Author's Note: I don't know what it is with these characters but I just can't stop! I hope you all like this story. I really do, it takes place two years after "New Wave."

Summary: Heading to Eden Hall it seems a new in crowd is destined to rise. Stephanie Gaffney, Elizabeth Norris and TJ Riley put the bonds of their lifelong friendship to the high school test, while Stephanie also tries to maintain a long distance relationship with childhood sweetheart Aaron Atkins. Connie Vanderbilt finds herself having to finally decide what family means to her, and is helped along by another confused family member, Tony Duncan. Add in the manipulations of new girl Reese Layton, and these new Littles are in for a high school experience to rival their predecessors.

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Littles: The New Wave: The In-Crowd

Chapter 1: The Freshmen

Stephanie Gaffney took a deep breath walking into the office and put the suitcase she was carrying down. The woman sitting at the desk looked up at her.

"Can I help you?" She said.

"I'm sorry," she sighed, "I'm a freshman and my plane was late so I missed,"

"Name," she said.

"Stephanie Gaffney," Steph said softly.

"You're in the right place," the woman said and handed her a key. "Your roommates have been here for hours."

"Roommates?" She asked. The woman nodded.

"Someone likes you a lot," the woman said contemptibly. "You're in the suite." Steph bit her bottom lip. She knew who liked her, or at least liked her brother in law and legal guardian Jimmy. "Your things are already here, lights out is at midnight." Stephanie swallowed and opened the door. She saw a girl lying on the bed with a book.

"Hi," she said looking up. She was pretty, with light brown hair and a soft face. She very clearly had two dimples as she smiled. "I'm Connie."

"Stephanie," Steph said.

"I know," Connie said her voice perky. "I mean, I remember you. We met at my Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelly's that time. When your sister was pregnant."

"Oh, you're that Connie," Stephanie said softly and sat down on the bed. Connie nodded. "It's nice to see you again."

"You too," Connie smiled. "How amazing is this?" Stephanie looked at her, opening a trunk that had been placed at the foot of her bed. "The suite, I was surprised, I asked my dad how big the check was and he said he had nothing to do with it, so it must just have been the administration."

"Mm," Stephanie said, distractedly unwrapping a picture frame that was covered in gentle white satin. She stopped and ran her fingers of the glass, covering her mother's senior portrait and smiled and then put it on the desk.

"She's beautiful," Connie said.

"Yeah, she was," Steph said. Connie looked at her. "That's my mother."

"Oh," Connie said. "Yeah, I guess that's the big pink elephant in the room, huh?" Steph laughed. No one had ever referred to her orphan state as the big pink elephant before, she kind of liked it. "I have two sets of parents, you can have one of mine if you want."

"Thanks for the offer," Steph said, "let's go see our suitemates." She bounced into the little parlor room where two other girls were sitting. One of them was a petite blonde classic beauty, the other was darker, with frizzy black hair and she looked exotic and exciting. Just seeing her caused Stephanie's face to burst into a bright smile. "Lizzie?"

"Stephie?" Lizzie smiled and hugged her. "Oh, I thought weren't coming?"

"I wasn't going to and then we had dinner with your Uncle Dean and he was droning on and on about how much he regretted not coming at first," she rolled her eyes. Lizzie laughed and hugged her again. "Have you seen TJ?"

"We had dinner with him," the blonde girl said. "I'm Reese Layton, I live here too."

"Hi," Steph said, "I'm Stephanie Gaffney. I would have been here earlier, but my plane was delayed."

"It's nice to meet you," Reese smiled. "Connie didn't eat with us though."

"I had to go to this trustees dinner," Connie groaned and flopped on the couch. "My dad promised I don't have to go unless he's there, thank God, it was totally boring."

TJ Riley sat on his bed throwing a tennis ball at the ceiling repeatedly. He still hadn't seen his roommate, who he knew was moved in, based on the various half unpacked suitcases.

"Hey there," a kid finally walked in. He had light blond hair and big brown eyes. He looked vaguely familiar although TJ wasn't sure why. "You the roommate?"

"Yeah," TJ nodded. "TJ Riley."

"I know who you are," he nodded. "Tony Duncan."

"Oh, your Aunt Tammy and Uncle Tommy's half brother," TJ said. "Right, I knew I recognized you." Tony sniffed. "What?"

"I love how I get half brother, when we have the same dad, meanwhile your dad is their brother without any blood," Tony shook his head.

"Yeah, Tammy doesn't really like your mom," TJ shrugged. "Since you know, your dad cheated on my grandma with her and everything." Tony shrugged.

"None of that's my fault," he pointed out. TJ nodded he had a point. "Weird that we got assigned to the same room though, no?"

"Very weird," TJ nodded. He was already turned off to this guy. Anyone who had ever met his Uncle Tommy couldn't be this angry at him. But then he thought about all the things that he and his sisters had benefited from over the years that had been denied Tony and his sister Tina, because they didn't have a relationship with Tammy. The trips to New York, Eva's art lessons, even just the expensive and exciting presents from her. Plus they didn't know their niece and nephew, Anne and Cal, who were pretty cool kids. As he was sitting his phone went off and he smiled seeing a text message from Liz Norris.

Found a cool spot easily accessed by both, go on the roof, I'll see you there.

He laughed. He was glad Liz was here. They'd been really good friends since they were little kids, and she'd always be his best friend.

"I'll be right back," he said and walked up all the stairs to the roof of the freshman dorm buildings, which were separated by an alley but apparently shared a roof. He smiled seeing Liz. "This is a cool spot."

"Yeah," she nodded. "Not really why I told you to come up here." Carefully Stephanie stepped from behind a pillar.

"Stephie!" He said softly. She smiled and hugged him tightly. "Oh God, you just made my year." She laughed. "I don't understand, I thought you weren't coming…"

"I changed my mind," she shrugged. "I'm glad to see you too." He smiled and hugged her tightly.

"I'm just going to go," Liz smiled.

"No, Lizzie don't," Stephanie said. TJ stared at her as if to say, Yes, Lizzie, do! "Let's do something to celebrate starting high school."

"I've got an idea," Lizzie said, pulling a pen out of her pocket and walking over to a wall that was painted white. She carefully wrote the initials "E T N" "TJ, you next." He smiled and one upped her, writing in perfect signature, "Thomas James Riley."

"Steph?" He handed her the pen. She laughed and just printed, "Stephie." They smiled.

Connie lay in bed quietly looking at a picture she'd slept with under her pillow for years. It was a baby picture of her biological brother Gordon. She was determined to connect with her biological family this year, even though her parents had told her that she should probably leave them alone. She'd met her biological father once, when she was barely four and she knew he was the hockey coach here now. It would be so easy.

Reese sat quietly in her and Lizzie's room thinking over the move in day. When she'd agreed to come here instead of an east coast boarding school she hadn't counted on this. All of her roommates seemed to be in some kind of weird pre ordained Eden Hall in crowd. Which could be good or could be bad, she hadn't decided yet. She did know, from years of being raised by a social climbing mother and amateur social climbing herself, that she could cultivate advantages. Even just based on tonight, Connie was a clear choice for a friend, her family was obviously important, Stephanie and Liz seemed less likely, although there was something to say for their friendship with TJ, who she saw definite potential in.

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