling them would have changed the timeline too much. Who knew how much it might change now that he knew.

Crow sighed. "Although, I guess none of that matters anymore. Now that you know the truth, you may as well hear the whole story."

Beastboy stared at them. "What, you mean there's more?" he said in shock.

Moonfire shrugged. "Well, that depends on how much you already know. I'm guessing who we really are wasn't the only thing you overheard yesterday, right?"

"You mean the part about Slade?" Beastboy asked. "Yeah, I heard you guys talk about that too."

Moonfire nodded, unsurprised. "I figured you did," she said with a sigh. "I guess we may as well start from the beginning then."

Beastboy frowned but nodded. "I'm listening."

Moonfire sighed, before nodding resolutely. "Okay, well, it all started two months ago…"

Half an hour later:

The current titans had explained everything. They told Beastboy about going downtown to respond to the disturbance only to end up fighting their parents. They described Moonfire's fight with Nightwing, and told him about Jinx's part in all of this. They also told him about Slade's recent escape from prison, and that he was back in Jump city.

Now, the current titans watched Beastboy, waiting for his reaction. Slowly he shook his head to clear it. "Whoa." he muttered at last.

Darkstar raised an eyebrow. "Whoa?" he repeated, looking slightly disappointed. "That's really all you have to say, just… whoa?"

Crow hit his friend's arm slightly. "Give him a break Darkstar," he said in defense of his father. "What would you say if you were in his place?"

"Something better then whoa." Darkstar muttered under his breath, the words earning him a cuff over the head from Stinger.

Moonfire glared at her brother before rolling her eyes and turning back to Beastboy. "Anyways, there's one last thing we haven't mentioned yet." she told him. "Remember when Jinx came over yesterday?"

"Yeah…" Beastboy said slowly, cautious of the news they were about to deliver.

"Well, she came because you it turns out you guys, your older selves, are back in Jump city."

Beastboy's eyes widened and he started to say something but Stinger cut him off. "There's more. While Jinx was tracking you guys she found out why you were working for Slade in the first place. Turns out that Slade had injected you guys with microscopic probes that allowed him to control you. You were incapable of controlling your own actions and unable to process the situation yourselves and make decisions of your own will…"

"He injected you guys with a bunch of mind control stuff and now you guys are his brainwashed henchmen!" Sparrow cut in.

Stinger turned around and scowled at Sparrow, clapping her hands in mock approval. "Thank you, Sparrow, for that scientific insight." she said sarcastically.

Sparrow rolled her eyes. "What? I didn't get half of what you just said so I decided to tell him in a less confusing way. Besides, scientific insight? Seriously? This is my dad we're talking about."

Stinger opened her mouth to reply but shut it, glancing back at Beastboy. "Point taken." she agreed.

"Hey!" Beastboy retorted, although he had to admit Stinger's explanation had been a bit to complicated for him to follow. "So, what are you going to do?" he asked.

"Well, now that you know we might as well tell everyone," Moonfire admitted. "There's really no point in hiding it anymore."

Beastboy nodded and once they were all in agreement they stood up and started towards the door. At that moment, Moonfire's communicator suddenly went off. She frowned, picking it up.

"You guys go ahead without me. I'll catch up." she said, motioning for her waiting friends to leave. They glanced at one another then shrugged, walking away as Moonfire spoke to whoever it was on the other end.

The group of teenagers eventually wandered back into the kitchen. While the rest of the current titans got to making their breakfasts, Beastboy turned to Sparrow who was sitting next to him.

"Hey, Sparrow?" he asked. "Can I ask you something?"

Sparrow turned around to look at him, amethyst eyes inquisitive. "Sure Dad, what is it?" she asked, before her eyes widened and her hand leapt to cover her mouth. "Opps, sorry." she apologized sheepishly. "Guess calling you 'Dad' would be a little weird, huh?"

Beastboy shook his head although hearing the word directed at him had indeed shocked him for a moment. "It's fine. Besides, everything about this is weird." he pointed out, smiling as Sparrow laughed.

"True," she agreed, giggling slightly. "So, what did you want to ask me?"

Beastboy hesitated before asking. "Who's your mother?" He already had a pretty good idea, but just to make sure…

Sparrow laughed again. "Is that all you're wondering about?" she inquired. "Well that's an easy one! She's…"

Sparrow's words were abruptly muffled when Crow covered her mouth with his hand. "Don't even think about it," he warned. "You know, Sparrow, just because we told him about part of the future doesn't mean we have to tell him all of it!"

Sparrow pushed her brother's hand away from her mouth and glared at him. "Aww! You're no fun, you know that?" she grumbled, resting her chin on her hand in an annoyed fashion. Crow only rolled his eyes, shooting Beastboy an apologetic look before walking away.

Before Beastboy could ask another question, the doors to the kitchen suddenly slid open as Moonfire walked in, an annoyed expression on her face.

"Guys c'mon," she called to her teammates. "We're going downtown."

"What, now?" Aquagirl asked, frowning. "Can't it wait until after we eat?"

Moonfire shook her head. "I wish. Unfortunately we have to go right now."

Stinger frowned as she stared at Moonfire in confusion. "Why? What's so important? The tower alarm didn't go off." she stated.

"It's not a villain," Moonfire replied. "Trust me, nothing's wrong. I'll explain where we're going on our way there. We just have to go." she insisted.

Her teammates exchanged bewildered glances before shrugging and heading towards the garage where the T-car was kept.

Beastboy frowned. "Wait, you guys can't leave! What about telling the rest of my team?" he asked.

"They're all still asleep right now," Moonfire pointed out. "We'll tell them as soon as we get back. It should only take like an hour anyways."

She started following her friends when she suddenly stopped and turned back around. "Oh, and Beastboy," she said. "Do you mind not mentioning anything to our parents until we all get back? The last thing I need is to have my dad start pounding me with questions the second I walk through the door."

Beastboy nodded. "Sure." he agreed.

"Thanks!" Moonfire replied quickly as she rushed out the door, leaving Beastboy in the kitchen to ponder what he'd been told… and the events that this new information was sure to bring once the rest of his team found out.

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