Chapter 1

It all started in 1632. My cousin Mary (I do not know where she lands on the greats or second cousin once removed thing, all I know is she was my cousin) grew up in Rome. Her mom died when she was 10 from pneumonia. Her dad died a couple of years later from the flu (it was tough times back then). She lived with her two younger sisters, Abigail and Elizabeth. It was hard raising a 3 year old and a 7 year old, but she did it. She got them all a decent education and raised them with strength and will.

When Mary turned 18, something occurred to her. Something that made her want to do something about it. The thing she realized was that everyone in her tiny village never did anything. Nothing at all. They stuck with their daily routine: get the kids up (if any), have a small breakfast, work, come home and make dinner (for the women, the men worked all day and came home for dinner), clean the dishes, put the kids to bed and then go to bed themselves. They never changed their schedule. It always these 7 or 8 things. Mary had to prove to her friends that this isn't how we should live our lives. Life is short and living in a small routine every single day isn't the way to live it. No one believed her. What kind of excitement is there? There's the Wednesday night play and the Saturday night music festival. But that was still a routine. How did Mary prove this? She made the Simon's Travel Script.

The Simon Travel Script works like this: My cousin Mary wrote down where she was born (Rome, Italy) and where she had been before writing the script.