The scene changes to a few days later Malcolm is sitting up in dewy and his bed

Reese enters carrying a bed tray he walks over to Malcolm "Mom told me to bring you some supper"

Malcolm reach's up and grabs the tray as he notices there are three plates on the tray "why are there three plates"

Dewy enters "Cause were going to eat with ya" grabs a tray and sits down on beside Reese on his bed

Reese reach's out and grabs his plate "Yea we thought we would keep you company since your stuck in here all by yourself"

Malcolm gives them a look "Well thanks"

Reese looks at Malcolm "Ya know I was really worried the night you had the accident"

Dewy snicker's and turns to Malcolm "Ya you should have seen him he was crying everywhere"

Reese quickly shoots him an annoyed look "Shut up" he then looks back at Malcolm "I was not I just thought when it happened how different things would be around here if we didn't have you around"

Dewy then looks at him "yea its scary to think I would be stuck here with Reese"

Reese hits him in the back of the head "What dewy is trying to say is we don't know what we would do without you"

Malcolm looks at them from the bed "Awww…thanks guys"

Reese looks at him "No problem bro"

Dewy looks at Reese and then at Malcolm " We love you dude" they get up and both go over and give Malcolm a hug as the scene fades

I know this was a short last chapter but I ran out of ideas so I decided to end it with a brother to brother moment let me know what ya think =)