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I knew before I even opened the door to the bedroom that they were fighting again. The past 11 months had been difficult between Billie's debut into the ranks of unruly teens and my pregnancy and the last thing I needed was for my seven week old to wake up after I finally got her down. The boys were at soccer and there was supposed to be quiet as Billie was meant to be spending the afternoon with Jenny at Rosalie's house.

As the shouting reached its fever pitch I grabbed the baby monitor and headed downstairs to see what the noise was about. The two of them were truly amazing, Edward and Billie could scream and fight until they were blue in the face and then twenty minutes later they were watching re-runs of M*A*S*H, a show neither of them were alive to watch when it originally aired.

I couldn't make out what they were saying yet, but I had a feeling I knew the basic subject. Ever since Billie started high school in the fall, Edward is on a boy warpath and I knew from my own experience that when your father tightens the chastity belt, all it does is make you look even more for something hard to break it open with. But I wasn't about to mention that to Edward.

Hitting the bottom step, I could finally hear the subject and was not disappointed. "Dad, come on, he's the captain of the basketball team and the most popular boy in school."

"I don't care if he's the next in line for sainthood; you are not going to the Senior Prom!"

"You got asked to the Prom?" Both of them turned as they realized that I had come downstairs.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, I have this all handled." I rolled my eyes knowing what Edward's idea of 'handled' was.

"I could hear that and if you keep carrying on like this you'll wake Marianne, now please why can't you two have a civil conversation?"

Edward took a deep breath and tried again. "Sweetie, you're 15, this boy is 18, that's a three year age difference."

"You're 5 years younger than Mom!" Billie fired back.

"Yes, but I was older when we got together and women are more mature so she wasn't taking advantage of me. You say this boy is popular, why isn't he dating someone?"

"They broke up, so he asked me at lunch today. Please Daddy; I'd be the coolest kid at school if I went to Prom with Paul."

"I don't like this, boys his age only think about one thing and I won't let my little girl get hurt when some punk gets handsy."

Billie rolled her eyes and shifted as her hands found her hips. "I'm not a little girl anymore!"

"You'll always be my little girl, just ask Grandpa Charlie about his baby girl."

She groaned and then turned to me. "Mom, some help here please."

I just shook my head and got myself something to drink. "Sorry Billie, if your father said you can't go then I'm not going to contradict him. There will be plenty more dances to go to."

My eldest daughter huffed and stormed upstairs and slammed the door, waking up Marianne with a screech. "Fuck, she is her father's daughter. I'm going to feed Marianne, try not to ground her for life before the boys come home from baseball practice."

"Do you think I'm being unreasonable?" Edward was in for a rough haul the next few years and then would have to spend his early 50's doing this again with Marianne, a thought I'm sure hadn't escaped him.

"I agree with you about the Prom, but you can't go off half cocked with her, she's going to rebel even more. If she comes home with a boy her own age you can't search him at the door."

"You're right; I'll leave that to Detective Whitlock." I shook my head at his threat to call in Jasper for reinforcements. Edward and his boys had been punished for something when Rose gave birth to Jenny three months before Alice and Jasper had Nicole. Three guys, fresh out of college and all with daughters who were within 18 months of each other was a funny adjustment to watch.

Over the last fifteen years the six of us had grown ridiculously close, all living on the same block and practically having attached backyards like on "Big Love."

Running upstairs to take care of my youngest daughter, I ducked into Billie's room for some girl time. Walking with her into the nursery, we sat down as I started to feed Marianne. "Honey, I know you're upset, but your father is trying. Why don't you do this, make plans for girls night and try to have fun so you're not dwelling on missing Prom, I promise there will be other dates and if you're mature about it your father will let up."

"Okay, let me just talk to the girls and see what they want to do."

I sighed, happy to soothe her. "Alright, let me know if you want me to get anything for a makeover night or something, I'm sure your Aunt Alice would love to help."

"Please Mom, not Alice; she's crazy when it comes to makeovers!" We both laughed as Marianne started to pass back out. I sat her on my shoulder, burping her quickly before Billie offered to put her down. Watching her affection for her younger sister was truly a wonderful sight.

Going back downstairs, I could hear Edward on the phone with Jasper and snatched it from him before he heard my approach. "Cease and desist the background check, Detective."

"Hey Bella, did you soothe the savage teen?"

"Yes, but you may have her come Prom night, we're waiting to see what the girls decide."

Jasper laughed and then I heard his name called in the background. "I've got to go, tell Edward to chill before he goes gray like Emmett."

"I will. No need for both of us to dye our hair. I'll see you soon."


I put down the phone and sat next to Edward on the couch. "You're going to get Jazz in trouble if all he does at work is do checks on boys who breathe in B's directions, she's a good kid."

"I know, it just seems like it was yesterday that she was an infant and now she's dating…when did we get so old."

I jabbed his ribs and then kissed his cheek. "You're old, I'm still 29."

Edward laughed and started tickling me as Emmett came in the front door with Thomas and Jason. As soon as they saw Edward tickling me they both jumped on him, trying to rescue me. From the moment those boys were born they were truly mama's boys, something that Edward said was a sign on intelligence with a mother like me, but I knew it was probably because I made up the best bedtime stories, with twin pirates who ruled the seas and battled awesome creatures all before heading back to port of milk and cookies.

When the tickle war was done, I got up to fix dinner as the boys told Edward about practice and Emmett headed down the block for an early dinner with Rose and the kids.


It had been a month since the whole Prom fight, but my amazing wife had managed to talk Billie into a girls' night at their friend Julie's because she had a pool and it was supposed to be sunny and warm that day so they could enjoy it before their makeover party.

I had to admit, her attitude had improved since they had made their plans so I hoped that she would have a good time and not think about where she wasn't, and more importantly who she wasn't with.

When I came home from teaching music classes, I was surprised that I didn't see the bassinet downstairs or see the boys toys all over the floor as was the norm, but it seemed that my gorgeous wife had other plans for us.

The porch has aglow with candles and the smell of Bella's veal marsala was wafting in from the kitchen. I walked in to see her standing at the counter, making a salad in cotton shorts and a navy blue tank top; I could tell from the sheen of sweat on her brow that she had gone running as she was still carrying the baby weight. She hadn't gain much weight with Marianne, and was probably only 10lbs from her before weigh now that she was allowed to work out again, but she still complained about the last 15 pounds she hadn't lost after the twins, even though I thought she looked sexier than ever with the soft curves our children had added to her petite figure.

I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and she hummed at my touch. "You're early; I didn't even get a chance to shower."

I groaned at the thought of her in the shower and leaned in to whisper huskily into her ear. "I could always help you with that, baby."

She smirked and turned to me. "Dinner first, then we'll have some fun."

"Where are the kids?"

"The boys are at Alice's for the night and your mom has Marianne, I thought we could use a night with just the two of us." Bella kissed the corner of my mouth and I turned so I could meet her lips for a brief, sweet kiss.

"I like the way you think Mrs. Cullen." I smacked her ass and she squeaked before running upstairs.

"Don't touch the food, I'll be down soon."

I carried the salad outside and saw where she had the wine chilling and poured a glass, waiting for her to return before I did the same for her. Fifteen minutes late, Bella stepped out in a purple sundress and flip flops, scampering over to where I was sitting and taking the seat next to me. She lifted the covers on our plates and I moaned at the food she had prepared, right down to the roasted potatoes she knew I loved. I kissed her hand as I passed her some wine as we dug into our romantic dinner for two.

The meal was amazing as I continued to rave about it and all the while she simply smiled and told me it was nothing. Moving inside, we went through the massive DVD collection and picked out Interview with a Vampire because it was still one of her favorite movies. Watching it, Bella settled between my legs and leaned into my chest. Every move of her body drove me wild and I couldn't take it anymore. As soon as the credits began to roll I threw her over my shoulder and carried her up to our bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed, I climbed up next to her and started pulling off my shirt as my shoes fell off the end of the bed. Bella wiggled out of her dress and I was pleasantly surprised that her dress had a built in bra so now the only piece of clothing on her was her underwear. I dropped my pants and Bella surprised me by hopping off the bed.


She started walking to the wall and I stopped her. "Where are you going?"

She blushed and pointed to the wall as she covered up a little. "I was going to turn off the lights."

"Why? Baby, you're beautiful."

"No, I'm fat." She barely muttered it, but I caught it.

"Shh. Don't you start that, I've told you that you're sexy as hell. And I plan on proving it."

Pulling her to me, I lightly massaged her breasts, knowing they were still sensitive while devouring her mouth. Without breaking the kiss I dropped my boxers and then helped her out of hers. Pushing her gently, I pinned her against the wall and she reacted by gripping my hair and pulling me flush against her. Watching her get into it and stop thinking about her insecurity, I lifted her against the wall and lined myself up before entering her.


"Ah…damn, baby!" Her legs wrapped around my waist as I gripped her ass to give me the leverage to slam into her. It had been a few months since we'd been together like this and the last few times during her pregnancy had been reserved between the kids and her condition.

Marianne had been such a surprise for us after thinking the twins were the end for us. My girl never had an easy pregnancy, but thankfully they were never as bad as with Billie.

Bella rolled her hips into mine and I stuttered it felt so good. Neither of us lasted long and feeling her unravel as she purred my name drove me crazy. I reached between us, hoping to make her orgasm last as long as possible before I came, her hands gripping my biceps and helping me keep my hold on her.

Walking to the bed, I sat her down and kissed her, stepping back and hearing the whine that I'd come to love, because even after we'd just finished having sex she missed my cock already. That's why I loved her, almost 17 years later and we were still that much in love.

We got dressed in case Alice and Jasper dropped off the boys early and went to bed.


The ringing of Bella's cell phone woke me just before midnight, but I rolled over and tried to ignore it. Bella answered it and was instantly overwhelmed by uncontrollable sobs that took a minute for her to break into the call. "Billie, please honey, you have to calm down. I can't understand you."

I sat straight up in bed and held my hand out for the phone, needing to know what was going on with my little girl. "Billie, sweetheart, its dad. What's wrong?"

I could hear the tremble in her voice as she spoke. "You're going to be so mad at me."

"B, don't worry about how I'm going to react, we're worried about you and we need to know you're okay."

I heard her take a deep breath. "I'm at the Hilton where the school holds the Prom."

My blood instantly boiled as all the things this punk could have done to make her cry ran through my mind. "You stay right there, I'll be there in 15 minutes."

I hung up the phone and got up to throw on some clothes. "I'm coming with you."

I turned to Bella, shaking my head. "No, because if you come then I can leave her with you and go find this jackass. I promise, I'll call you if I need to, but otherwise I really want to handle this."

"Okay, but don't yell at her, we can figure out how to punish her later."

"I won't, I just want to make sure she's okay. We'll be back soon."

I ran downstairs and got my keys and phone and then went out to the garage and climbed in, trying to calm myself before I took the short drive to the hotel. I weaved through the traffic and pulled up to the front, hopping out as the valet came to move my car. I held out my hands to stop him. "I'm here to pick up my daughter from the dance, I'll be down in a few minutes so don't move the car." I slipped him a $20 and he nodded, moving back to the curb.

I ran inside and asked the concierge where the Prom was being held and then jogged to the elevator to go to the third floor. Walking out of the elevator, I saw Billie sitting on a bench outside of the hall.


"Daddy!" Billie flew into my arms and I pulled her close.

"What did he do to you? Where is he, I swear if he tried to hurt you then I'm going to-"

"Dad, no. He brought me here and we were having a good time until he saw Kim and then he started talking to her and next thing I knew they were making out on the dance floor. I was completely embarrassed. Why'd he ask me if he just wanted to get back with her?"

I rubbed her back and walked her towards the elevator so her classmates wouldn't see her. "Because, some boys are stupid and don't realize what they have. He'd be lucky to date you and he just blew it."

"I'm not as pretty as Kim is."

I pulled away and shook my head. "You are your mother's daughter. Both of you are completely unaware of how gorgeous you are. Come on, let's go home."

Billie nodded and I pushed the button, making our way to the car and pulling away.

"How much trouble am I in?" Billie asked when I was about halfway home.

"I'm not going to talk about that now, but your Sweet 16 may be the only time your friends see you for a while."

"I should have just listened to you; I can't believe I was that stupid."

"Sweetie, you're not stupid…you're young. This won't be the last time you do something like this, I'm sure, but the important thing is when you got in trouble you called us. I don't want you to ever be afraid to call us. Your mother and I will always take your side."

We pulled into the driveway and went inside. Billie ran to change and shower while I found Bella in the nursery. "What happened?"

"The boy left her on the dance floor while he went after his ex. He left her completely humiliated out there and without any friends there to help her."

"She's okay though?"

"Yeah, she's cleaning up now, but she's more worried about her punishment. I was thinking we shouldn't be too rough, maybe just ground her for the two weeks before her party, make her help her brother's with homework and help out with Marianne, stuff like that."

Bella eyed me cautiously. "She planned with her friends to go to a dance we forbade her from with a guy whose 3 years older and you want to give her the same punishment as when she missed curfew twice in one week?"

"The next few weeks are going to be rough at school with everyone hearing about what happened at the Prom, I think she'll suffer enough. Plus she did act mature and call us, knowing it would land her in trouble."

Just then there was a knock on the door. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Bella got up and hugged our daughter. "I'm sorry sweetie, who are you doing?"

"I'm better, dad talked to me some and I realized that I'm better than them. I just have to wait for a nice guy, like you did."

I hugged both of my girls and then Billie pulled back. "I'm heading to bed; I'll see you both in the morning."

"See you tomorrow, Billie."

Our daughter walked out of the room and Bella and I curled up as it was now almost 1:30 in the morning. "I hate seeing her that upset."

"I know, but you did well tonight, Edward. You showed her that she can count on us when something happens, just like I count on you."

"I'll always be there for you guys." And with that, we drifted off to sleep before another hectic morning with our full house.