No matter how hard I try to forget you, it never seemed possibly to actually remove you from my mind.

Sasuke roughly pushed the girl against the wall as he ravished kisses everywhere on her body. His desires overwhelmed him and having to release it felt euphoric. Plunging his tongue into the girl's mouth, he grabbed her long hair not so lightly as he grabbed her ass making the girl moan in his mouth. How he wished it was those silky, raven locks in between his fingers and not those coarse, pink locks. Hooking her very toned legs around the raven haired man, the girl started fondling with the hem of his pants as she smirked at how he finally came to her. He was about to rub his hands along her thighs until he realized they weren't the soft, pale one's he loved so much.

Sexual frustrations came over the best of him, and he had to let it out or else he would felt like he would explode. This was his chance.

Bringing his brows together, The Uchiha practically ripped off the top of the woman's kimono sloppily as his hands shifted from the woman's hair down to the soft mounds of flesh that weren't pleasantly big as he would like them to be. Eagerly, he grasped one tip in his mouth, his empty hand now occupying the other somewhat abandoned breast. He felt the girl's breathing hitch as it was now her turn to grip his hair, saving herself before losing her sanity. A moan escaped her lips, but all he could hear were the soft, innocent sounds that she made in his mind instead of the loud rough one's coming from the girl's mouth. Sasuke did everything he could to satisfy his hunger and thought nothing about what the consequences were to come after it; he was thinking about her while he was having sex-

Wouldn't that be...flattering for her to hear?

Using this as a sub-motive to get him going, Sasuke shifted gears as he applied more pressure on the girl's back as the help of his hips and the help of the girl's legs around his waist sustained her in the air as he quickly smacked her hand away and swiftly removed his obi. Without a single thought in his mind, he thrusted into her, not even waiting for her to adjust.

The girl arched her back as her slightly tanned body rubbed against his, giving him a weird sensation that wasn't as pleasant it was when he was with her. He didn't like her at all; In fact, he was sure he hated her. But, why is it that no matter what he does, no matter the fact that she's gone from him, that he can't get her out of his heart?

The girl came first and he came shortly after, pulling himself out of her to make sure he does not impregnate the woman. They stood breathless, the girl's arms around his neck and his arms against either side of her head on the wall. Panting in unison, the girl roughly unhooked her legs from his waist and looked up at him with a smile that could kill, but it was nothing compared to someone else's.

"I knew it was about time you'd come to me Sasuke."

The man looked at the girl, trying his best not to see her pink hair and emerald eyes; All he could see were black hair and opalescent eyes.

"...Yeah, Sakura."

But this time, I'll make myself forget you, even though I still love you.

- Tired of Waiting -

Stupid. Damn stupid was how he felt right now. Sitting at the edge of the bed in a barely lit room, the twenty-three year old man gripped his hair in frustration as he laid his free elbow on his knee, bending his torso to look at the ground. He now felt ashamed of his actions now, fully regretting what he has done. He looked at naked woman on the bed, glaring at her sleeping form. She was far too comfortable in the situation they were in, her aloofness wanted Sasuke to punch the shit out of her for some unexplained reason. Nostrils flaring he shot up from the bed, now walking towards the vanity examining himself.

His well built and muscular body held onto his dark blue yukata with the Uchiha emblem proudly displayed on the back; Yet the feeling he was experience was far from prideful...

A sneer appeared on his face as he kept seeing the reflection of Sakura's body through the mirror. This was a grave mistake, a HUGE mistake. Shaking, his whole world was shaking, whether it be in anger, sadness, shame, this feeling was not going to leave soon.

A loud crash was heard as his balled up fist came in contact with the mirror, shattering it instantly into small pieces. The sudden sound woke up Sakura as she jerked up, gripping the blanket above her breasts uneasily. Her eyes quickly changed from surprise, to mischief as she started playing with her hair and patted the empty spot on the bed beside her. Damn she changed moods quick.

"I know you're mad Sasuke...but you could always take out your frustrations on me...considering you already have." A smirk played her lips as Sasuke wanted to wipe it off with a single strike.

But he knew, she was right.

Even though he just used her for a split second to have his little world of pleasure fulfilled, he caved in to her. He let her win. He was defeated. He was now worthless.

What were people to think of him now?

Sasuke turned as he glared at Sakura pounding his fists on the vanity. She slightly flinched, and her eyes faltered, but it still held it's consistency.

"Why didn't you stop me?" Venom dripped from his tongue as he said this and a shiver slipped up Sakura's spine as she saw Sasuke's eyes flash red. The objects, mostly make-up, fell from the surface of the vanity as Sasuke slammed his fist down once more, guaranteeing him splinters afterward. He finally seemed to crawl under Sakura's skin as she was now shaking in fear of this new Sasuke.

No, he wasn't normally like this.

He was actually nice, composed, and kind...sometimes.

Well, no one saw this side of him, and Sakura somehow unleashed the demon in his soul that could easily eat her alive.

"You seemed to be e-enjoying it...and I was too!" Desperation could clearly be heard in the last words that left her mouth. Disgust was displayed on the raven haired's face as he slowly paced over to the pink haired girl, a dark aura surrounding him. With each inch he drew closer, she seemed to be faltering back tenfold.

"Heed my warning Haruno, tell anyone of this incident and you will perish."

In a flash, he was gone from the poorly lit room and down the hallways of the cheap hotel.

Damn his impatience.

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