What if Renee thought that Bella marrying Edward was a huge mistake, what if she never came to the wedding, what if she comes to clear the air with her daughter? But Bella is already a Vampire. And what about Nessie?

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Bella Cullen:

"Mommy?" my daughter asked me. I turned right before she out her hand to my face. She showed me Edward, Esme, and then Carlisle. Then me, Edward, and her. Then Charlie, me and the confusion was obvious. Who is my mom, her other grandmother?

Only being about a year old made her look about 3(IDK the hybrid age calculations so just use your vivid imaginations!)

"Oh, honey, my mother wasn't very happy about me and daddy." I said sadly.

It still hurts to talk about.....


I was giddy, Edward and I are getting married, my dad gave us his blessing and on August 13th, I will be Mrs. Edward Cullen, Isabella Marie Swan Cullen, Bella Cullen! Then I remembered Renee, the women who thought getting married before your 30 was like selling your soul to the devil and having children before your 40 was like boiling live puppies. I wouldn't have any problems with the kids part but the married thing was weeks away, I have to tell her. Maybe I can just send her an invitation and... No you have to do this. As I heard Edward come up the steps, I knew this would be okay.

"Hello, love." He said with the voice that made me weak in the knees.

"Hey" He could sense the dread in my voice. He knew what I was about to do. He sat down next to me and pulled me onto his lap, a nonverbal way of saying I'm here for you. I took the phone from his hand and dialed the numbers that held my fate.

"Hello?" I heard my mother's voice.

"Mom? It's me, Bella" I said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

"Bella! Honey, how are you. I feel so bad we missed graduation, but you know with Phil and all. So how are you?" She rambled on.

"'Yeah I'm good" I was trying to delay the conversation as much as possible.

"You okay? You sound kinda sad. Did that Edward kid break your heart again? I knew from the moment I met him…."I had to stop her.

"No mom, I'm really okay. Yes, I'm still with Edward. That's what I called about, I have something to tell you… were getting married." I said with enthusiasm.

"Oh my gosh. You're pregnant aren't you? How could you, you are going to ruin your life. I thought you were so responsible. I taught you better than this Isabella." She ranted. Why did everybody assume I was pregnant?

"Mom, stop. I'm not pregnant, nor do I plan to be any time soon." Edward winced a little, but thought I couldn't see.

"Then why the hell are you getting married!" she asked as if it was the most ridicules thing in the world.

"We love each other. We're going to college together in the fall and we want to do it right, together in all ways possible."


"No mom, It doesn't matter what you say. Edward and I are getting married in August, with or without you're approval. "

"Bella, your making a huge mistake. You won't make it. You're going to end up just like your father and I. Have fun at the wedding; don't expect me to be there."

"Mom," She interrupted me

"Oh, and don't come crying to me when he leaves again!" and she hung up, just like that.

The rest is history……..

*End Flashback*

"So she thinks you don't love each other? But you do." She said, a little bit upset about her grandmother's actions.

"She thought we weren't going to stay in love. We love each other and will never stop; she didn't want me to make a mistake."

"But, will I ever meet her?"

"I don't know sweetie, I haven't spoken to her since that day." I said, hopefully dropping the subject. It worked……………

Renesmee never again asked me about Renee. But I still was wondering…. If she came back now, it would ruin everything. I look totally different. I've only been married for a year, but it looks like I have a 3 year-old daughter (Again, use your imaginations) I'm a vampire!

"Love, what's wrong?" Edward and I were lying in our bed, just enjoying each other's company. His hand rubbed my back in a soothing circular motion, trying to calm me down.

"Just thinking about Renee. I mean, what if she comes back. She can't. I'll be too suspicious. "I said, very close to freaking out.

"Hey, it's okay; if she comes we'll make it work. We have a cover story and Charlie is okay with all the 'Need to Know" stuff, she should be too. It will be okay"

"Okay" He wasn't convinced at all. He pulled me up so I was laying on him, head on his chest. "She deserves both her grandmothers, she has Charlie, and she deserves Renee too." I said, on the verge of tears that wouldn't fall.

He did not have anything to say in response to that.......


"Alice, I look fine!" She was trying to dress me up again. I was fine in a cute t-shirt and jeans.

"No you don't, you're a Cullen, and you need to dress like one!" what has gotten into her?

"I've been a Cullen for almost a year, why must we do this?"

"Because we need to go shopping for your anniversary outfit and you have to look cute." She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

It was best just to agree.

When we got to the mall, we went to the most expensive stores. We finally found the perfect outfit three hours later. It was a blue dress that went above my knees with a beautiful beaded neckline. We also bought gray pumps and some new bangles to match. I don't like dressing up, but I had to admit, I looked amazing in it. (On profile)

The day of our anniversary, Edward left early in the morning and hasn't come back since. Alice came in from forks to the house we were living in near Seattle. (pretend they went to Seattle for college, not Alaska. It will make it more realistic.) She had me all ready and we were sitting in the living room, watching Renesmee play. That's when I noticed Alice, her eyes were glazed over and she wasn't in the present anymore. That's when Edward pulled up the drive way. I left with a kiss on my daughter's forehead. I wasn't going to ask Alice what her vision was about, I did not want to ruin the night with my husband.

I got in the car and kissed him hello. We were pulling out when we heard Alice yell at us to get back inside. I at first thought something was wrong with Renesmee, but Edward looked to calm for that. We went back inside and were greeted by Alice.

"Change, we have to go to Forks, Renee's visiting"

This is so not happening.........

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