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Dreambending Chapter Two

In the Dream Corridor-

Rose handed the pictures to Drya wordlessly. Drya scrutinized them for a moment, then nodded slowly.

"Yes, this is Waterbender's Fever. I will visit you realm immediately and assist this Fu Dog in healing your boyfriend."

"Where should we meet?"

"Give me a map of New York." Rose obliged and Drya gazed at it, her brilliant green eyes taking in every detail. Finally, she tapped a small square of green.

"Here. Central Park."


"Midnight. The Witching Hour is the most protective of interdimensional leaps." (A/N The term the Witching Hour comes from The BFG, a book by Roald Dahl. I don't own it, I recommend it.)

"Okay. I'll see you then." Rose took the map and the pictures and hurried back to her own dream. Normally she wouldn't have succumbed to Drya's plan this quickly, but already she was feeling ill. And this Waterbender's Fever sounded a lot like another horrible disease: Smallpox.

Behind the scenes with the author-

DragonPrincess19 nodded.

"Yes, I based Waterbender's Fever on smallpox. That's what research for school does to you. Did you know that smallpox originated in Africa?" A chorus of voices greeted her, saying that they didn't know that, but she should hurry up already with the story and stop writing run-on sentences because they were really confusing.

On a mountain in the avatar world-

Drya bid Appa goodbye and told him to go back to Aang. She had tied a scroll onto his horn, saying that she was needed elsewhere and would return as soon as possible. She took out the watch that Rose had given her. It was set to the time in New York, so she would be safe. To practice, she carefully opened a portal to NYC. A small, yellow, ostrich-like bird hopped out of the swirling green vortex. Drya bent down and examined it.

"Work!" it chirped. Drya blinked a few times. Then she glanced at the portal. That was definitely not NYC. (A/N Yeah, Drya, it isn't. I don't own Final Fantasy VII!)

"Sorry," she apologized to the adorable little bird and nudged it back into the portal.

"Work!" it chirped one last time. Then the chocobo disappeared. Drya sighed and glanced at the watch. It was almost midnight. She would have to hurry.

"Okay, this time open it into Central Park in New York City in New York in America," she told herself.

"No more chocobos," she added hurriedly. This time, the glitter of lime green that sparkled like tinsel opened into a park. It was nearly pitch black. There was a small lantern bobbing its way toward her. Drya glanced back at the world behind her, her world. Then she took the step that was actually a leap. It was actually a leap because her portal was floating about two feet off the ground. She fell flat on her face.

"Ouch," she groaned as she pushed herself back up. She looked around. Her portal shimmered one last time a disappeared. Drya sighed and tried to dreambend. Nothing happened. She frowned. She had been concerned this might happen. Bending didn't exist in this world. She would find a way to get back home, though, and a strange fire coursed through her blood. She knew what it was. Magic.

In return for her bending powers, she had gained magic. It wouldn't open a portal for her necessarily, but she would fix that later.

"Sun bright,

Star light,

Glow bright,

Form light," she murmured and a small ball of light appeared in her hands. She examined it this way and that. It was really amazing.

"Wow." Then she heard a voice behind her.

"Drya?" Drya turned around. Rose wasn't there. Instead it was a small girl.

"Are you Drya?" the girl asked. Drya nodded.

"Yes. Did Rose send you?" The girl nodded as well.

"Yeah. My name's Haley. You don't need to worry about getting to where we're going. Can you fly?" Drya repeated the question to herself.

"Can I fly. Well, yes." She took out her staff. It was a glider, a replica of Aang's. She could easily control the air currents here.

"Good." Haley dragoned up and Drya flew after her.

At Gramps' shop-

The bell jingled as the door opened. Drya and Haley walked in.

"Hello?" Haley called out.

"Haley?" A dog walked into the room. Drya wasn't surprised that it was talking. In her world, you never knew with animals. What she was surprised was that it wasn't a skunk-dog, or a platypus-dog or even a lion-dog. It was just a dog.

"Hi, I'm Drya," Drya introduced herself. The dog nodded and introduced himself as Fu Dog.

"Are you a healer?" he asked. Drya considered this.

"Yes and no. I do heal, but I specialize in certain diseases," she responded.

"Good. Follow me." Drya followed him into the back of the shop. The condition Rose and Jake were in made her jaw drop.

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