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Beast boy has a tool belt, but he never uses any tools other than the communicator. What is the tool belt for?

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Raven woke with a dull throbbing behind her eyes. She rubbed the back of her aching head, and slowly sat up. Her whole body cried out in protest. She felt like she'd been hit by a truck.

"Ow." Raven jumped about nine feet into the air. In her aching drowsiness, she hadn't realized that she was sitting on Beast Boy's stomach. She also hadn't realized when he'd come to. Immediately -discounting the 'ow'- something about him seemed wrong, but Raven's mind couldn't seem to connect the dots.

"Beast Boy, are you alright?" She did her best to mask her worry with her usual monotone.

"Peachy keen." He grinned and tried to sit up. A wince when he moved revealed his lie.

"What's wrong?" She demanded.

"I just fell on my wrist funny. Don't worry about it." Raven didn't believe him for a second, and decided to ignore him. She scooted closer to him, hiding winces of her own, and grabbed the hand he'd indicated.

"Let me see it." She ordered, already examining his wrist. After a moment or two of prodding, she knew how to fix it. "You're sort of right. You just twisted it. It'd heal on its own in a few days anyway, as long as you didn't strain it. I can take most of the soreness away if you want."

"Yeah, that'd be great. You think you could fix this headache too?" Raven felt herself nod, even though she knew that if she healed him in her tired state she wouldn't have any magic left for herself. She took a deep breath, and silently prayed to Azar that she wouldn't pass out like a dope.

"Azarath. Metrion. Zenthos." Nothing happened. Not a thing. She didn't feel the instant pain that came with healing another, (A/N I read a Fanfiction where Raven takes on the pain of whoever she heals and liked it.) or the tiredness she'd been expecting. She didn't feel her magic move at all.

"Azarath. Metrion. Zenthos." She repeated, her browns furrowing in confusion. Again, nothing happened. Her eyes widened in fear.

"Raven? What's wrong?"

"Azarath, Metrion, Zenthos!" She cried again, her panic rising.

"Raven? What's going on?" That's when Raven finally looked at Beast Boy. She immediately realized what had not seemed right before. Of course, she'd been examining his wrist, but in her aching, hazy head, she hadn't put it together. Beast Boy was not green.

He was now tan, with dirty blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. The eyes had been what really snapped her out of whatever la-la-land she'd been visiting. She was so used to looking into those deep green eyes. Those blue eyes had finally made her realize that the hand she was holding was not green.

"Beast Boy?" Raven's panic was doubling. "You're...try to use your powers." She was silently praying that what she saw was not true. Maybe she couldn't use her powers because she was simply tired.

"I can't!" Beast Boy told her, fear filling his own eyes now.

"We can't have! I can't have! I need my powers! They help me separate my emotions to keep from being overwhelmed. Without them, I could...I'll go mad!" Raven said the last bit in a puny whisper. She was really freaking out now.

She'd only theorized this, but she thought it was a solid theory. After so long of separating emotions, all of them combining at once could very well drive her loony.

Raven's breathing sped up. Her heart was beating so loudly she thought she might go deaf. She could feel sweat beading on her forehead. Her fear was taking over, and she didn't know how to stop it; and for once, she didn't have to.

"Raven, breath! It's okay, you'll be okay! We can fix this!" Beast Boy sounded very worried.

Raven heard him, but she continued to panic. Not because she couldn't stop it, but because she didn't have to. For the first time in her life, Raven was free to panic.

"Beast Boy, I'm panicking!" She told him, though now her joy was taking over.

"I see that." He told her, looking bewildered and trying to think of a way to calm her down. Raven didn't want to calm down. She let out a tiny giggle.

"No, Beast Boy! I'm Panicking! I can feel! I'm allowed to feel! Quick, tell me a joke! I think you're hilarious, but I've never been allowed to laugh! Tell me the one, the one about...the Chinese guy," she broke up laughing for a moment, "the Chinese guy in charge of," giggle, "supplies!"

She didn't wait for him to re-tell the joke. She immediately doubled over, clutching her stomach in a fit of laughter. Beast boy stared open-mouthed, unsure whether or not to admit her to a crazy house, or celebrate that she thought he was funny.

"Uh, Raven?" He feared for a moment that she had already gone mad. She sobered instantly, realizing what Beast Boy must be seeing.

"I'm not crazy, Beast Boy." She told him, returning to her monotone, returning to herself.

"You can laugh." Beast Boy told her sadly. He found that he already missed the sound desperately.

"No, I shouldn't get bad habits."

"Raven, you should enjoy it while you can. Please. Please feel." He begged. She seemed to be having another internal debate. Her face was carefully pensive, but he could see the fighting in her eyes. He wasn't sure which side was winning.

"I...okay. I will!" She grinned suddenly, throwing him off-balance. He grinned back.

"Good," he said, giving her a giant thumbs up.

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