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Last chapter. I decided to end it with this chapter because I felt that I had done all I wanted to do with the story. I have other ones I want to focus on, like one involving Sakura in the same au, but I didnt want to leave this unfinished. If any of you have seen some of my other stories you know I dont do lots of chapters. I might try and go for an epic story like that one day but not today. Soooooo thanks to all those who reviewed and put this in their alerts. I appreciate it. Enjoy

Naruto was awakened by someone grabbing his arm and yanking him up. Mumbling he opened his eyes to cuss out whoever had done it. Several men dressed in black were in his cell. He could only see their eyes and quickly remembered how one of them tried to kill him so his first instinct was to back up. However he didn't get far because one still had a grip on his arm. He said nothing but pulled roughly as if saying Naruto needed to go with them. Seeing he had no choice he nodded. He was allowed to go out first where yet another man stood straight, hands clasped behind his back. He took one look at Naruto then started walking. Getting the hint, the younger one followed. Once outside Naruto had to shield his eyes briefly. It had been dark in his prison with only one tiny window for light. He took in all the men surrounding him. They walked staring straight ahead, not even speaking. Naruto felt like he was in a funeral procession. His eyes widened at the thought and his instincts kicked into high gear telling him to run. He tried instead to calm himself down but the idea that these men would kill him kept creeping back in as they walked. They had tried to kill him once, why not a second time? Just because it was assumed he'd go before the captains didn't mean he would. What if he had an accident along the way? They could spin the story however they wanted because he'd be dead. His mind was going into overdrive now, something similar had happened to Renji except he'd found out what was going on and then got framed for poisoning Byakuya. Suddenly the men stopped. Naruto ran into the one in front of him because he had been so consumed with his thoughts. "What's going on?" He asked but they said nothing. He was getting creeped out. He knew something wasn't right. It seemed to happen in slow motion at first . Naruto watched as the man in front pulled out a short blade then turned. Naruto managed to step back enough but still got a bad slash on his arm. He fell on his butt and tried to scoot back more however he bumped into the legs of another one who had no intention of moving. Naruto looked around. The others stood in a circle surrounding him. The only one who wasn't was the one who slashed at him. Naruto's heart was beating a mile a minute as he tried to think of an escape. He was too panicked to focus on summoning another jackal. The man was walking toward him. In another few steps he'd have him. Naruto never thought this was the way he'd go out. He wished that he had the chance to say bye to his friends and his dad. The man raised his arm, preparing to throw the blade into Naruto but something yanked the man behind him away and growled at the others. They were all shocked. Even his would be assassin dropped his blade. In their surprise the creature grabbed Naruto in its mouth and bounded away. It dropped him outside a large building. He quickly stood up and faced it. His mouth dropped open. It was Vixen…well a really large, nine tailed version of his fox. "V-Vixen?"

"Why do you insist on calling me that? You know I am a male" he snorted.

"What the fuck?" Naruto shouted. Before the fox could answer the doors to the building opened and the captains came out. Apparently they had just finished a meeting. All stopped in their tracks when they saw Naruto and the giant fox. He took a step so that he stood protectively over Naruto. "What is going on here?" An old man said walking forward. "You must be the human. I can tell by your spiritual pressure and how did you escape your cell?"

"Whoa! Wait a minute old guy! You're worried about how I escaped my cell? What about the giant ass fox standing over me?"

"I am Head Captain Yamamoto, do not call me something so disrespectful as 'old guy'. Yes I'm wondering about the fox too but one step at a time"

"Well I'm not telling you shit!" Naruto crossed his arms as if he were a little child.

"How about I make you? You little brat" Soi Fon cracked her knuckles.

"Look I was almost killed yet again when I thought for sure I was supposed to be presented in front of you guys first" He stated. They all looked confusingly at each other.

"Now child are you making this up? Who would want to kill you?" Yamamoto asked. Naruto thought he seemed like a nice person, could've been a friends grandfather but he sensed something laying underneath that. He remembered Sosuke's warning about trusting him. "Why the fuck would I make this up? They killed my Mom, tried to kill my Dad and are trying really hard to kill me!"

"Those are bold accusations" A silver haired man said before coughing.

"Captain Ukitake is right young man. It is not our policy to kill humans. I am Captain Unohana" Naruto immediately liked her. For some reason she reminded him of his own mother.

"I'm sorry ma'am" He uncrossed his arms and tried to remember his manners "But its what happened" His eyes flared with anger again as he turned back to Yamamoto. "You did this! I know it!" By now passing by shinigami had stopped to watch the spectacle. It wasn't everyday you saw a human confronting the captains like this. In fact Ichigo and Rukia were in the crowd but had been told before coming to Soul Society not to interfere by Yoruichi.

"I don't like being accused falsely boy so watch what you say" Yamamoto's eyes narrowed.

"You did it and you probably set Renji up too!" There was a gasp from the crowd "He found out what was going on so you pinned Byakuya getting poisoned on him! Byakuya even said that he didn't remember Renji being there or seeing him. Did you get some fake witnesses?" The shinigami were now murmuring. Byakuya himself hadn't shown one inch of emotion since Naruto had appeared but now he was visibly shaking in anger. Captain Zaraki put a hand on his shoulder and focused his eyes on Naruto.

"You're upsetting him kid. Shut the hell up"

"No way! He's upset cus he realizes the truth"
"That's it, I've had enough of his disrespect and lies" Soi Fon said "Let me quiet him". Yamamoto gave a nod. She smiled.

"I'm sorry boy but I've reached the end of my patience with you. You may proceed Captain Soi Fon" The fox growled in warning. It seemed to be the beginning of a huge showdown only it never happened.

"Do not touch my son" Minato said as he casually emerged from the crowd with Yoruichi behind him. "You know that it is against the law to murder royalty right?" everyone grew silent.

"Dad what are you talking about? Did you smoke too before you got here? And wait how did you even know I was here?" Naruto didn't think he could take any more surprises. Minato smiled.

"I'll answer the first question. The whole reason he wants to kill us is so he can be solely in control. He is the only one to have the key to our home and knew what we looked like so no one would know that we were dead. He could cover it up"


"Naruto I am the King of Soul Society and you are my son which makes you the Prince" A collective gasp rose from the crowd. Yoruichi bowed in respect.

"Prince Naruto" She said loudly. Seeing a noble do such a thing everyone else did the same though a few were a little hesitant. Not naming any names *cough* Soi Fon, Yamamoto*cough*.

"Many years ago I decided I want to visit the human world. So with my mother, your grandma, I did just that. I told Yamamoto of my plans and said I'd be back soon. I was already married before we got there. Your mother was from a small noble family and some of her relatives joined us. I don't know for how long he had been plotting this but as soon as we got there I lost my power. I couldn't even communicate with the original shinigami. Of course you know they all found their ways back through your friends but what I didn't tell you was that the fifth was more like the manifestation of my power. Similar to how shinigami have zanpakuto except he could make himself appear whenever he wanted. He does have a more 'human' form but likes this one better" His eyes went up to the fox.

"WHAT? You're tellin me my fox is actually a part of you?" Naruto was trying his best not to freak out.

"Yes" Minato put one hand on the nine tails and it disappeared "Yamamoto there is no need to lie to me. You have been planning this for such a long time it seems but I guess Aizen's treachery threw a wrench somewhat in your plans" Yamamoto said nothing but glared at the blond man as he talked "In fact he discovered your plot but said nothing. You had probably been losing sleep over that huh? He could reveal at any moment what you were doing" He then turned his gaze to Captain Unohana who was shocked at what was going on "Captain Unohana you will take over leadership of the Thirteen Divisions. I will help you choose replacement captains for the spots that need to be filled and I WILL be much more involved in the Soul Society. That has been the Kings mistake for far too long, taking a hands off approach"

"Wait! You're telling us that our Head Captain is actually as treacherous as Aizen?" Capatin Kurotsuchi asked.


"I am not even going to go into how ironic this is nor will I say how disappointed I am"

"My lieutenant could've been killed" Byakuya said in a low voice. His spiritual pressure was flaring uncontrollably causing some of the lower ranking shinigami to cower. "After Rukia…I promised myself to never again let the rules and law threaten someone I care about. Renji was going to be executed for something he never did!" By now Kenpachi was in between the noble and former head captain. Captain Unohana stepped in and whispered something. Byakuya fell asleep instantly. Toshiro rushed to his side and took off his white piece over his uniform. He folded it then placed it under Byakuya's head as a makeshift pillow.

"A sleeping kido. He is understandably emotional" She said "Why would you do this to us? We all trusted you. Junshiro and Shunsui were like your own sons". He breathed out a heavy sigh.

"I don't expect all of you to understand my reasoning but I felt and still feel that we have outgrown the need for a king. I felt Soul Society would be more than capable of being governed by someone else. None of you had even glimpsed the royal family until today. You may not agree with my methods but it was for the best". Minato snapped his fingers and Yamamoto became rigid as if he were tied with something. He then floated forward until he was directly in front of Minato.

"How did you do that?" Toshiro wondered in amazement "I've never seen a kido performed without speaking".

"I invented it" Minato answered then spoke to Yamamoto "You've caused my family so much pain and had you actually sat down to talk with me about what you felt I'm sure we could've worked something out. I will not kill you though" Another snap of his fingers and three jackals appeared. One grabbed Yamamoto from behind "You will stay with them until I figure out what to do with you" He nodded. Just as quickly as they appeared they were gone. "I have many things I need to discuss with my son, I owe him that much but I'll be back in a few days. I apologize Captain Unohana for the mess I leave you with" She nodded. Minato could tell that Soi Fon still sided with her former superior and it was understandable but he'd deal with it all later. "Naruto lets go get your friends and go home". His son managed a weak smile though he was still really confused about all that had happened. Minato put an arm around him as they walked away.

~Some Weeks Later~

Naruto was being given a piggy back ride by Sasuke while Sakura walked a little behind them putting on lip gloss. Hinata was going through her phone. They had all become much closer since the whole Soul Society/Aizen thing. Minato had returned there so Naruto was staying with Sasuke until he came back. They were on their way home from school, more specifically Hinata's home since her parents had invited them over for dinner. Except Sasuke. Mr. Hyuga still hated him for he had done to his daughter and he hated all Uchihas in general so it was more than likely that dinner would be very entertaining. Naruto had been babbling about how creepy one of his art classmates was when up popped a young boy wearing goggles and a big grin.

"NARUTO!" He shouted.

"KONOHAMARU!" Naruto shouted back just as loud causing Sasuke to cover his ears and drop his friend from his back.

"Ugh, shouldn't you be terrorizing some old lady?" Sakura asked finally putting her lip gloss away.

"I am" He grinned looking directly at her

"Why you little brat! I outta beat the shit out of you for that one!" Which is what she would've done had Hinata not grabbed her.

"What are you doing here? Your home is on the other side of town" Naruto ruffled his little friend's hair.

"Uncle took me with him on a shopping trip. He bought me some cool handcuffs"

"Where are they?". Konohamaru had been waiting for that question. He pointed to Sakura and Sasuke's wrist. Both stared in amazement.

"When the hell did you do this?" Sasuke couldn't be mad, the kid was sneaky and had caught him off guard. Not many people could do that.

"When I first showed up. She was right behind you and the chain is long enough that you didn't feel it at first. Am I cool or what?"

"Son of a bitch! Now I'm really gonna kill you!" She screamed.

"Uh oh, see ya Naruto" With a grin he was gone. Sakura went right after him dragging a highly annoyed Sasuke. Hinata giggled as they ran off. She and Naruto started to her home once more. They didn't get too far before a black Mercedes pulled up. The window rolled down to reveal her bodyguard, Gaara. He pulled his sunglasses off.

"Hey look its short, red and creepy!" Naruto laughed. Gaara glared at him. He stopped.

"What's wrong Gaara?" Hinata turned serious.

"Problem. Get in"

"Some description" Naruto rolled his eyes which got him another glare before Gaara rolled the window back up. "Have I told you he freaks me out?" Hinata smiled and hugged him.

"Only about a million times. Tell my parents that something has come up but I'll be home as soon as possible. That hug was for Neji. Give him it when you see him. Tell him I'm proud"

"No way! I am NOT hugging your brother"

"Yes you are, its from me not you" She said as she got into the car "Thanks Naruto" It sped off down the road before he could reply. He sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets and wondered what she had to do that was so important. So he started off alone this time when he saw him sitting on a bench some not too far away. Naruto ran up startling the young man from his book. Naruto couldn't believe it, it wasn't him but at the same time he looked so much like him only he had jet black hair the was short and spiky. He also had an ear piercing.

"Can I help you?" The young man asked adjusting his glasses.

"Uhh, sorry I thought you were someone else" He turned away then seemed to change his mind because he turned back around. "I'm Naruto by the way"


"Nice name"

"I hate it but it has been passed down to at least one male child in my family for a long time. You wanna join me? I'm just reading about the stars"

"Cool, I have a telescope at home" Naruto took a seat next to his new friend. Meanwhile across the street at a hot dog stand Minato and another Sosuke watched.

"You never told him I was alive" the latter stated. Minato shrugged as he ate.

"I saw no point. You are still very dangerous Sosuke. Though you obviously care about my son you would still like to see Soul Society destroyed and yourself made the ruler. I could see you using him to gain that"

"I would never do that to Naruto but you are right about the rest. So that boy he is talking too is one of my descendents?"

"Yes. It wasn't hard to locate them. They've stayed mostly in Japan since you died so many years ago. Also helped that for the most part they've kept the family name"

"Why did you do this Minato?"

"I thought it would help Naruto heal" He watched his son sadly "He's been having nightmares. I hear him screaming at times that he didn't mean to kill you"

"It wasn't his fault"

"We know that but he doesn't" The two boys were standing now "You should go. You are only free this time because of how you protected Naruto but it's the first and only time. I didn't have my full power when you tried your take over before but now that I do know for a fact that I'll make sure you die if you attempt it again" He locked eyes with Sosuke.

"I wouldn't expect anything less" He smirked. Back across the street Naruto had glanced over and thought he had seen Sosuke Aizen with his dad but he knew that was impossible. He closed his eyes and counted to three then looked again. It was just his dad who was waving to him.

"You alright Naruto?" his new Sosuke asked

"I will be, lets get a hot dog" He answered with a big grin.

hope you all liked it, i thought it was a fitting ending. thanks for reading