I sat on the bench as gracefully as I could, just in case someone was watching me. I was outside of the party, gazing at the beautiful fluorescent lights hanging from above. It wasn't like I was needed inside. My friends weren't invited, and my boyfriend was no where in sight. I was completely surrounded by the conceited divas and jerks. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I could hear them laughing about me as I passed. I tried to be social and talk to people. I really did. But the girls would simply flip their hair and walk away. As for the guys, they'd either hit on me as a joke or roll their eyes at me, obviously thinking, Why does that loser think she can talk to me?

It was true what people said about Hollywood. It really was like high school. And even though I was as famous as them, I wasn't shallow and self centered. And to them, that meant I was weak. The fact that I was on a comedy show didn't help any. Chad had proven to me in the past twelve months that he was nothing like them. He put on that façade at first, as a natural reflex. All of his friends acted that way, so he felt he should too. Finally, after a year of knowing him, I got to really know him. And he wasn't the jerk everyone made him out to be. He was actually caring and nice and a momma's boy. An incredibly rich one, that is. Still, I can't believe he abandoned me.

Just when I was having fun sulking in my extreme boredom and anger at Chad, the devil himself appeared and sat next to me. "Not enjoying the party?" he asked.

"What was your first clue?" I asked sarcastically. He chuckled. "Well, I have something that'll cheer you up." he whispered to me seductively, making me shiver. He loved teasing me like this. His face was now centimeters away from my face. Right when I was about to kiss him, he jumped back and stood up.

"No kissies until I show you." he wagged his finger at me and laughed.

"Kissies? Really, Chad, really?" we laughed together as we made our way back into his huge mansion, where the party was taking place. I got dirty looks as I passed, but that wasn't anything new. They all thought that Chad was crazy for dating me. A So Random! girl. A girl who grew up in Wisconsin. A girl who was nice.

Finally, we were in his bedroom. This was nothing surprising. I had been in his bedroom millions of times. It was professionally decorated. Everything was white, except for the blue accents thrown around the room. It was clean and smelled like flowers, which always had me doubting whether it was really a seventeen year old boy's bedroom or not.

"We're heeere." he sang.

"I can see that. Now where's my surprise?" I asked, growing impatient.

"Close your eyes." I obeyed, covering my face with my hands. But seconds later, I couldn't help but peek. I saw Chad getting something small out of his drawer, making me think he got a ring for me.

"Open your eyes." he told me.

I shot them wide open, bursting with excitement. But instead of a beautiful ring [preferably a silver one with a pink stone in the shape of a heart], he was dangling a condom in front of my face.

"Why are you showing me a condom?"

He rolled his eyes. "Why do you think?"

"Chad, you know I'm saving myself until marriage."

Chad didn't like this. He threw the package down and paced the room in fury. "God, Sonny. You're a seventeen year old girl in Hollywood. Stop being such a prude."

"I'm a prude?" I scoffed. "Sorry if I'm not a slut like the other girls here!" anger and confusion boiled in me.

His fist made contact with the wall. "You're so annoying!" he yelled.

"Anger issues much?" I whispered, trying to lighten up the situation. It seemed to work, and got a smile out of him. "I'm sorry, Sonny. I just really wanted us to finally fu - make love tonight. I can't stand it anymore. You're just so beautiful. And I love you so much. You love me too, right?" he searched my eyes for an answer. I sighed in frustration. "Chad, you know I love you."

"Then what's the problem with us expressing it? Isn't that what people in love do?"

"Chad…I really don't think it's a good idea. I'm sorry."

He huffed. "Whatever. I'm going downstairs." he said suddenly, as he turned off the light and ran downstairs, leaving me surrounded by darkness and silence. I thought about what he said. I do love him, so what's the problem?

It went against everything I've ever stood for. But love is supposed to make you break all the rules, right? Time and time again, my mother has preached to me the saying, "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?"

In other words, why would a guy want to marry me if he could already have sex with me? Why would he want the label and papers and commitment, if he could just stay sleeping with me and possibly living with me, and keep his freedom at the same time?

But Chad would want to marry me anyway. I know he would. He loves me and I love him. So I decided to make my way downstairs. I was greeted by more dirty looks and the loud booming of the music that made my ears hurt. But it was okay. I was about to tell Chad I was ready to have sex with him.

I was going to lose my virginity.

I ran into a girl I recognized being from Mackenzie Falls. I decided to go up to her, since she, unfortunately, was the closest person to trustworthy at that party. "Hey, Portlyn, um, do you happen to know where Chad is?" I asked. She looked me up and down, held back an eye roll, then plastered her classic fake smile on her face. "He's in the kitchen. It's that way." she pointed to the right, as if I had never been there before. I wondered if Chad every told anyone how his house has been pretty much my second home for a year.

"Thanks." I ran off in that direction while trying to stay out of everybody's way. Wouldn't wanna give them yet another reason to talk about me.

The first thing I saw when I entered the room was Chad's gorgeous blonde hair. He seemed to be deep in conversation with his other friends, so I waited patiently in front of the door. Their backs were turned to me, so they didn't notice.

"Dude, she's still using that excuse?" Chad's best friend, and my ex, James Conroy said.

"Yup." Chad confirmed.

"I'm telling' you, when we dated, she let me tap dat on the second date!" James exclaimed. I folded my arms across his chest, wondering who exactly they were talking about.

"This is sweet! So glad we made this bet. Easiest five grand I'll ever make." his other friend, Skyler, said, as he patted Chad's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Chad. Sonny'll give it up eventually. Trust me." James winked at him.

It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to tell what was going on. Chad and his idiot friends had made a bet on him having sex with me. James had lied and said we had sex, when I was still a virgin.

"I find it funny," said Skyler, "How innocent she tries to be. When we all know how she really is." James and Skyler laughed. Chad didn't stand up for me. He didn't care about me at all. He didn't stand up for me. He didn't do anything smile as his snobby friends laughed at my expense.

I ran out of the room, still unnoticed by the boys, and headed for the door out. I didn't have my car with me, but I would walk home just to get away from Chad, the snobs, the liars, and the obnoxious music.

I tried to ignore my breaking heart and keep all of my emotions locked inside until I was safe at home, so my tears could explode out of my eyes while I was in the comfort of my own bed. But of course, I just had to smash into someone. Normally, I would've apologized and made a joke out of it. Not this time. I gave a small nod at the boy I unintentionally knocked over and tried to make it for the door again. Unfortunately, he tugged my arm before I could.

"What's wrong?" he asked me as the sobs started escaping out of my tight throat. I was about to snap at the person, telling them to mind their own business, but I quickly realized that I recognized the face.


"In the flesh. Now are you gonna tell me who I'm gonna beat up or what?" he said as he wiped the tears off my cheeks with his thumb.

He led me outside to his car, where I told him everything. Chad, the bet, the snobs, everything. He only nodded with each of my words as I poured my emotions out.

When I was done, I let out a laugh. "You're not saying anything."

"Sorry. I just can't believe that Chad would go so low. I mean, I know he's a jerk, but still, that was just horrible. I'm so sorry he did that to you. You deserve better."

I smiled. "Thanks, Hayden. You actually made me feel a lot better."

"No problem. Want me to take your mind off of it a little?"

I nodded. "Sure."

He then told me about why he was at the party. Apparently, a friend of a friend of a friend was there, and he was suckered into being one of the servers at the party. Which, I guess, would explain why he looked all…waiterish. The friend of a friend of a friend had connections to get him into the acting business once and for all, so he couldn't back out. Hayden was like me in many ways. From being new in Hollywood and nice, to our chocolate colored hair. He made me feel great that night; more than Chad ever could.

"So, instead of being all sad, how about you get revenge?" he raised his eyebrows deviously.

"That'd be nice, but how?" I asked.

"Follow me." he said, getting out of his car. And I did. I trusted Hayden.

That night, I humiliated Chad Dylan Cooper.