I run, yeah I run, but you follow, oh, oh

And when I dream, its not of you


Shivers ran up the spine of the naked woman continuously as she left out calm patterns of breath, the white clouds ridding themselves from her cool tinted lips. Frost started to form on her soaked head as her eyes remained closed, her legs crossed to be perfectly still in the chilling, rushing water. Her pale skin contrasted with the dark stony tone of the liquid, the grayscale of the winter surroundings making the atmosphere even more lonesome, still, and somewhat...peaceful.

After her encounter with Sasuke, Hinata knew that she definitely could not meet with him any longer.

He had been proven to be a threat that could break her focus from her revenge, and she will take any precaution to ensure that that will never happen.

Her naked chest heaved up and down slowly as her nipples perked at the cold, the temperature down to about twenty-degrees fahrenheit. She was punishing herself for her actions after she had tapped into Sasuke's memories through her illusion. She wasn't as mentally prepared for all the things she had seen, the feelings she locked away all being unleashed to her at that one moment, causing her genjutsu to break down; when she was released from her once comforting world of illusory, she had also seen that her reactions had translated to reality as well.

She had let her tears fall.

Hinata clenched her jaw as she felt her heat finally starting to deplete, her actions causing her to lift herself from her position. Her idea of reprimanding herself was to sit in a river bed that reached just below her breasts, her drenching her body in the icy water before she took on her sitting position. She meditated in the freezing cold for a good three hours completely naked, unwavering, and disciplined to resist the cold. It wasn't until now, almost half an hour into four total hours that she had decided she had reached her limit and had learned her ability again.

She felt her emotions finally become as numb as her body once more.


A tired pant left the mouth of an over-sized canine as the trio of ANBU stopped in their tracks, their heels barely hitting the border of snow and grass. Sasuke, Kiba, and Akamaru had started their mission about a two days ago and within that time, they were able to scout and conclude that the three-hundred miles of area they had searched did not contain the S-Ranked Kunoichi they were looking for. It wasn't until Akamaru had suddenly picked up her scent and sped past the two other men the exact opposite way they had been heading, them originally heading out to Suna. But something was strange...

The wolf-man and Uchiha both knew that Hinata was too smart to just leave her scent, not even a trace of an attempt to cover it in the atmosphere when Kiba observed it.

The tip of uncovered fingers touched along soft snow that lay on the ground as it picked up the smallest amount, bringing it to the nostrils of smell-sensitive ninja.

"She's definitely been here."

Akamaru gave a bark of satisfaction as he sat his rear on the ground, his tail banging against the moist ground. Sasuke gave the kneeling man a small nod as he clenched his teeth, his mind drifting back to his appointment with his wife that had occurred the evening before. He wasn't sure if it had helped them or hurt them in the process of her retrieval, in all actuality. He was afraid that maybe he might have made her snap and cause her do something illogical out of rage, a calm facade only kept on when she was around him; or possibly even weaken herself to do things that could potentially harm herself...

The dark-haired man felt his throat lump up at that last thought—he'd never forgive himself if she'd cause that much harm to herself because of him.

Her chilling last words before she departed along with the look on her face and actions made Sasuke's face burn up in heat as he felt that familiar sense of guilt flood his body, the gusts of cold that came from the tundra-like land being nothing to him compared to that of the coldness that was filling him from within. He knew his affair with Sakura wasn't worth any of this;

Hinata's kidnapping, her pain, and her overall change—it was all his fault...

"Sasuke, were you listening?"

The Uchiha broke from his thoughts as he shook his head to his teammate who gave a short sigh, re-positioning himself to repeat what he had just said.

"This scent is completely genuine. Judging by the strength of the smell and how far I can trace it, she was here a couple hours before we departed from Konoha. It also shows that she went deep into the Tundra as well, most likely to the Land of Iron."

Eyebrows perked up at that thought as the counter-male calculated that thought. It took more than a two days to travel there, and he was no fool for he was pretty sure she had reached there in record time. Hinata had definitely gained abnormal amounts of power, the ability to use a genjutsu like hers already being hard enough, not to mention the fact that she could do it from a completely different location. He also had to account for the other new ability she had; she had somehow gained either the Sharingan or something close to it, and it boggled his mind at her having done so. Something wasn't right...everything was way too abnormal for him to understand at that moment.

All he knew was that he had to get her back at all costs; the questions can wait.

Sasuke nodded as he took out a scroll and summoned two thick ANBU parkas, handing one of them to Kiba. The eldest of the two men notice the other give a wide grin as his eyes smiled along with it, grabbing the heavy material as he put it on smoothly.

"Reminded me of the jacket Hinata used to wear."

Sasuke gave a smirk as he put his on as well, securing his swords and scrolls.

"I've always hated that shit. It was always in the way."

The wolf-man rolled his eyes as Sasuke gave a short laugh, the short lived happiness leaving as the trio left for land that was covered in blankets of snow. Sasuke felt his face growing cold as they picked up their speed, their outcome of it causing them to not even touch the surface of the snow as they continued, excluding Akamaru, of course. Hot breaths filled the air as the once blue sky was now a sudden mix of dark purple and silver, snow never seeming to cease from falling.



An aching pain throbbed through the ANBU armor of the man standing as he tried to soak in the words of the Blonde, his back facing his as he stared out into his land. Neji was just informed of his cousin's actions as he stood there, grey eyes boring into the crest that lay across the back of the Hokage.

"...What are you going to do to her?"

A small sigh left the tan man's lips as he turned, walking towards the brunette that stood there in sadness and worry. A strong hand laid on his shoulder as blue eyes looked into the Hyuuga's with sympathy and sorrow as he felt his own heart pang. So much was happening now.

"We're keeping her on suicide-watch right now. She will be resting in a private sector of the hospital where she will receive specialized treatment, support, and hopefully heal from all of this. She will stay as long as she needs to, Neji."

The man nodded as he gave a short breath, small slips of tears falling from his cheeks. He was slowly losing his family again...

"Neji, you can visit her whenever you'd like. I'm sure she'll need you more than anyone or anything right now..."

Naruto was surprised at the sudden change in the Hyuuga as he felt him grow stiff, his face growing expressionless.

"Does anyone else know about this?"

Naruto shook his head as he gave a small, soft smile. "You, myself, Hiashi, the private nurses, and the specialized ANBU I put on suicide-watch are the only ones who know. No one else knows nor will they ever know." Neji nodded as he gave Naruto a pat of appreciation on the back of his neck as he then bowed fully, his body creating a full ninety-degree angle of nothing but utter respect.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama."

Naruto gave a grin as the man stood back up and made his way towards the huge doors that were used for entering and exiting now. As soon as he left, he tried his best to hide his anger and rage as he grit his teeth, making his way down towards the chambers of jail cells that held all types of prisoners. He had never felt so much hostility for a human-being than he has right now, his body shaking to his surreal emotions. It was time for a second meeting.

'I will make your life worse than hell Sakura, just you fucking wait and see.'


Long dark locks swayed in the wind as a pale hand patted the tops of sunflowers gently, a smile appearing onto the lips of a young woman in white. She had awoke in a heavenly placed she found peace in, the surroundings so calm and memorizing that it actually might have made her heart beat softer. A light gasp escaped her lips as she saw a figure approach her, the form being one she had longed for for way too long.

Running at full speed, the sunflowers crunching beneath her and tears flying in the wind, two soft bodies collided as the taller one wrapped her arms around the shorter one, soft kisses being placed atop the crown of the younger sister.


Hinata felt herself slowly start to feel her heart grow warm as she then controlled herself to be emotionless, this illusion being the ultimate test of resistance. She had decided that she was still not ready to meet with Sasuke again, but she still had to trial herself in how to control the wretched distraction that could possibly let her two devils run free. There was no better choice than your own blood-kin.

"I've missed you so much, onee-chan!"

A small breath left from Hinata as she started to back the back of her sister's head, her hands enjoying the sensation of her silky-soft hair. She had told her to always keep it long so that even when she was powerful and strong, she could balance it out with the fragility and femininity of her long hair. It would be a perfect balance. Hanabi looked up from her hold to look at Hinata as she continued to cry, one of her hands reaching the touch the side of her face. When she felt the softness of it pressing against her, she choked on her tears and started to cry loudly. Despite the icy cold feeling of her skin, she was happy that she was there in solidity. Just being with her made her cry in happiness.

Hinata cringed for the briefest moment as she sighed, grabbing the wrist of her dearest sister. She brought it up to her lips as she kissed the scars that laid on them, scabs still waiting to form on the deep gashes that laid out in the open to air out.

"Hanabi, you're better than this."

The brunette shook her head as she now wrapped her arms around the kunoichi's neck, her standing on her tip-toes as she buried her face into the crook of her neck.

"I'm so sorry, onee-chan. I've missed you so much and I just didn't know what to do!"

Another sigh escaped from Hinata as she lifted Hanabi into her arms, her younger sister wrapping her legs around her slim, strong waist of as was her arms around her neck. She would always carry her like that into her room either after she had fallen asleep by accident in her room, or when she was scared by some type of insect that "threatened" her sleeping that was in her room. Hinata secured her hands into her fist that rested on the bottom or her little sister's rear, holding her now like she was some sort of child despite her actually age and size.

The calming sound of melodies and song started to fill in the air as Hinata started to sing a lullaby now, the sun of her illusion dulling away into a soft pastel yellow, the sunflowers following suit. She allowed slow and small gusts of wind hit them, the feeling of it soothing the very emotional teen that was in her arms. She was undoubtedly regretful for causing her sister to go as far as trying to commit suicide, and she would never forgive herself if she actually fell through with it either. With that now happening, Hinata had to keep her little sister in account for her act of revenge, no longer taking time for granted as she concluded that she had to hurry and find Kabuto and deal with him and then finish of Sakura when she had returned to Konoha.

Hanabi felt herself drift off into sleep as she slowly start to feel the sensation of Hinata holding her fade away, her voice fading off into a distance as well. A small whispered tingled her ears as she finally was faced with pitch black once more, the glorious fields of sunflowers dissipating.

"Please, be patient with me, Hanabi."

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