A/N: Just watched this movie tonight, and was amazed by how wonderful it was! The characters were all so endearing! I had no choice but to sit down and right this.


by angellwings

SHE was magical. Who would have ever thought? Well, she certainly hadn't ever thought about it. Mr. Magorium was the magical one. He was just so quirky and whimsically endearing that he had to be the magical one. She was just Mahoney. The musical prodigy who couldn't finish her first.

Or that's what she had convinced herself, but she was wrong. Very wrong. Anything was possible and anyone could be magical. Although it was true that some people were more magical than others. She stared at the familiar wooden box as it rested on top of the cash register. How had Mutant seen it before her?

He knew the magic was in her and not the box. A thought that never occurred to her. He believed in her. He went from not believing in any magic to believing that she was magic. If a skeptic like him knew she was magical than who was she to disagree?

Mutant had become the Emporium's exclusive accountant after she decided to keep the store. She was trying to convince him to be her business partner, but that would take a little more time. It was only fair in her mind. He was handling the books, and the permits, and every other form or worksheet known to man. That's half the work of running the Emporium in the first place. He should be a partner. At least he had relaxed a little lately. He wasn't constantly locking himself in the office. He would walk the floor and even stop to play with Eric every now and then.

She could tell he was becoming addicted to the store just as she and Eric were. Why else would he quit the agency to work at the Emporium? Heck, she was so addicted to this place now that she had moved into Mr. Magorium's house. Mortimer needed the company. She turned a corner and found Eric and Mutant playing checkers. She smiled softly. The accountant sure had come a long way since Mr. Magorium hired him. He actually laughed now. Not only did he laugh, but he TOLD jokes as well. Even more shocking was that his jokes were actually funny.

Mahoney cleared her throat from behind the boys, "Closing time, fellas."

"Already?" Mutant asked sadly.

Mahoney chuckled, "Unfortunately, yes. Eric, should I walk you home?"

"That's okay, Mahoney," Mutant said with a smile. "I've got it."

"You sure?" She asked.

"You live here," he said as he motioned to the magical door knob. "It would be pointless for you to walk him home just to have to come all the way back. His house is on my way, and I'd be happy to take him."

She smiled and nodded, "In that case then thank you, Mutant."

"I really don't understand that nickname," He said in confusion.

Mahoney grinned, "Mr. Magorium thought an accountant was a mutant with a love of counting so he called you 'Mutant' and I kind of liked it."

Eric smiled, "I just think it's a fun word to say. Plus, it's way catchier than Henry."

Mutant laughed, "Makes senseā€¦on some distant planet."

Mahoney chuckled softly, "Take it as a compliment. It's your initiation into our band of misfits."

"So, this means that I'm one of you?" He asked with a smile.

"Absolutely," Mahoney answered. "And once you're in there's no getting out. Trust me."

His expression softened, "I wouldn't worry about me wanting out. I think I'm here to stay."

Bells, alarms, and sirens began going off all over the store, and the bouncy balls began to wiggle excitedly.

Eric smiled, "It looks like the store is happy to hear that."

"I think we all are, Eric," Mahoney smiled.