I'm trying my hand at Teen Titan's Fanfiction. Usually I'm a Maximum Ride Finfic writer, so let me know what you think :D. It starts as a bit of a downer, because the Titans are all talking about leaving, but NEVER FEAR I've got it under control.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, but I would pay big bucks (if I had them) to have Raven and Beast Boy!!!

"For the last time Beast Boy: We're the TEEN Titans. You're 18 now, so none of us are teens anymore. It's time to let other teenagers protect Jump City. We'll still keep in touch, we're just going our own way."

"That's stupid!" Beast Boy was distraught. This wasn't their first argument about the oncoming split of the Teen Titans.

Raven felt a bit guilty. She had, of course, been the one to bring up the much avoided, taboo, subject of the split. She'd been the first to mention, out loud, the significance of Beast Boy's impending adulthood. She hadn't meant to, everyone had a silent agreement about what to do when they were no longer teenagers, and talking about it made it real. Beast Boy had been the only oblivious one.

In a moment of anger, when bad things are usually said, Raven told Beast Boy that she couldn't wait to be rid of him so she wouldn't have to deal with him everyday. She had been dwelling on it moments before, and in her anger, it had simply slipped out. She never meant it, and she definitely didn't mean to say it.

"Raven, you're leaving?!" He'd asked worried, his innocent eyes widening in panic.

She had immediately regretted ruining his ignorant bliss. Wishing for a moment that she could turn back time, to before he was a week before turning eighteen; to before she'd had to think about endings and good-bye's.

As soon as she had explained herself to him, and he and Robin had their first shouting match, he'd insisted that they all watch Peter Pan. Piled on the couch with her family, she completely understood his need for the movie. She even found herself searching for a pixie out of the corners of her eyes, desperately hoping that she and the rest of the Teen Titans could fly away to Neverland and never grow again.

Even now, watching Beast Boy argue with Robin, yet again, about bringing an end to the Teen Titans, Raven found herself longing for the magical place of eternal youth. She knew how Beast Boy felt. This was the only place she'd ever belonged. It was the closest thing to a real family she'd ever had.

"It isn't stupid, Beast Boy. It makes perfect, logical sense." Robin was turning a flustered shade of pink, his masked eyes narrowing in aggravation. "Last Saturday you turned eighteen. You're the youngest. That means that all of us are adults now." He repeated, as if talking to a Kindergartner.

"Why do you want to leave so badly?!" Beast Boy shouted, pointing an accusing finger at the team leader.

"I don't want to leave, Beast Boy. I wish we had more time. I wish...I wish that this could last forever." Robin became very solemn, and Raven found herself scarcely keeping her powers in check. "But it can't. People grow up. We move on."

Raven stood abruptly, ready to flee from the room. To her immense mortification, tears had filled her eyes to the brim. She would not cry, not here in front of everyone in the common room. She needed to get away from this conversation and all thoughts of leaving, right now.

"Friend Raven?" Starfire asked, concern lacing her airy voice.

"I...need to meditate." Raven's voice was forced, and cracked as she reached the end of her explanation. She wiped her eyes and fled the room.

The rest of the Titans sat in shocked silence for a moment. Did they just witness Raven almost cry? They couldn't move. What could bring Raven so close to tears?

They didn't continue their argument. They seemed to lose steam when they heard Raven's, usually steady and calm, voice crack with unshed tears. Beast Boy sat down heavily next to Cyborg, who'd been strangely quiet lately, on the couch. Robin openly stared after the girl, slack-jawed with awe.

One by one, they fled the common room. Each equally, but separately, disturbed by Raven's moment of weakness. Raven didn't cry easily. In fact, as each of the Titan's sat in their respective thinking places trying to stir their memories, they couldn't remember Raven ever crying in front of them at all.