Malcolm's Accident

Louis is on the phone in the kitchen " Malcolm where are you at ??" the scene splits to Malcolm and Steve at the library "Mom were getting ready to leave the library to come home should be there in about 30 minutes" Lois gets a stern look on her face "Ok well hurry up !!" about 30 minutes passes between the time Lois and Malcolm talked Lois is now passing around the living room in front of Hal, Stewie, Reese and Jamie "Where is he at he said he would be here in 30 minutes" Hal stands up "Lois calm down I'm sure he'll be here in a minute" The phone rings Reese jumps up "I got it" walks into the kitchen and picks up the phone "Hello (pause) Yes this is his brother…(sounding concerned) what…when…where ok we'll be right there (hangs up the phone and walks into the room he has a concerned look on his face his mom looks at him) " Reese I heard you call that person officer what did you do !!" Reese looks at her stilled concerned " Mom you might want to sit down" Lois sits down and Reese starts resisting the police report "at 7:30 there was two young men t-boned at the insection of 6th and 8th avenue the driver of the car was knocked unconscious on impact and has a head injury" Lois looks at him "ok thanks for that information but what dose that have to do with you and the police" Reese looks at her " Its not about me it's about Malcolm" Lois gives him a confused look "What do you mean it has to do with Malcolm ??" Reese stares at her eye to eye "The two young men that got hit where Malcolm and Stevie" Lois starts to cry a little "Reese that is the worse excuse I've ever heard you come up with scaring me like that" Reese who is now starting to cry a little looks back at her Lois anger turns to concern " your not kidding are you" Reese looks at her " I wish I was"