this is a Naruto AU/Bleach crossover. the basic premise is that Naruto finds Aizen in his house one night. Aizen gets amnesia after he passes out so Naruto decides to take care of him. of course problems and craziness ensue. we all know what a cold, calculating killer he is so the big question is what will happen once he regains his memories? something to think about ;)

Naruto never liked storms. More so since he was in a nice sized house by himself. A crack of thunder nearly caused him to jump out of his skin.

"I-it c-cant h-hurt me" He tried to tell himself then broke out into a smile "Now I sound like Hinata" A burst of lighting however had him pulling the blankets over his head. His beat friend, Sasuke Uchiha, had always made fun of him about this. He was completely fearless until it came to storms. He was happy to remain buried underneath his thick comforter until he heard what sounded like glass breaking coming from down the hall. He felt a pawing at the covers and opened it just enough so his pet fox could scamper in. He had found Vixen as a baby, abandoned by its mother. Since his mom was an expert on animals and was the current head at a prominent zoo he was allowed to keep it until it was better but his mother didn't foresee the close bond the two would form which led to her making a decision that she usually looked down on others about. She let Naruto keep a wild animal. She didn't believe wild animals belonged as pets and was convinced that one day it would try to kill her son but until that day she'd let him keep the fox. Thinking it was a girl Naruto had started calling it Vixen until his mother pointed out that she was indeed a he but by then it was too late, the fox responded to the name so he didn't change it. It was the source of many laughs among his friends. Vixen huddled next to Naruto not liking the storm either.

"Should I go check out that noise?" He asked his furry friend. The fox licked him as if trying to build up his courage. Sighing he pulled the blankets down and stepped onto the cold floor. Flicking on a lamp he made his way to his bedroom door and peeked out. Looking down both directions of the hallway he didn't see anything but he heard what sounded like a thud coming from the left. Whistling to Vixen he crept out. Naruto was stubborn and it sometimes led to him doing stupid things. For example he could've been at his grandma's house where he had his own room and she allowed him to drink sake with her but he wasn't allowed to bring Vixen because he scared her. Choji had offered to come over and check on the fox but Naruto refused, saying that he'd be sad without him so he had stayed at the house. What made it doubly creepy was the fact that it was old so it made strange noises at night. Naruto tried to push these thoughts from his head as he tiptoed down the hall. He stopped outside his father's study where it seemed the sounds came from. Slowly he opened the door and flicked the switch. There on the floor was a brown haired man with glass surrounding him.

"Whoa" Naruto was careful where he walked "Hey, you ok?" No response. He stepped closer. Then suddenly in the blink of an eye the man stood up and a sword was held to his throat. "Calm down! I'm only here to help!"

"Get out of my way"

"Yeah right! You broke into my home! I'm calling the police jackass!" It was only after he announced his plan that he realized he probably shouldn't have. The man's eyes narrowed and he appeared about to kill Naruto until he passed out. The blond caught him before he could fall, a million thoughts running through his head but he decided he couldn't call the police. He knew basic first aid so he'd take care of the man himself, he was always being told he was too nice. Naruto managed to lay him back down. After cleaning the major wounds as best as he could he hurried to the phone and dialed his grandma.

"Hello?" A groggy voice answered

"Granny I need you over here fast!"

"Naruto do you know what time it is? I actually managed to leave the hospital on time and get to bed early and now you call me! What did you do now?"

"Just get over here and I'll explain" He hung up. He began pacing. He watched the strange man as he walked. His grandma only lived ten minutes away but it felt like he was waiting hours. Finally he heard her key in the front door.

"Naruto?!" She called out

"I'm in Dad's study" He heard her run up the stairs. Finally she appeared in the doorway wearing a raincoat over a shirt and pants. Strands of blond hair stuck to her face. She looked at him then down at the floor then back at him and once more back at the floor.

"Naruto what happened?" she whispered a little in shock. She had gotten her grandson out of sticky situations before but this had to top everything.

"I heard a some noise in here then came to check it out. When I got in here he was beat up but was still conscious then he passed out" Tsunade nodded as she knelt next to him.

"He's lost a lot of blood" she finally said. After examining the situation she went into action. Naruto got what she needed and she went about cleaning the man up. When that was done she took off his bloody white clothes and had Naruto carry the bandaged stranger into a spare bedroom across from his. Despite appearances he was pretty strong. Vixen growled at the intruder the entire time. When he was put down Tsunade and her grandson got into an argument over what to do with him. Of course she didn't want him near her grandson not knowing who he was. Naruto wanted him to stay.

"But what if he's some serial killer"

"You say that about everyone"

"Naruto be rational"

"I am Granny!" Groaning brought them from their argument. Both looked over at the bed to see the man sit up slightly. He rubbed his head. Feeling their gaze on him he turned.

"How do you feel?" Tsunade asked walking over


"You should lay back down. I'm Tsunade and that kid over there is Naruto" She said gesturing to him.

"Whats your name?" Naruto asked joining her.

"I-I think its Sosuke"

"You think?" He raised an eyebrow

"I'm not sure, I-I don't remember how I got here"

"Do you remember anything?" There was a pause as Sosuke tried but couldn't

"No" He answered quietly.

"Excuse us for a minute" Tsunade grabbed Naruto's wrist and dragged him out into the hall "You didn't tell me he had amnesia!" She hissed

"He didn't! Not before he passed out, in fact I'm pretty sure he was going to kill me. His eyes are different than before"

"Maybe blacking out like that caused him to lose some of his memories. I'll have to look more into this, its not my field but listen to me Naruto I have a bad feeling about this"

"Everything will be fine Granny, you'll see" Both turned to look back into the room where Sosuke sat on the bed. Sensing them watching him again he turned his head to them and managed a small smile.

"A very bad feeling" Tsunade repeated.